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Had a good day at the markets

I sold a few shares of Netflix and cashed in enough to pay my doctor bills. Netflix is my new cash cow. I bought in at 55/ps and it is close to 150 ps. Its recent history had it at 300 ps. So I did not sell all shares.

But a cool grand in a few weeks doing nothing ain’t bad. On the other hand the apple drop is bad. I did sell my shares of apple to buy my new penny stocks which have gone up hundreds of a percent and my portfolio is now looking great. But it did not look so good when I had Amazon and Apple in it. It would drop a lot and never got to the pricepoints of late.

My other venture is buying lots of gold and silver jewelry and making new pieces from parts. I plan to sell it but to individual buyers in person for now. I will probably make more money. If women seem to like my work I will sell it online. Stocks and jewelry pays more than I ever got from writing free blogs.


Why there’s still room for the Dow to zoom

Zoom in on 2000s

Zoom in on 2000s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a horse in the race when the Dow went into freefall in 2008.  I just couldn’t sleep at night because I had a lot of money on the table.  So I would get up in the middle of the night and watch my stocks.  Finally, had enough and sold out all my positions.  I warned a few folks too that the market was about to go into freefall.

How did I know? I am not sure.  But boy was I right.  Some of those stocks have never recovered especially some of the tech stocks on the Nasdaq.  I had lots of tech stocks and some bank stocks that went to zero.

One in particular was bought up by JPMorgan and I 10 shares based on the amount I lost and the JPM hit 50.00 and I sold that shit before you could say JPM.  That stock has never returned to 50 but is close now.  When it was down to 25 I should have bought a boatload because it also pays a dividend.

My new tack is that I buy a little bit of everything and my present positions I can hold for a year or more because I don’t have the same amout of money on the table.  And it seemed that the dump in May plan was in place but hell nobody told me.

So there I was in California and the freefall in the banking began.  The stock I owned in that bank went to nothing, forgot the name but like I said JPM bought it and I got 500 dollars for what I am sure I did not spend on the defunct stock.

I like bank and tech stocks.  Call me crazy.  I have BIDU stock now and I recall when it was worth 300/share.  I should have bought it when I saw it for 100 but I have a few shares and hopefully they will grow.  There is still lots of room for the Dow to zoom higher to 1400 eventually. 

More later

Facebook (FB) picks Nasdaq for upcoming stock offering


Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

There is also talk of a split of Apple stock.  But that won’t change your portfolio value.

Facebook‘s impending debut has whipped up an investor and media frenzy that recalls the go-go days of the first dotcom boom. The social network that began as a dorm room project for Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg has vaulted to Silicon Valley‘s top tier within eight years.

Its listing decision deals a blow to NYSE Euronext, which has waged an aggressive battle for marquee tech names in past years.

A major push by listings chief Scott Cutler, who frequently flies out for meetings in Silicon Valley, succeeded in snagging LinkedIn Corp and Pandora Media Inc in 2011.

Listing fees range from $38,000 to $500,000 a year on the New York Stock Exchange, and run between $35,000 and $99,500 a year on Nasdaq.

In 2011, NYSE Euronext hosted 44 percent of technology IPOs in the United States, bringing 19 new listings to the market and ranking first globally in IPO proceeds raised.

Facebook (FB) IPO: Morgan Stanley and Bank of America partner-up

English: Logo of Morgan Stanley

The big winner

We now know that facebook will trade under “FB” but not which exchange it will be traded on.  Google and Apple trade on the Nasdaq as do most technical stock.  So that’s my bet.

Huffpo got it wrong on the leader and the symbol.

As I stated before I bought BAC at prices as low as 5/share and even 6/share.  The stock is over 7/share.  The company looks good on many fronts. One it is going to help facebook with its IPO.  But MS or Morgan Stanley will manage the bulk of the IPO with other banks lending a hand.

I bought MS yesterday and it went up a whole dollar today on the news that last night FB chose it over Goldman SachsWall Street was surprised.  On Monday it was in closed talks with FB and the name of MS was bandied about as possible keeper of the huge IPO.  It was good public info and I acted on it.  People are often advised to buy or hold options in stocks that partake in larger banks such as those who make parts for Apple.

Yes, I do plan to put money in the new FB IPO but it won’t be available until May.  Until then I will let my stocks gain in value and sell what I need and bring in more funds to buy stock.  I will be able to see which stocks are gaining most.  But guess what January is the best month in years.  Except for ONE stock all have increased greatly in value including AMD which has gained over 2/share since I bought it.

I tried to give advice however I am not a licensed broker or anything just friendly advice based on my research.

The financials and the banks are back.  They are more expensive but at 7.39 I think BAC is still a bargain and at 19.69 MS is still a buy because Goldman Sachs is selling at over 100/share.

Obama hits 50 Dow Drops Over 500

Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Briefing (200905070001HQ)

Image by nasa hq photo via Flickr

Happy birthday to the big government believers and thank you democrats and republicans for the worst financial year on record. What did you do on your birthday Mr. President?  Burn ribs on a Barbque while the market fiddled with doom?  What the hell do we need these selfish leaders for? If you can’t steer the ship or shut the fat cat loopholes then just go home. ?/p>