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Watch Interview: Nafissatou Diallo to Robin Roberts “I want him to go to jail” (updated) here’s the link for the interview and below is my quick blog of the interview as I watched it this morning.


Good Morning America  (Nightline tonight ) is starting off the morning with the interview.  She sits in a white blouse and pink top and hair is straightened to her shoulders and she is a cafe au lait color.  We know that she also gave a print interview with NEWSWEEK.  She has a large round face, thirtyish.  A nice figure and a convincing witness to the print editor.  We know the woman is poor and was making over 45K a year.  She also has a 15 YO daughter and fear of losing a good job with Sofitel.

She said “I’m telling you the truth” and she is crying and wiping her eyes.  Nightline will have an interview also. But Nafissatou Diallo will give first interview with Robin Roberts today on GMA she wants him to go to jail.  Everybody wants to see her photo and know what she’s like.  The prosecutors are thinking of not going forward with the case.  She said she went into the room and said to him “I’m sorry” and he grabbed her breasts and said “you don’t have to be sorry.”   Her nickname is Naffi. 

She said “Stop this, stop this but he wouldn’t stop and kept pushing me to the hallway of the suite.”  She claims she did not know who he was until someone told her that DSK was supposed to be the next president of France.  Her first thoughts was that “they are going to kill me, they are going to kill me,” because he is such a powerful man. 


The DSK Hotel Maid Speaks Out–photo

Morning interview with the maid: From FOX

An exclusive televised interview with Nafissatou Diallo, 32, will air on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and on “Nightline” Monday, the same day the maid’s cover-story interview with Newsweek is to hit stands.

Newsweek on Sunday published an online version of its interview with Diallo, in which the maid details how Strauss-Kahn forcibly made her perform oral sex.

“You’re beautiful,” she claimed the French politician told her, as he wrestled her toward the bedroom in the Sofitel suite she came to clean. “I said, ‘Sir, stop this. I don’t want to lose my job.'”

Read more:

Nafissatou Diallo also gave the newsmagazine and ABC News permission to identify her by name.

The magazine interview marks the first time the 32-year-old Guinean immigrant to the United States has publicly spoken to the media since she shocked the world with allegations that Strauss-Kahn emerged naked from the bathroom of his luxury suite on May 14 and forced her to perform oral sex.

Until now, Reuters had kept to the practice in the United States of protecting the identity of alleged rape victims.

Kenny Ortega on Nightline

Kenny is on Nightline trying to pitch his reason for making This Is It. I am not buying it. It has no soul. The film fake documentary could be sold and seen anywhere. We know MJ can sing and still dance but we can buy the CD for that.

I did not want to use the word boring for it. But that’s it…it was pure-D boredom. Did he sell the interest of the film on Nightline? Hell no.

And you know how the Nightline folks are–they let you sink your own boat with a heavy oar of words or in Kenny’s case lack of words. The interview was short, very short and he did not say a damn thing. That’s what was so funny about it. They gave him a chance and he bombed it.

Should we be mad at Sony for not demanding more? Can MJ’s legacy be saved? I hope so.