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Barry and the NYC white woman in love


Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an excerpt from Vanity Fair online the photo of the Miss Cook who once shared secrets in bed.  IMO he got a nose job at some point in his life. 

Adapted from Barack Obama: The Story, by David Maraniss, to be published this month by Simon & Schuster; © 2012 by the author.


Barack Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University in 1981, his junior year. Although he left Los Angeles with enough ambitious propulsion to carry him into a more active period, he instead receded into the most existentialist stretch of his life. As he put it himself dec­ades later during an interview in the Oval Office, “I was leading a very ascetic existence, way too serious for my own good.” In most outward ways, compared with what had come before, his life in New York was a minimalist one, without the sprawling cast of characters that had surrounded him at Oxy and in Hawaii and Indonesia. He felt no attachment to Columbia or to the first jobs he landed after graduation. But it would be a misreading to say that he was tamping down his ambitions during that period. Just the opposite, in fact. If anything, his sense of destiny deepened. He was conducting an intense debate with himself over his past, pres­ent, and future, an internal struggle that he shared with only a few close friends, including his girlfriends, Alex McNear and Genevieve Cook, who kept a lasting rec­ord, one in letters, the other in her journal.

The problem with gays like Rosie O’Donnell

Signature of American television personality, ...

Signature of American television personality, Oprah Winfrey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The biggest problem which is not listed here is that Rosie wanted to talk ad nauseum about being gay.  Who gives a crap? Not even gays liked her talking about being gay all the damn time. She even outed someone on the stay almost and he had not told anyone he was gay.   She is beyond the pale.  I would not only not hire here I have never watched her shows.  Her broadway show flopped too.  Dump Rosie, no, never hire Rosie.

Over the course of the last ten years, the funny, likable Rosie devolved into a boorish, divisive, nasty, partisan big mouth — and who wants to spend an hour a night with a boorish, divisive, nasty, partisan big mouth (who doesn’t believe fire can melt steel)? 

By any reasonable standard, Oprah Winfrey could not have found a worse person to prop up her fledgling network. To those of us who have spent a little time outside of Manhattan and Los Angeles, hiring O’Donnell looked the move of a suicidal executive determined to bring down her own network. Why would any sane person choose as their savior the most disliked and unlikable celebrity on a planet where the competition for that title is fierce?

So why does the entertainment media refuse to point out that which is so obvious to the rest of us? 

James Murdoch steps down

English: James Murdoch in 2008

Image via Wikipedia

James Murdoch has stepped down as executive chairman of News International, the British arm of News Corp., the company announced Wednesday. Murdoch, who was once seen as the heir apparent to his father Rupert at the head of News Corp., has now lost a key position within the company.

News Corp. cast the move as stemming from James’ recent relocation to New York from London, and Rupert Murdoch said his son would “continue to assume a variety of essential corporate leadership mandates.”

Sarah still quoting Heloise

Well over a year ago I was mad with Obama and wrote a note to him right before he appointed that fat, New York, ivory tower, Jewish, uber liberal woman to SCOTUS.  I was mad and wrote “Obama, if you appoint one more Jew, I’m through with you!”

Today heard Sarah on Rush saying: This nation is not red or blue, but red, white and blue and Obama we are through with you!  How funny. Lots of websites are also using another one of my sayings: In case you missed it….I don’t mind.  Luv Sarah anyway

IMO Alex Wagner is not black

Alex in 2001 she has aged

Here’s another observation I made about Alex that adds to my hypothesis that she is NOT black.  Her ear lobes are attached. That is far more common in whites observed than in other races.  Also I think I see a wedding band on her left hand.  That would indicate, although, not online, that she is married and is using her married name.

If I had photos or names of her parents I could end the speculation.  She looks Eurasian which equals NOT Black.

I borrowed and cropped this photo. She was at an event with a guy who looks Hispanic. From the bio I read she is half German and half black.  Wagner is a german name so perhaps her dad is German.  I don’t think she is married so that would be her maiden name.  She was born and raised here.   But if she is actually biracial and does not look black then she is by default white.

Given the naturally high percentage of European blood most blacks have including myself, even my blood type it is safe to say that Alex is more white than she is black at least 85%. She might marry black or think she is culturally black. But wait let’s look see at her pedigree. Where did she come from?

She is a native of DC and has hobnobbed with the rich and famous. I used to wear my hair exactly like she wears it on the show (not in the pic) for a long time. She went to Brown University which was my first choice except I was  so tired of cold weather and sunless days that I opted for California universities.

She went to Brown therefore IMO she ain’t black. Follow her on Twitter.

“Two Parties—One Greed” my contribution

The corner of Wall Street and Broadway, showin...

