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Heloise to Santorum: POTUS Envy

That’s what came to me as I was getting dressed this morning.  All the GOP contenders are blasting Obama we expect that and of course laud Regan, but who needs to bash JFK?  Santorum obviously.  In fact Mitt was nice and quoted JFK but did not blast him.

Leave it the man with POTUS envy to blast the first CATHOLIC president who paved the way for all stupid Catholics to hold high office.  I hope you lose big to Romney today.  And you should not be on any ticket for that matter not as POTUS potential or VPOTUS either.


The Trough: Endorses Barack Obama for President

Deutsch: Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springf...


Yes, I just decided to break early for the incumbent. I know that’s funny but Heloise get’s a lot of traction and readers and hell what I am seeing out there in the GOP field only makes me laugh I mean LOL.  So, despite some of Obama’s decisions, the economy and my own misgivings about his ability to grow jobs; his near-eclipse of black people on his radar;  his railroading the Obamacare through Congress, which I might end up benefitting from–it’s Barack Obama for president. 

I think we need to change the constitution so that it’s a 5-year term one time and maybe that will take some of the dirty money out of politics. 

I think seriously that Newt Gingrich will get the nod as I said before mostly because he will prove to be the most-least-conservative and objectionable.  I mean if they gave it to Maverick Cain they will give the nomination to ANYBODY!