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George Zimmerman’s head bloody and beaten


Zimmerman’s contention all along has been that Martin was bashing his head against the pavement, which is why he was forced to shoot him. The media – especially ABC News — initially attempted to discount that story completely, releasing video of his booking at the Sanford police station that were not well-pixellated, and thus did not show the gashes on the back of his head. It took several days for ABC News to release an enhanced version of the video that showed that there were gashes on Zimmerman’s head. In the meantime, the media had a field day reporting that Zimmerman had shot Martin essentially in cold blood; Martin’s family claimed that Zimmerman was not injured; members of Congress, without any evidence, attempted to pass a resolution labeling the killing a racially-motivated crime.



ABC News reports that the source of the new photo was a witness to the aftermath of the event, and that Zimmerman asked the source to call his wife for him after the shooting.

Well, as I predicted he has a good case and a chance in Florida to go scott free.  They were in a big scuffle and somebody screamed.

Did OJ’s son kill Nicole and Goldman? New book says Yes

O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It: The Shocking Truth about the Murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman at Amazon

“You’re dealing with a young man who just weeks prior had checked into a hospital where he said he was out of his medication and was about to rage,” Dear said. “I have no doubt he had no intention of killing her, but [he] confronted her and, as a result, something happened.”

Dear said the diaries he obtained, which were allegedly written by Jason Simpson, refer to the young man’s obsession with knives and the problems he was purportedly dealing with.

One entry allegedly reads, “It’s the year of the knife for me. I cut away my problems with a knife. Anybody touches my friends — I will kill them. I’m also tired of being Dr. Jekyll [and] Mr. Hyde.”


The Martin Murder: So much for a post-racial America

The Ten Commandments, In SVG

The Ten Commandments, In SVG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did Martin call Trayvon an “F….ing coon?” see below from Huffpo:

Once again walking while black with a bag of skittles and lemonade is just cause to kill a young black boy named Trayvon Martin. A Jewish-Mexican, George Zimmerman, has shot and killed this boy with a 9mm with no freakin questions asked. He has gone scott free but the liberal media is hot on his trail.  In fact Morning Joe suggested that the whole police department should investigate the red necks in Florida and its stand your ground law.

The officials made the admission to ABC News after revealing that Zimmerman can be heard on a recording of one of the 911 calls made on the night of the shooting saying what some people think sounds like “f***ing coons” under his breath.

Moments later Zimmerman confronted Martin and shot him dead after a brief

My take so much for a post-racial America.

Olten girl thrill killer gets life with parole

Missouri State Highway Patrol

Image via Wikipedia

prosecutors …noted that Alyssa Bustamante had dug two graves several days in advance, and that on the evening of the killing had sent her younger sister to lure Elizabeth outside with an invitation to play. Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Rice testified that the teenager told him “she wanted to know what it felt like” to kill someone. Prosecutors also cited journal entries in which Bustamante described the exhilaration of killing Elizabeth.

“I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they’re dead,” Bustamante wrote in her diary, which was read in court by a handwriting expert. “I don’t know how to feel atm. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the ‘ohmygawd I can’t do this’ feeling, it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now…lol.”

Bustamante then headed off to a youth dance at her church while a massive search began for the missing girl.

Grisly girl killer: kills self in prison (Ryan Brunn)

He told the court Tuesday that he had never talked to Jorelys before the day of her murder. He said he devised a plan after he found one of her skates.

Brunn took a picture of the skate and approached her with it, asking if the skate was hers. She said yes, and Brunn promised to take her to it.

Instead, he took her to an empty apartment and instructed Jorelys to pull down her pants. He then put tape over her face and cut her throat with a razor. At this point, she was still alive, he told the court.

He said that he then took Jorelys to the bathroom and beat her to death with the skate. He said he did not have sex with the girl.

Increasingly, Brunn told the court, he grew concerned about what he had done. So he took a receipt, wrote on the back of it, “She is in the trash can,” and taped it to the compactor.

