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Rupert Murdoch attacked at hearing with a foam pie

LONDON — A protester splattered Rupert Murdoch with white foam in a foil pie dish on Tuesday, interrupting a dramatic hearing in which the media baron told British lawmakers he was not responsible for a phone hacking scandal that has rocked his global empire.

Murdoch appeared by turns vague, truculent, sharp and concise as he spoke alongside his son and deputy, James, calling the parliamentary inquisition “the most humble day of my career” but refusing to take personal blame for the crisis that has swept from a tabloid newspaper through the top levels of Britain’s police and even to the prime minister’s office.

Murdoch, 80, said he was “shocked, appalled and ashamed” at the hacking of the phone of a murdered schoolgirl by his now-shuttered News of the World tabloid.

But he quibbled with a suggestion that criminality had been endemic at the tabloid and said he had seen no evidence that victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attack and their relatives were targeted by any of his papers.


“Criminality endemic” in Murdoch Empire?

As they testify the griller in chief is getting them good with questions.  He is calling them out as bold faced liars suffering from amnesia and allowing criminality to run amok in the news empire.  He asked him did he know that “criminality was endemic in your corporation?”

Murdoch not a convincing liar

Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive O...

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The hearings are live right now on MSNBC and we have seen the photos of Rupert pallling around with Rebecca who ran News of the World which makes up one percent of his holdings he claims he did not know that in 2003 she pleaded guilty to knowing about phone hacking. 

Murdoch ‘I was clearly misled” whoa, why? You were the boss that the stockholders have said used his corporation as a candy jar.  His own daughter runs TV productions such as “Masterchef” and much more. 

Murdoch is completely out of the loop on blackmail charges and t he like.  He said he had a zero tolerance policy about wrong doing of his employees.  Either he is a bad liar, bad CEO one who ow ns all kinds of newspapers KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT HIS OWN PEOPLE WHO MADE THE NEWS FOR WRONG doing!!! WTF? Dude you think we are buying this horsecrap? 

Who said that bloggers and blogging would not amount to anything? After the fall of the house of Murdoch who’s next? Who will be left? Bloggers!!!

Hacking Whistleblower Found Dead

Whistleblower Found Dead

A show-business reporter who was the first journalist to allege that News of the World editor Andy Coulson was aware of phone-hacking at his tabloid has been found dead, according to The Guardian, in circumstances that U.K. police deem “unexplained” but “not suspicious.” Sean Hoare worked at the News of the World as well as at another Murdoch tabloid, The Sun, until he was dismissed for drug and alcohol problems. Police won’t confirm his identity, but The Guardian reports that Hoare was found at his property and pronounced dead shortly after.

Rebekah Brooks resigns

LONDON — After days of mounting pressure from politicians and shareholders, Rebekah Brooks, the embattled chief executive of Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper operations, announced her resignation on Friday in another stunning blow to Mr. Murdoch’s once all-powerful empire, which is now under investigation in Britain and the United States.

Her resignation came a day after Mr. Murdoch himself, the chairman of News Corporation, and his son James reversed themselves and said they would testify before a parliamentary panel probing the cascading scandal over phone hacking that has forced the closure of The News of the World tabloid and the collapse of a $12 billion bid to assume full control of Britain’s biggest satellite broadcaster.


Rupert and Rebekah on the ropes and running scared

Empowerment 2

Wow the people have spoken  and they said “F*ck this” when it was revealed that the cell phone of a murdered British teenager (among many other famous and regular folks)  had been hacked and messages deleted so that more messages could be left and the journalists could continue to snoop, scoop and report more fodder that was force fed from an illegal act.  But what the hell, it’s only business and shortly thereafter NEWS OF THE WORLD was shaken off its axis and the employees sent packing with a headline straight out of heloispeak “Thank you and Goodbye” wow to the point and what a sharp turning point this has been.  But will there be another in which Murdoch looses his grip on the world of black and white press?

Murdoch (cryptic Jew)  is sticking by the side of his red-haired (Jewish-looking) chief editor. Why,  because red hair is common among Jews especially if one parent is not Jewish in case you didn’t know, also possible if both are European Jews too.  I don’t let the name fool me because there are so many Jews who were brought to England to keep them out  Hitler’s oven.  And many like John Kerry’s dad who changed the family name and converted to Catholicism to climb the political ladder….it worked too.

Absent that her parents are not Jewish we know that she’s doing what Jews do best: taking over the media world by any means necessary as media moghuls.  She was editor of News of the World and Ms. Rebekah Brooks keeps her job, rather gets a new position, and someone else takes the fall for both of them.