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Movie Review: Like Crazy

I saw this movie “Like Crazy” with the new Jewish idol who plays the boyfriend turned husband at the Modern film fest.  It was okay.  I liked it a lot.  It’s another movie with a strange ending and you don’t know what happened.  But the two in the film get busy. She’s from London and he’s from Santa Monica.  They get busy but it is not in your face.  They do it in LA and in London and think they can’t live without each other until they do and until they get married to each other.

He cheats like a big greasy dog on her and she cheats on his with her neighbor and they even get engaged.  What is the use of saying you love someone and then fucking someone else’s brains out?  That’s what this movie is about in a few words but only they keep the explicit sex off the screen.  The music was absolutely fabulous though.

Cannes Film “Unlawful Killing” previews Diana Death Photo

After her mother's death in 2003, Stella Vine ...

Image via Wikipedia…/photograph-dying-princess-dianafilm-screeningcannes-festival/

Princess Diana of England  is not dead to the film industry.  A filmmaker is showing a film at Cannes about details of Diana’s death and included a photo of her dying which has not been seen before. Dodi Fayeed is behind the film.  Recall that he said a plot was afoot in the death of the couple because the Royals did not want Diana to marry an Arab, a Muslim too boot. Can you say too hot to handle?

LONDON – As Prince William and Kate Middleton honeymoon in a secluded spot, the paparazzi who stalk them are back in the spotlight.

There’s a brewing legal battle over publication of 5-year-old photographs of bridesmaid Pippa Middleton sunbathing topless, and anger about gruesome photographs of the late Princess Diana in the moments after her 1997 car crash appearing in a documentary about her death.

The publication of the Pippa pictures — showing the 27-year-old on a powerboat with older sister Kate (in a revealing bikini) and William (in a red and white bathing suit) — prompted the Middleton family to file a formal petition to Britain’s independent Press Complaints Commission.

John Edwards: The Movie coming thanks to Sorkin

Heloise reviewed the book “The Politician” and it was a good read. Let’s see what Sorkin does with it.

“AntiChrist” the movie abuses audience

Cannes film goers gave boos and jeers at the film Antichrist when it was shown at Cannes.

They really wanted to know why it was a part of the festival. To this amateur reviewer it sounds like the movie abused the audience in its graphic violence aka torture scenes.

Who will pay money to be abused? You would be surprised.


The Life of Hypatia Portrayed

Hypatia has a film. Her biography is well known to myself, but apparently not to the woman who protrays her on the screen — what else is new? Weisz looks good but is the movie any good?

It was shown at Cannes this month.  I am glad to see more dramas revolving around historical figures, especially ones that are not well known. Hypatia was a religious woman, forget the atheist and pagan tags because Christianity would not exist were it not for official religion of Rome — Stoicism and the splinters it created. Plotonius and Platonism included in the mix. Religion is not what you think and as soon as the world realizes that there will be no more wars.


“No End In Sight” Offers Insight into Bush’s Prophecy

Baghdad will be destroyed and never rebuilt is a Biblical prophecy. Did you know that? And with Biblical prophecy comes fulfillment. Thus within one year President Bush in 2003 destroyed Baghdad. One day in prophecy is equal to one year. The film “No End In Sight” makes it plain that plans were never made to protect Iraq. Only the oil ministry was protected. The looters, people, criminals destroyed everything while the US troops just sat and watched. Sound familiar? Bush sat on his hands and watched the greedy banks and greedy mortgage companies loot the treasury of this country.

Karma out, karma in.

Bush and his men: Bremer, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld to name a few, were part of the evil cabal that made Iraq happen.

If you have not seen the movie “No End In Sight” or if you do not have Netflix then you are out of the loop. This is not really a review of the movie, but my thoughts. You will never look at the decline of America in the same way afterwards.

The vision of Bush was surely short sighted, not really.

Iraq was mere target practice for Bush.

