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Lionel Richie “Who Do You Think You Are?” Lionel, Nicole and Sophia source of photo with his ex wife Diane Alexander (Jewish) and their two children.

Nicole is adopted but these two children are not they are his biological kids. In tonight’s episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?”  Lionel Richie uncovers what so many other blacks know must be a part of their genotype: white grandparents somewhere in the family tree. He married a black woman first, and then this Jewish woman. Nicole also married a Jewish man Madden.  So that makes his kids Jewish and his son really looks Jewish too.

In tonight’s episode of Who Do You think You Are? Lionel is actually shown a photo of his grandfather. He looks biracial and he was educated and helped to lay the foundation of civil rights movement in this country.  Lionel is speechless. However, his great grandfather lived a long time, but died a pauper.

In the photo his great grandfather looks biracial, although they never utter that word. Strange because they later uncover that an 80 year old white man fathered a black child with one of his slaves Mariah.  This white man is now a part of Lionel Richie’s genes. That family name was Brown.  That was strange because it was obvious that his grandfather J. L. Brown was a proud, educated, biracial man. But he was born of the union of slavemaster and slave. They were both set free by the Dr. Brown or his son and lived with some freedom forbidden to other slaves. For example he was given two years of education. He could write and was literate.  An accomplished man in fact.

As I said in another post my great grandmother’s maiden name was also Brown, and she looked biracial or mixed.  But my maternal family is from Louisiana and Richie was born and raised in Chattanoga TN.

What did Lionel put on his kid’s birth certificates? Would love to know. As I said in my article “You are what you look like” he should put white.

Nicole’s biological dad is said to be Peter Michael Escovedo who is white of Hispanic origin but Nicole denies this. If the woman in the link is her mother, she’s white, then her dad was black or biracial.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Weekend Wedding (lots of links)

Enjoy the links. They are already married but have not had a wedding. That’s this weekend. It was broken by Radaronline and confirmed that the knot gets dressed up and officially wed this weekend. It will be small so don’t be mad if you did not get an invite.

The couple from radaronline

Daddy’s mansion

what will she wear?

No Paris at Nicole’s wedding

Joel Madden (Jewish) and Nicole Richie (biracial) show off new baby

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden (Reubens Comb) have had a second baby. They are featured on People magazine’s latest cover.

Hopefully they are checking off the white box for the babies they had together. If Mexicans who have less white genes than Nicole’s kids have are checked in the white column per the government I hope folks like Nicole are listening…check WHITE!