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Will illegal immigration become legal?

The United States is going to review 300,000 files of those currently in deportation proceedings as alleged illegal immigrants, as well as all future cases, to determine whether the individuals at issue qualify for a reprieve under a new federal policy announced by the White House yesterday.

While it isn’t clear exactly how the policy will be applied, it appears that those without criminal records, especially individuals who were brought to this country as children and now aren’t properly documented, likely could qualify for a reprieve that would allow them to study and even work in the U.S., according to the Palm Beach Post and the Wall Street Journal (sub. req.).

The Post reports that only so-called priority offenders will now be pursued, according to what White House officials said at a conference call yesterday. That group includes individuals who are deemed to be a national security threat; gang members and people who have committed serious crimes; and repeat immigration offenders and those who recently entered this country illegally.

There seems to be a bunch of stories along these lines but it makes me think that maybe just maybe the government will make all immigration legal and just say to hell with it we don’t have the money to f*ck with you illegals here stealing jobs.  Therefore the people can blame you all and not us for no freaking jobs.