He admitted lying to investigators who had questioned him about the case. Brunn said he knew right from wrong, adding he “never had an idea of killing a child in my life.”

Eric Goudeau: AZ black serial killer trial here’s an excerpt:

But while the serial shooters tended to shoot victims from a distance, the Baseline Killer wore disguises and stalked women. If they didn’t give in to his sexual advances, he shot them in the head. Many victims were Hispanic. A billboard showing a police sketch of the killer—a mustached man with an empty stare, costumed in a long dreadlocks wig and fishing hat—only served to further fray the city’s nerves.

Another black (multi-racial) American behaving badly:

Baseline Killer Trial

Amanda Knox found NOT GUILTY–freed

I just heard it over the radio from Sean Hannity that Amanda Knox has been set free by the Italian courts.  Who travels there to get into trouble?

The guilty verdict has been overturned.

Breeann Killer Confesses

what are the facts of this crime? An adult, a white male, steelworker, father of three kids, killed, confessed to killing three year old Breeann.  From the name and the location it sounds like the man is a white male, just guessing from the names of the neighbors also that this neighbor was white, Breeann was Hispanic. 

A father of three has been charged with first-degree murder in the case of Breeann Rodriguez, the 3-year-old who went missing on Aug. 6 while riding her pink bicycle in her Senath, Mo., neighborhood.

Shawn Morgan, 43, sits in the Dunklin County Jail, awaiting an arraignment which will be scheduled Monday, Dunklin County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Mike McCammon said this afternoon.

Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney Stephen Sokoloff said that in addition to first degree murder, Morgan was charged with armed criminal action and tampering with physical evidence.

“Morgan is charged with causing the death of Breeann Rodriguez, 3-years old, also of Senath, by suffocating her,” Sokoloff told ABC affiliate KAIT-TV. “The charge is that he did this on Aug. 6, the day that she went missing.”


Mexican student kills white principal

This Mexican man, named Eduardo Marmelejo a 17 yo, stabbed the principal to death because he did not like her and planned to kill her. It’s small school and he got her alone and did the deed. Hope he gets death so taxpayers don’t have to pay. The name marmelejo is a typical Mexican surname. To add insult to injury mexicans are taking over Chicago and its suburbs. I am sure there are some nice and gentle Mexican students I know there are because I’ve seen them.  But when you get into the millions of illegals who are here you are bound to get some really bad apples and plain killers who will unlease their bad homelife on us all. 

For the good, few good Mexicans who come here legally and abide by the laws yes, you have to suffer for the bad ones just like black people get a bad name when the reggins come out of the woodwork with their damn pants down below their butt and underwear showing or not because they gonna walk like gorillas since the pants are not pulled up and these thugs, the real thugs on top of everything so quick to riot and just now riotinng all over the world via twitter.  Yes, it makes non whites look like hooligans, and we are not all like that for sure.  So, don’t mean to paint all Mexicans with a broad brush but the illegal ones are just ten million too many for my taste. 

Florida Teen Hacks Parents to death Then Parties!

CNN) — A Florida teen bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer, stashed their bodies in a bedroom, then hosted dozens of people for a house party, police said Monday.

Tyler Hadley, 17, is in police custody, booked just before 5 p.m. Monday on two counts of second-degree murder with a weapon, according to the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s website. Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Tom Nichols told reporters earlier that the teenage boy, who will be tried as an adult, was denied bond.

Around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Port St. Lucie Police Capt. Don Kryak said Hadley posted an invitation on Facebook, inviting friends to a party at his house.

Sometime after that, police said he used a 22-inch framing hammer to fatally beat his parents — Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley — in the head and torso outside their master bedroom door of their Port St. Lucie home. He then dragged them inside the room and used “books, files, towels, anything that he could find inside the home to cover the bodies,” Nichols said.

Then the teenager proceeded to party.