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Oh La Jackie O: “Dreaming in French: The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag and Angela Davis”

Jacqueline Bouvier by David Berne in the John ...

Jacqueline Bouvier by David Berne in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dreaming in French: The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis at Amazon

Jacqueline Bouvier arrived in 1949, to a Paris that was, literally, black. Its white stone buildings hadn’t been cleaned of street soot since the war. This, like the ration card issued to Bouvier for sugar and coffee, is the sort of detail that sketches an entire mode of life, scrimping and shadowed. Kaplan is a master at delivering such details and at selecting just the right aspect of everyday experience to illuminate an important point she wants to make.

In the section on Sontag, Kaplan notes, “There’s rarely a published account of Parisian intellectual life in the 1950s — French or American — that doesn’t involve hotel rooms.” Sontag, who, unlike Bouvier and Davis, spoke only “elementary” French during her 1957 sojourn to Paris,

Paul Bocuse: Have you got a half a million for dinner to spare?

2008 Bocuse d'Or USA Competition

2008 Bocuse d'Or USA Competition (Photo credit: Jeff Houck) I have spent time in Paris but did not eat at any french restaurants because I was vegan at the time and finding something like that in Paris was not possible then.  I knew the name Bocuse and thought I would google it and see what it costs to buy a dinner package for two.  It started at about 500,000 and went up to a cool million for the deluxe dinner package.  Yes, a million dollars to eat dinner at Bocuse.  I wonder if the Romneys ever ate there.

 40, Rue de la Plage, Lyon, France, Official Website


Paul Bocuse - Soupe aux Truffes Noires V.G.E., plat créé pour l'Eysée en 1975

What came next was the highlight of the meal, rouget barbet en écailles de pommes de terre croustillantes, a thin filet of red mullet covered in potato scales.  This course reminded me that butter does not equal bad.  Butter gets a bad rap for its high cholesterol, saturated fats, and ubiquitous presence in French food.  I would almost say that I’ve developed a sensitivity to butter from having lived in the US, a direct result of movements like California cuisine that de-emphasize butter usage and promote heart-healthy eating.  But what Bocuse showed me was that butter, when used properly, is one of the best ways to strengthen and support a fish’s  natural flavor.  Bocuse uses butter not for the sake of it, not because it’s popular in French food, and not because he’s a rebel.  Rather he uses it deliberately because, quite simply, it tastes the best.  Here it’s presence was felt in both the crispy potato “scales” and the sauces pooling below the fish.  The moist filet protected by its two skins stayed interesting with each bite until the very end, particularly because I could choose different combinations from the olive-leaf shaped combination of sauces below.  This was delicious.

Paul Bocuse - Les Desserts Un: Crème Brûlée, Tarte aux Fraises, GâteauPaul Bocuse - Les Desserts Trois: Baba au Rhum, Ile Flottante

What are the top ten films of 2011?

By ticket sales it may not be a banner year for films. Are moviegoers getting sick of Hollywood slick?

Reviewing films has become second nature to me. I picked it up like a bad habit after realiazing that opinion writing on pols and their politics was getting too stressful. I have not regretted that decision and confine my two cents mostly to this blog. When I should have been taking care of myself I was what else seeking out films to watch and review. I can only talk about those I’ve seen. If not I will make a note of it.

Not in order yet just my list

Higher ground

Midnight in Paris

Tree of life

A separation (did not see yet)


A Dangerous Method

The Help

War horse. ( did not see)

Crazy, stupid, love

The Iron Lady (not released yet)

Toure Touts post racialism nihilism in new book: “Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?”


Toure the touter

Toure talking crazy.  He wrote a new book “Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?” whose title on the face of it is crazy.  I think he is playing the un race card to sell books. Whites and blacks like me ain’t buying it. 

African Americans fight a multifront struggle in pursuing their ambitions. Along with the difficulties that others face — bad luck, personal deficiencies, talented competitors — blacks face additional obstacles. On one front they encounter prejudiced Caucasians. On another they encounter Negroes who, attached to stunted conceptions of racial solidarity, habitually castigate as disloyal blacks perceived as “acting white,” being “oreos,” “selling out.”

Naturally, anthropologically and racially there are differences.  A person can have black skin or biracial genes and be as white culturally as any white person in London.  There are numerous examples that the only thing black about them is their skin.  People mistake south Indians for black people all the time, but that’s just an optic error.  I was mistaken for an Indian when in India at every turn.  If that were the case then that would make me white! When I was on the train with my white male companion people thought I was either British or when in Paris thought I was Parisian or Italian.  So, in other words I was constantly mistaken for a non black and occasionally an American black. If Toure was right people like me and my family would be white people with brown skin and “good” hair.  By other countries standards in fact my family is “white” or colored. 

Even Toure is probably some kind of mutt mixed with Anglo and Caribbean blood and whatever else.  He even looks half Jewish and black.  But no matter. I might be called an oreo and I am okay with that.  Because in a lot of ways the only thing black about me is the extra melanin I’ve acquired since living in Texas. 

