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Is Dan Brown reading “The Trough”?


English: Dante Alighieri's portrait by Sandro ...

English: Dante Alighieri’s portrait by Sandro Botticelli. Tempera 54,7 x 47,5 cm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



 Dan Brown has a brand new book. is an insider link from Amazon on some pages, a lot in fact, of this book.

The title is simply “Inferno” as in Dante’s inferno. I postulated some years back and posted it on this web site that using letters and reading the symbology if you will, that Dan Brown was Dante Bruno (brown), which would have been his name had he used it isntead of Aligheri.

The book is also an audiobook which is quite expensive but I will read or listen to it eventually. In what I’ve read so far he uses one of my methods of reading letters to uncover truth.

Now that I’ve met the character I was missing when I wrote my book I should be able to return to that in future it seems. Until then, I keep looking and finding.


CBS Sunday Morning Cover Story Talks Reincarnation (rebirth)

JFK (film)

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Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their LivesReincarnation Books)

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CBS News Sunday Morning cover story reported by Susan Spencer was the subject “Second Time Around” however, it is more than just a second time it a whole lot of times. 

Brian Weiss, M.D. with his mass hypnosis charging 150.00 a ticket was the subject. I have his books but have not tried his methods yet. I don’t believe in hypnosis nor do I think it is needed to uncover past lives. For me I used meditation, history books, dream journals, and then it become part of my stream of consciousness that I just knew about not only my lives but those of others.

That’s where my work differs from ANY body out there. I have been able to find the past lives of those around me. It’s real don’t let anybody tell you differently.  And yes, people do recall regular lives in far away countries, as a peasant or the like.  Just think when OBL returns what will he know?  Hitler has returned and he looks the same, and tried to re-enter politics but was unsuccessful. However, his dad was a famous person and politician.  Can’t reveal his name yet.  The thing is I am the expert and when I retire I will take my message on the road and planning to reissue my book in chapters and expanded information.  I am about to buy the ISBN numbers for it.

And the last 20 lifetimes are the ones, the only ones that will contain the so-called “famous” lives of apotheosis.  Think of all the books filled with history and autobiographies of people just waiting to be re-discovered.  I know I also used history to uncover the details of what my dreams were telling me: I was JFK.