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Facebook (FB) picks Nasdaq for upcoming stock offering


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There is also talk of a split of Apple stock.  But that won’t change your portfolio value.

Facebook‘s impending debut has whipped up an investor and media frenzy that recalls the go-go days of the first dotcom boom. The social network that began as a dorm room project for Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg has vaulted to Silicon Valley‘s top tier within eight years.

Its listing decision deals a blow to NYSE Euronext, which has waged an aggressive battle for marquee tech names in past years.

A major push by listings chief Scott Cutler, who frequently flies out for meetings in Silicon Valley, succeeded in snagging LinkedIn Corp and Pandora Media Inc in 2011.

Listing fees range from $38,000 to $500,000 a year on the New York Stock Exchange, and run between $35,000 and $99,500 a year on Nasdaq.

In 2011, NYSE Euronext hosted 44 percent of technology IPOs in the United States, bringing 19 new listings to the market and ranking first globally in IPO proceeds raised.


KORS and ZYNGA out the IPO gate this week

Michael Kors Store Opening

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Michael Kors and Zynga are going public.  The IPOs for either are settling at a price. For Kors it is expected to be about 20 per share and Zynga about 12 which has gone up from the initial pricing at 8-10 per share.

Unless you are doing the trailing stop thing you can’t put any positions on Kors just yet because the price has not been set at this writing.

Obama hits 50 Dow Drops Over 500

Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Briefing (200905070001HQ)

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Happy birthday to the big government believers and thank you democrats and republicans for the worst financial year on record. What did you do on your birthday Mr. President?  Burn ribs on a Barbque while the market fiddled with doom?  What the hell do we need these selfish leaders for? If you can’t steer the ship or shut the fat cat loopholes then just go home. ?/p>