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Pat Buchanan: “Suicide of a Superpower” review and recs

Pat Buchanan being interviewed in Manchester, NH

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Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? Amazon $16.58 order it, read it.

Winner in my book.  Pat Buchanan blows the comfortable atmosphere off the uber liberal lefties and the neocon, neolithic, non existent conservative.  They will be left running for the exits to find  fresh air as this book makes it way down the pike.  Pat is probably the last conservative standing.  He’s old but does not owe anything to anybody and does not have to uphold the politically correct in the stratosphere of this republic which is destroying our democracy. 

If you think illegal immigration is bad but that legal immigration and that it’s okay to have so many Mexicans left here to breed.  Wait until this group begins to come of age and start reproducing.  It will be exponential the birth rate among the Mexicans and other illegal immigrants from Central and South America.  Just wait ten years when they outpopulate the white race

Buchanan once again dares to go where other “conservative” authors fear to tread. He addresses larger issues that the Right has abandoned for politically correct salaried careers. In fact Buchanan dedicates his eleventh book “To the Old Right.” Most nationally known conservatives will avoid tackling controversial issues that are considered career-ending endeavors: ethnic and racial double-standards that negatively impact Whites as a group, a destructive neoconservative foreign policy, IQ and racial inequalities of cognitive abilities, and the devastating cultural impact of a growing mass of unassimilable immigrants. Buchanan confronts these and related national issues in a sensible matter-of-fact tone.

“Religion, race, culture, and tribe are the four horsemen of the coming apocalypse,” writes Buchanan in explaining the significance of ethnonationalismas a political force. read more at the link above from Cooper Sterling – The Occidental Observer