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Sally Ride–First Lesbian in Space Died (61 from cancer)

I got to interview astronaut and physics profe...

They did not want you to know that Sally had a female partner named Tam for the past 27 years.  So it is news to me that she had pancreatic cancer (always fatal), that she was lesbian and that she died today of cancer at age 61.  Even in one of the articles I read they talked about Tam and did not call her “she” in the article.  Hmm. She earned like four degrees.  Are they telling girls that you have to be a “he” in order to achieve in the sciences? No, because there was no mention that she was gay in the news nor mention of the woman who shared her life and bed.  They did not marry or adopt or beget any kids.

She was no hero to me.  Not because of anything in particular just not on the radar.  She may have contracted the cancer from her time spent in space of only thirty minutes.  You call that an astronaut?

Anyway I thought that was interesting that Tam O’Shaunnesey and Sally Ride were “partners” i.e., lesbian lovers for the past 27 years.  They met when she was 12.  This PC stuff is so ridiculous.  “Partners” really?