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Contacts over Lasik

This post is a kinda just say no to Lasik and PRK. After a thorough eye exam I am not a candidate for Lasik. I also said no to PRK. I read stories online of suicides due to bad outcomes. I have large optic nerves, which may be congenital. I’ve needed glasses from a young age. That also made the docs think I was a candidate for glaucoma…bad news. But the good news is that those who are myopic also tend to have enlarged optic nerves.

If in my case, I was born with such eyes and have always needed glasses and tend to have dry eyes then finding the right contact lens gets tricky.

 As a teenager (1970) I got the hard lens.  They kept falling out because my eyes were so dry.  I was the laughing stock, of my boyfriend at the time, whose social group The Lockinvars gave a huge party downtown Chicago  (the famous Kahil El Zabar). This was like 1970 and only hard lenses were available. He  laughed when he saw me on my hands and knees  at their big blowout party at the Playboy club looking for my contact lens on the floor! I found it.

Never want a repeat of that little scenario. So, I went to a local doctor had eyes examined and she gave me a new contact (a year out) that is supposed to actually help with dry eyes. I asked her to not overcorrect my eyesight so that I would not need to use reading glasses. I might have needed a cane with PRK…but I said no thank you.

Result: I got a great fit. I have worn them all day long from day one. No pain, no dryness. I will have to get the exact name of them and post it. But they are new and I did not have to gradually break them in.