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In a decade there will be more “Gay” Marriages than Real ones—I predict (%-wise)

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(CNN) — Many New Yorkers and thousands of visitors this weekend may make last month’s Gay Pride celebrations seem tepid. Beginning Sunday, New York‘s same-sex couples will become eligible for marriage licenses. Tens of thousands of those couples are expected to marry over the next few years, and their vows will resonate across America.

New York is the sixth state (plus Washington) to offer marriage equality for same-sex couples. To me, after two decades of consulting with business leaders, this moment truly feels personal. It not only arrives packed with emotion, it is a real game-changer for the American work force.

New York’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and city leaders must be cheering the economic shot in the arm as hotels, restaurants, caterers, florists and legions of vendors welcome the wedding and honeymoon brigades. Some estimate nearly $400 million in revenues for the state over the next three years.

Understand that I mean that percentage-wise there will be more gay marriages than real ones.  We know gays have more money than straight people and probably more sex too.  But the gay marriage rollout will start to roll across the country and when it’s done there will be more gay/homosexual marriages than marriage between heterosexuals.  Should we just let them have the country? They seem to know better than everybody else.  Why can’t it just be civil marriage and rights for those who live together, like common law straight people?  Too late now can’t but the genitals back in the bottle.