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Stedman Graham pens a new book “Identity” while Rachel writes “Drift”

Stedman Graham

Rachel Maddow in Seattle.
Rachel Maddow in Seattle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Identity: Your Passport to Success by Stedman Graham at Amazon

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power by Rachel Maddow (it has good reviews and is #10 on Amazon so if you jest luv you some gay jew then buy her book)

What has this man done other than mooch off a Oprah?  I think he’s a business man and had a tough childhood but who the hell cares? I don’t.  They never married and there is no wonder.  He  is arm candy for sure even with gray hair.

He was on Joe and the Jews (Halperin, Allen and Karins the weatherman and Maddow) this morning touting his new book I wouldn’t get out of the library.

It is probably full of platitudes about being yourself.  What else is new?


Former Gov. Sarah Palin graces The Today Show Tuesday

Katie Couric ignored Palin and her debut in Katie’s old seat.  She now hosts GMA.  Sarah seemed fired up. I taped her debut but have  not watched it yet. Had to leave early this am and  I have a hot yoga class tonight.  Gotta keep the yoga booty going LOL.

 And in case you were unaware a person keeps the title for life once elected to any office or if they have earned a degree such as MD they are always referred to as Doctor even if retired.  BTW only MDs are doctors the PhDs are “doctors of philosophy” but not doctors. They hold a doctorate–

Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC du...

Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MD means medical doctor no other degree says that.

And within the first few minutes of NBC’s popular morning program, it was clear that Palin had a strategy for handling the show that was once hosted by Couric – plenty of self-deprecating humor. By contrast, Couric’s approach was to completely ignore Palin; she made no reference to the 2008 race or her blockbuster interview with the then-vice presidential candidate that many credited with dooming the GOP ticket.

The first glimpse viewers of the “Today” show got of Palin was her head buried behind an open newspaper.

“Oh, man, she’s doing her homework!” co-host Matt Lauer said.

In case you missed it: Mimi Alford interview @ Rock Center (8 mins)

The same story sex sells.  I find the story plausible because jack needed to debase women because of maternal neglect.   This led to untreated mental illness like depression.  For what it’s worth the woman could have said hell no.   She didn’t why? I don’t buy abuse of power.  She will suffer for these sordid tales.

Stephanopoulos back Amanpour leaving “This Week”

English: Christiane Amanpour, Chief Internatio...

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Was Amanpour bored with hosting This Week? Seems so.  She wanted more action in the field and it seems that’s where she’s returning and George the Greek be back at This Week.  George is an insider who is also master of the political trade.  I think it will be a good move.  Amanpour did not last a year. I thought it was a dumb idea at the time.  They did not think it through enough and now they know.

Christiane Amanpour is leaving ABC’sThis Week” after barely a year on the job.

George Stephanopoulos, Amanpour’s predecessor, will return to host the No. 3-rated Sunday morning politics show. Amanpour, meanwhile, will divide her time as a reporter for ABC and her former employer, CNN. Stephanopoulos will officially return Jan. 8.

“This is an exciting and unique opportunity for me to take my love of storytelling to primetime at ABC News with multiple specials, as well as becoming a roving global affairs anchor across all ABC platforms,” Amanpour, who took over “This Week” in August 2010, wrote in a statement supplied by ABC News.

Although celebrated as a war correspondent and international-affairs reporter, Amanpour was considered an awkward fit on “This Week,” which like rivals “Meet the Press” on NBC and “Face the Nation” on CBS subsists mainly on the weekly rough-and-tumble of American politics. Ratings have dwindled in recent months; when Stephanopolous helmed the program, “This Week” sometimes threatened longtime leader “Meet the Press.”

Alex Wagner “Now” that’s okay– updated

After watching her show now for a week or so I have one big complaint. Alex you are talking too damn fast and saying too much at once.

Please slow down and say less with more focus. Thank you.

Okay my bad it seems that Alex is not replacing Andrea Mitchell with the time zone thing i thought she was relacing her thus my beauty over nepotism. I get stuff wrong sometimes. My bad.

Now we know that Alex has chosen a prosaic word like “now” to title her new show that debuts this week. Studies have shown that people who are attractive, pretty or have a good appearance are thought of as being smarter than say ugly people.  I mean I was accused of getting plum jobs in college because I was pretty.  I thought, and said, I was qualified for the job and didn’t know who else applied but yes I got the good university student jobs while in college.

But then there is the thought that people who get a leg up on their looks is a kind of nepotism.  I don’t think it takes the meaning too far afield.  If it cannot be a relative or a Greek buddy that you network for or give a job to then it can be because the person is damn good-looking and young.  The new discrimination is all about age. Alas, that’s the way it is.

Now we have a new kid on the talking heads block and her name is Alex Wagner. Alex is half black half German according to a bio I saw. She could pass for Mexican but she is not a Mexican. Based on her mixture she’s white if you use the you are what you look like method.

In the coming months a biracial beauty will be replacing Andrea Mitchell for the noon slot talking politics on MSNBC. That bastian of left wing politics.  The talking heads just keep getting prettier and less experienced in the politics they talk.  

I will record her show and she what she has to add to the age of opinion. So far it’s predictable in guests and opinions.  


By Alex Weprin on October 20, 2011 5:57 PM

MSNBC political analyst Alex Wagner is getting her own show, TVNewser has learned.

At some point in the next few months, the channel will debut a new NoonET program

Black shooter kills 3 (Mexicans); wounds 6 in Cupertino CA–updated


SUNNYVALE, Calif. (AP) – Authorities say three Northern California sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a man believed to be the suspect in a deadly quarry shooting.Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith says investigators believe the man i

According to authorities, Allman became upset Wednesday during a safety meeting at Permanente Quarry. Allman left the meeting and returned with a handgun and rifle and started shooting people, Santa Clara County sheriff’s Lt. Rick Sung. About 15 workers were at the meeting.