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Seek solutions instead of saviors.  That’s why for me this global occupy and Occupy Wall Street is all about the parties, the two parties that we have in this country who have sold us out.  It does not matter if the party is Dem or GOP or if the man is black or white or both.  The money that it now takes to become president is obscene.  It is all about the money IMO and I think that is what people are reacting to the greed is wide as the ocean.  OWS need to start with two criminals: Chris Dodd and Barney Frank for the infamous Frank-Dodd bill.

We are living in an ocean of greed.  It does not matter which party is in power or what the professed creed.  I believe it is ONE GREED.  Two parties—One Greed.  We can do better in this country.  We can bring jobs back if we look for solutions instead of saviors. 

There will be flood

Hurricaine Irene could take New York City out in a way that 9/11 never could.  Ironically it is the anniversary of 9/11 and we are getting close to 2012 and the alignment of the planets is still yet to come.  The worst for NYC will be the flooding of the tunnels and the financial district.  Hope those fat cats can float because they and their money could be underwater the whole weekend.  The runways at JFK and at La Guardia are sea level and the airports could shut down in NYC also. 

Unbelievable that NYC is watching for a hurricaine of the century.  And it could sink and flood Obama’s plan for re election.  Nature has a way of doing that.

July 2011 Best Month ever here

Thanks go out to my many new readers and to Natasha Curry and to Google for steering you here for my chart toppers of all time:

Natasha Curry: TV Anchor, Biracial beauty–updated 20,000    
Cheyenne Woods: A Chip Off The Old Uncle (Tiger Woods) 14,380    
Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy both New York Jews–updated 7,582   7,582
Jonathan Capehart Can’t Hide His Homosexual Side  6,005   6,005

Some of these blogs are a surprise.  The Curry blog is not only the most popular but it is also the youngest article.  I wrote it in January 2011 and it is now happily over the top in terms of numbers.  I’ve updated it with new facts from readers who researched her background.   Recently, found a photo of  Capehart’s boyfriend and added it to that post thanks to a reader who linked the article.  That one is the most surprising of all in terms of popularity.  What you notice is that each one has a famous name in the title.  Name-fame-game is what people care about I see.

In case you missed it: Drunken, Drugged Diane Schuler Wrong-way driver killed 8 –updated

Rory Kennedy

Image via Wikipedia

Update:  Heloise recently watched the HBO special on TV.  It was shockingly accurate and did not paint Diane as a woman who just happened to do something  bad.

No.  This woman had high levels of alcohol in her blood, pot and was last seen buying pain killers in a drug store, caught on camera.  Some have suggested that the combo more like a drug cocktail could have made this driver incoherent and able to drive for many minutes down the wrong way.  The sad part is that the woman who lost two girls in the crash completely trusted this woman.  Watch it for yourself if you get the chance.  I am convinced of two things now:  the family was ethnically Jewish and this woman was at fault completely at fault. 

In case you missed it: (I started that one) A woman full of drugs and alcohol drove down the highway with a car full of kids driving the wrong way had a head-on with another car killing a total of eight people.  Naturally her husband Dave Schuler (Jewish) is going to great lengths to defend what the toxicology reports have cited as high levels of toxins in her blood.  So Dave and Diane Schuler (both Jewish New Yorkers) are villified and now HBO has made a documentary “There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane” the final words of a little girl killed in the crash.  She killed three adult men in the other SUV and in her car killed herself and a three kids.  HBO

Dave Schuler paid for the documentary and Rory Kennedy (see photo, the daughter of Robert Kennedy Jr., is producting it:

Here’s another link with a strong view to this as a suicide murder.  And yes, his name is Daniel and he has a brother named Jay Schuler.

Here’s one comment from 2009 from someone who has been closely following and has some interesting things to say about Daniel and Diane:

December 9, 2009 at 12:32 pm

The more i read about this case, the clearer it gets. She argued with them at McDonalds to get her kids their last favorite meal and let them play in the playground there since she was gearing up for murder/suicide. It was premeditated, she fed the kids, got her OJ mixer to go, and peeled out of that gas station with a death wish, she drove like a maniac until she was numb enough to not care. She must have told her brother and sister in law something in those phone calls that sealed her fate, she left the phone and with it all hope of being stopped or saved, she drove up the Saw Mill to the Taconic, turned around and came back to end it all. She was not confused, she was building up her nerve. The phone probably got dumped because the kids kept calling home and interferring with her death wish plan, as soon as she knew they were coming to look for her, as soon as the kids said what the road signs said, she went in the opposite direction, north, up the Saw Mill so they would be looking in the wrong place. She was not confused, she was still making premediated decisions to carry out the plan. Then she told her brother she was on Southern State Parkway on Long Island, come on, no matter how drunk you are you can tell the difference between the 2 mile long Tappan Zee toll bridge soaring over the Hudson and Southern State pkwy. She had gone through the toll literally 30 seconds before making the call. She didn’t crash into the toll booth and was able to pull over to the pull off on the right shoulder. The 4 or 5 right hand toll lanes there are all cash only, since they claim they checked the time on her ezpass, that means she probably went through tolls on the left and had to navigate across at least 5 lanes of toll plaza traffic to the pull off without hitting anything.

