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Will Herman Cain erupt over lurid details?

That what I wonder now.  I mean Cain has been run through the political and the media grist mill for his allegations of sexual harrassment.  But he won’t be able to live down this new one. I mean this woman, Sharon Bialek, got up at the mike got herself a lawyer Gloria Allred and then the shit hit the fan.  This is total damage control mode for Cain.  I don’t see him getting past this one.

See my other post for more details.  I’ve recorded her session and will provide more details later.


Tiger holds press conference Obama calls press conference

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.

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What’s Tiger going to announce? What’s Obama going to announce? They have both called press conferences today. 

I caught some of President Obama’s press conference while working out.  He would not go into specifics and would not talk about what he might agree to in terms of raising the debt ceiling.  The debt ceiling is somehow tied into the 14th amendment. And listening to Rush Limbaugh just now who said that entitlement programs are not a part of the debt ceiling.  That is they are not a reason to raise the debt ceiling and that the bond holders must be paid in the currency of the moment and not gold. 

Some speculate that Tiger will call it quits for the season and some say Obama will use the press as a bully pulpit.  Have to wait and see.

It was my weiner and I sent it

will these words go down in history as the most stupid thing ever to say or do? Probably not.  Rep Weiner gets the quarterly award for most puns ever made with a name or season scandal.  Thank you Anthony Weiner for all the laughs and puns.