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith identified the dead as Manuel Pinon, 48, of Newman, Calif., and John Vallejos, 51 and Mark Munoz, 59, both of San Jose. Six others at the quarry were wounded and taken to hospitals, where some remained in critical condition, Smith said. update

CUPERTINO, Calif. — An employee walked into a meeting at a Northern California quarry Wednesday and started shooting, killing 2 and injuring others, police said. The suspect was not yet in custody, according to local media outlets.

The suspect, identified as Shareef Allman, 45, (Allman, the suspect, is described as African-American, 5’11”, and 260 pounds, with numerous tattoos, according to KNTV.)

 from San Jose, arrived at the Lehigh Southwest Cement plant in Cupertino in a red Dodge Neon, according to unconfirmed scanner reports, NBC’s San Francisco affiliate reported. He was reportedly carrying a 9mm handgun and a rifle

Andrea Mitchell Got Cancer

Race for the cure Andrea because Jewish women are more likely to get breast CA than any other group of women.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell announced on air Wednesday that she has breast cancer.

Mitchell, who has been with NBC for decades and serves as its chief foreign affairs correspondent and host of “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MNSBC, made the announcement at the end of her show. She is 64 years old.

“I had planned to be hiking in Wyoming last week but instead discovered that I am now among the one in eight women — incredibly, one in eight — who’ve had breast cancer,” she said. “Mine was discovered during my annual screening just a short time ago. Lucky for me, I’m one of the fortunate ones. We discovered it in the earliest stage, it has not spread, and I’m already back at work with a terrific prognosis.”

Mitchell said that breast cancer awareness and prevention has always been important to her.

“I’m looking at this as another of life’s lessons,” she said. “For you women out there and for the men who love you, screening matters. Do it.”

Andrea Mitchell: Where did she get that job?

Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Gr...

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 It’s worse than I thought.  Mitchell does not have biracial kids but she was married to a black man at one time.  So Alan Greenspan must be her third marriage.  She has struck gold and now she is all over MSNBC and of course Morning Jew.  Women like her like Giffords remake themselves with bottles of bleach and fancy husbands to fit in with their rich, right, WASP surroundings.  It does not work for me.  Barbara Walters sucked up the oxygen on TV for decades and finally I had enough and wrote something and in the next few months she retired.  I try to watch the news but everytime her face, Mitchell’s, pops up I have to turn it off, delete it or fast forward it.  She never knows what the hell she is talking about and because Jewish people have a particular speech impediment because of  the Hebrew language and Yiddish can’t quite speak perfect English just like some blacks who have the Gullah influence in their genes will never speak perfect English without a lot of coaching.  The number of nepotism employees on TV is over the top.  There are way too many who may be journalists but they don’t have to be in your face 24/7 like this woman married to a rich former Jewish fed who ruined the system, made billions and now finally retired.  When will America wake up to this giveaway of our culture and monetary system?  I mean a Jewish woman represents less than 1% of all women in this country.  But make up at least 15% of all the big jobs and anchors on TV and the news.  Kate Snow is another one I can’t watch along with this other one who is so ugly I have to fast forward her.  I forget her name but she too is a reporter but not an anchor. Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 8:23:23 PM by wjersey

We gather Dan Rottenberg did not like Andrea Mitchell‘s new memoir, Talking Back.

In a 1,773-word evisceration in the Broad Street Review Rottenberg accuses the former Philadelphia broadcast reporter of writing in “annoying journalese,” of ignoring her previous marriage and step-children, of glossing over her transformation from plain-Jane brunette to “blonde glamourpuss.” Of basically filtering her memories through a Vaseline-softened lens because she is now married to Washington’s ultimate power icon.

Rottenberg, a former Philadelphia Magazine and Philadelphia Weekly editor, writes in his piece headlined, “The Unexamined Life: Andrea Mitchell rewrites her past:”

To be sure, many of us have old marriages and old personas we’d just as soon forget. But why write a memoir if you won’t confront the past? I suspect that Andrea Mitchell’s life may indeed contain the stuff of drama, and maybe even a movie. But she is not the one to write it. When you’ve spent your life hop-scotching the globe for headline stories in the glare of TV lights, it’s difficult to imagine that the biggest story of all might lurk somewhere inside of you, if only you were inclined to dig for it.

He writes that Mitchell, who is married to former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, seems “determined to bury” two aspects of her life from Philadelphia, where the Penn grad broke into television with KYW in the late 1960s.

Rottenberg writes:

About her first marriage: In the early ’70s, when I knew her as a fellow parent at Greenfield Elementary School in Center City, Mitchell was married to Gil Jackson, a black man who worked in the public affairs department at Smith, Kline & French (now GlaxoSmithKline) while struggling to launch a career as an independent film producer. An interracial marriage to a man suffering from a very malignant case of multiple sclerosis cannot have been easy for a young Jewish woman barely out of college, yet Mitchell (as far as I could tell) loyally stood by her man while also caring for his two sons from a previous marriage — so conscientiously that I presumed the boys were her own. The marriage broke up shortly before Mitchell left Philadelphia for Washington in 1976, and Jackson subsequently died.

Donald Trump: The Donald Not Running for Prez

Seal of the President of the United States

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While Mr. Trump was selling woof tickets to Obama and the libs, he’s no pol when it comes to guts.  He has said no he ain’t running for POTUS.  Who knew?  He strung the media along for weeks and he was supposed to announce today.  What does he announce: NO run for me in 2012.

No Donald Trump to kick around.