On page 10 of the police report, a witness describes travelling north on the Taconic at 1:15 pm and being cut off by the minivan ALSO TRAVELLING NORTH getting on the Taconic from the Saw Mill Parkway. This is right where the crash happened, about 200 yards north of the Saw Mill/Taconic merge. This means she went up the Taconic past the crash site, then turned around and got back on the same exit ramp in the wrong direction. She scouted the route! Probably saw a perfect spot to end it all and headed back down the road heading south knowing what was going to happen and where, there is a blind curve with a hill right at the crash site, no chance for the unwitting accessory to the crime to react evasively. There are two (2) turnarounds in that stretch of road, plus a lot of wide grass median and shoulder to change your mind if you wanted to.

This is not the ‘mommy’s a secret addict’ story like the media has jumped on the bandwagon with to no end, she was uniquely crazy and suicidal and had to know what she was doing. Those people know what happened and have been protecting themselves since the brother first called the police and sugar-coated the situation as ‘a possible medical emergency’ and the husband only can say ’she was sober when she left..” not my fault. CYA.

Also, the husbands story about the vodka being his is total BS. He drinks beer, very few men drink vodka as their drink of choice, especially when they are beer drinkers. Vodka is a chick drink.

I read the story in NY Magazine that said how Diane Schuler cut her mother out of her life completely since the age of 9, pretending she did not exist due to her leaving the family, even though the other siblings and her father did not and her mother reached out to her for a relationship, stating it was her choice to keep her away. That is a huge thing to hold inside for 27 years. Interestingly, the 27 year timeframe is relevant also, in terms of cosmic cycles. Anyway, I do think this is the elemental key to the whole story. The public photos released of her wedding are telling, how could she, or anyone there, not be thinking about her mother, who was not invited. How do you go through your wedding day holding that inside? Since it was her wedding day, everyone had to suck it up and it was all about her and not mentioning the obvious absence, the rest of the family would have invited her to such an event. Then having children and depriving them of their grandmother, and vice-versa. This pattern of controlling social situations and punishing people who love you most due to perceived transgressions only makes me believe the murder/suicide theory. Did she punish her husband and brother for something we will never know about? I think everyone needs closure on this case, I am on the side of the victims who feel there is much more to the story.

Was it was the husband having the affair or her? There was a wrong number dialed from her phone to a guy in Oyster Bay, only 10 minutes from where she works that morning. How coincidental that a random wrong number would go so close to home. Maybe the kids had the phone and accidently dialed a contact or recent call? She was left to her own devices when he was at work. Anyway, i think it was the kids who called their father, not her, and then the truth came out. Or the husband confronted her about this other guy and it blew up? He went camping thursday morning, she came up friday night with all the kids. What happened Thursday night?

In a decade there will be more “Gay” Marriages than Real ones—I predict (%-wise)

Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue sk...

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(CNN) — Many New Yorkers and thousands of visitors this weekend may make last month’s Gay Pride celebrations seem tepid. Beginning Sunday, New York‘s same-sex couples will become eligible for marriage licenses. Tens of thousands of those couples are expected to marry over the next few years, and their vows will resonate across America.

New York is the sixth state (plus Washington) to offer marriage equality for same-sex couples. To me, after two decades of consulting with business leaders, this moment truly feels personal. It not only arrives packed with emotion, it is a real game-changer for the American work force.

New York’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and city leaders must be cheering the economic shot in the arm as hotels, restaurants, caterers, florists and legions of vendors welcome the wedding and honeymoon brigades. Some estimate nearly $400 million in revenues for the state over the next three years.

Understand that I mean that percentage-wise there will be more gay marriages than real ones.  We know gays have more money than straight people and probably more sex too.  But the gay marriage rollout will start to roll across the country and when it’s done there will be more gay/homosexual marriages than marriage between heterosexuals.  Should we just let them have the country? They seem to know better than everybody else.  Why can’t it just be civil marriage and rights for those who live together, like common law straight people?  Too late now can’t but the genitals back in the bottle.