What else can you think when you watch this film but “dirty rotten bastards”  who could care less what happened to a country like Iraq. Baghdad and its history and heritage was completely destroyed by the US invasion of Iraq. The dissolution of the government  and police led to full-scale looting of Iraq in general and Baghdad in particular  from which it will NEVER recover.

What’s next? Economic meltdown of the world’s economies and takeover of same has followed the war. This was said to lay the ground work and the ability for the Anti Christ to come to power.

Bush’s war crushed the spirit of Iraq and its people and left the US economy in shambles. It was not 9-11, it was not Osama bin Laden, but Osama won. Really, it was the Iraq war that has destroyed so much for so many. The eyes were off the domestic economy and the looting of American banks was complicit. The Bible seems to know something that Christians and Jews alike ignored.

Yes, folks that is what we we were looking at: the looting of America by Americans destroying America just as the looting of Baghdad destroyed Baghdad. Who knew? Rush Limbaugh knew. Here’s a quote from The Cutting Edge.


Cutting Edge has long said that Rush Limbaugh was a very clever, sophisticated part of this entire New World Order scenario. We believe he was raised up to be the ultimate Republican Party apologist, and a role which meant that he had to be a very strong Bush Administration apologist. For both Presidents Bush, Rush was their greatest defense, the guy who grappled with Bush criticizers “in the trenches” and verbally won the battles.

We have posted two Rush Limbaugh articles, and would like you to review them before we go any further.

* NEWS1030 — “Rush Limbaugh — Mega-Dittos To The Master Communicator” (Posted August, 1996)

* NEWS1156 — “Rush Limbaugh Blasts Conspiracy Theories As ‘Intellectual Laziness’: Displays great Biblical ignorance” (Posted March, 1998)

We believe Rush Limbaugh to be a very sophisticated and important part of this entire march toward the New World Order. Rush has the ability and the resources behind him to correctly and effectively enunciate the many problems facing America and the world today. This ability is very important because you cannot solve a problem unless you first analyze it correctly first. 


Read more here about Rush’s role as apologist and enabler of the Bush evil. Rush loves torture–who knew?

Will Bush ever be tried for his war crimes? Who  knows?


Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire by Heloise

Mumbai, India is the setting for this brutal look at slum life in a southern Indian city. It follows the life of three slum dwellers, called slum dogs by the film’s writer, who said he “just made up slumdog.”  Ouch!

Well, the natives are a bit restless about the dog part. However, here in America, dog can be a friendly word, but when you are poor, black and the underdog being reminded of it well, hurts.  I’ve been to India and traveled by plane, and by taxi from the city of New Delhi to its northern Punjab region. This region is not nearly as bad as the south but just the same you see people living virtually EVERYWHERE in India.

And what distinguishes India even more than having to step over people sleeping in parking lots in the train station and living on the train tracks is the veritble smell of India.  It is the smell of burning that distinguishes her.

The hero and heroine of Slumdog have lots of adventures that take them from the beauty of the Taj Mahal to an orphanage that uses and abuses the kids. Here’s where it got ugly. The violence and torture in the movie rate it a strong caution.  It is not a kid’s movie even though kids are portrayed in the film.

Its star works his way up to an office job in an offshore calling center where he takes the chance to become a contestant on “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” Indian style. It looks like the American version only the questions are very different and as the host says, even scholars have not made it up to the highest levels.

They are suspicious that he has cheated and the police are called in and carry him off for interrogation. The interrogator is the dad from “The Namesake.” He must question young slumdog to get to the bottom.

This is how the story is told in flashbacks that last for long stretches of the film. The end is fabulous. Don’t leave too early or you will miss one of the best music videos ever. It reminds me of the old days back in the 1970s when my ex husband first took me to screenings of Indian films on the north side of Chicago. I’ve always loved Indian films and this one is no exception.

Don’t miss Slumdog Millionaire. Will it win best picture of the year? I predict it will. I’ve seen its biggest competition “Curious Case…” and slumdog will win hands down.