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Excerpts from newly found Kennedy tapes (not from JFK Library)


JFK and Rose

There are excerpts at this site but it is also for sale for 500K.

members to Japan.

“He fell face down in back seat of his car, blood was on his head, Mrs. Kennedy cried ‘Oh no’ and tried to hold up his head.”

Elsewhere on the never-before-heard transmissions, newly-sworn in President Johnson and his wife, Ladybird, try to console Kennedy’s mother.

“Gonna put Mrs. Rose Kennedy on the line now,” a voice is heard saying.

“I wish to God there was something that I could do,” Johnson says. “And I wanted to tell you that we are grieving with you.”

Thank you very much,” Rose Kennedy replies. “Thank you very much. I know you loved Jack. And he loved you.”

Then Johnson’s wife, Ladybird, comes on the line.

“Mrs. Kennedy,” she says. “We just wanted to — we feel like we’ve lost…”

“Thank you very much,” Rose Kennedy replies.

This is interesting because His mother NEVER said that she loved her son but that she knew they loved him! Can’t win for losing with a mother like that.