Velodrome d’Hiver: French Jews Roundup—Sarah’s Key (movie and book) link about the book

My review of the book:

amazon link Sarah's Key (Movie Tie-in)

I love books about Europe during and before the war because I walked it just before Hitler took over.  This movie is coming out in limited release next week but you can buy the book now.  I love the history of the Jews as they were in the various ghettos and either liberated or sent on trains to the gas chambers.  That’s the part that I study in particular.  Not because the Jews get gassed, remember the arabs are semites too, but because it is also the history of Europe at this time and place.  I hope it does not take too much in present time.

French Biracial Beauty: Olivier Rousteing directs Balmain Paris

Le jeune designer, inconnu du grand public, succède officiellement à Christope Decarnin.


Après le départ de Christophe Decarnin, la maison de couture vient d’annoncer officiellement le nom de son remplaçant. Olivier Rousteing, ancien responsable du studio de création pour les collections prêt-à-porter femme, devient le nouveau directeur artistique de la marque.  

Diplomé d’Esmod, ce créateur inconnu du grand public a travaillé 5 ans chez Roberto Cavalli comme designer des collections prêt-à porter avant de rejoindre Balmain aux côtés de Christophe Decarnin en 2009.  

Taking my own advice–moving to France


Image via Wikipedia

Heloise, the French abbess is where my name comes from. Why? Because I was she.  France was my country then and it still is, regardless to how much I have tried to deny that reality. It was hard to deny when I was there and about to return home I couldn’t stop crying because I didn’t want to leave.  The tax lawyer who was my host, his name also begins with an H and our last names have many letters in common. I did reveal one of his past lives in my book but really shouldn’t have because it could impact our lives in the future. But then, no one listens to me because I ain’t white.

A little prophecy for ya: when I leave this country there will be a world war per my vision seen decades ago. I saw that I lived in France with my French guy and that there was war in the world.  Do I care what happens here? Of course I still have family here and friends and black people. That’s who I care about most.

But this country is not blackness friendly. Forget that Obama was elected, he’s a puppet for the rich and the Jews, we know now.  Is he anti-Israel? It don’t matter people if he is or not can’t you see  that?

Frankly, I have lots of options when I retire because I have wealth, resources, and I speak French.  La France c’est mon pays as the French say…it’s my country.  And for many, many lives I’ve lived in France. In fact the lifetime before I was JFK I lived in France before living here, even though born here.  It’s just where I belong.  Americans have shown their true colors to me more than once.

My life, my real life reads like Eat, Pray Love, in fact I think they stole my ideas and had a white woman enact what I have actually lived and it took decades to build spiritually, and socially. 

My advice to other people is that if they don’t like this place then they should leave it. Taking my own advice, finally.

 So, when I was in India I met Europeans from all over Europe and there were many white folks, Americans from the States.  Those crackers over there treated me just like they do here…I was totally invisible to them.

But guess what? The French and the Spanish took me in like I was long lost family.  That’s where I met a French lawyer who has been important to me in many lifetimes and he actually invited me to stay with him in Paris and we spent a short vacation in the town he grew up in THE FRENCH Riviera, or the Cote d’Azur.  And on top of everything good that happened that summer, I was mistaken for FRENCH and Parisian. How do I know? Because other French people came up to me and asked me in French for directions!

The Europeans and even Aussies gave me their phone numbers and addresses.  Not one American did the same. Not one white person acknowledged me there. 

Not only do I speak French I am actually certified to teach it but because of the racism of this place would never get a job teaching French, so I can teach English there.

The people I know there are highly educated, professional and have deep past life ties with them. What’s more they have an official language.  I iknow they have problems too mostly with the north Africans but as long as I get myself back slim and perfect my French, which I will, I won’t have a problem.

The two men I’ve loved most in life have both been Libra, my moon is in Libra. They both happen to be white, but with them it don’t matter. So, I ain’t saying I hate white people, but white Americans–I’ve totally had my fill of them and when I am there won’t acknowledge them that’s for sure.

More later

No comment: see what you started Sheen

Dior designer John galliano has just starred in his own Jewish name-calling rant in Paris. He called Bloch a “dirty Jew” among other things and the UK web site is taking no comments citing legal reasons. See link above.

Who will get Paris and Prince?

Who will get and whose kids are they really? Not buying that these are MJ’s biological kids, not convinced. Another good example is look at OJ who looks less black than MJ and his kids don’t look anywhere near as white as MJ’s.

Anyhow, I digress: Photos of Paris and Prince but damn I have to ask — are these really his blood/DNA children?

For me the question of paternity looms large as in was there a double surrogate used here? I don’t think they are his kids really. I have too many relatives who are like 2% black and they look like Paris and Prince. But when the dad is black, I am not buying it. The kids would look way more black.

Just look at Barack and others where the dad is black, the kids will look black in most cases.

But who will get the kids, and what killed him and how did he get 1/2 billion dollars in debt?

Heloise wants to know

Picasso sketches ripped — OFF

This Paris theft makes the Paris police mad. Heloise