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Educate yourself on religion, spirituality and Radha Soami (source: Mt. Sac Dave Lane Ph.D)

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The world of philosophy: Ken Wilber and David C. Lane


EnlightenNext Happy 62nd Birthday, Ken Wilber!!!

 (note I am not endorsing the above magazine or authors)

Monday at 10:17am

 OMG I wrote this the week of Ken Wilber’s birthday. And David says there is no such thing as spiritual reading (he calls it something else).
 Frank Visser gave a talk at John F. Kennedy Institute in San Francisco (not kidding) here is the link
and he makes one thing clear about Mr. Wilber…there ain’t no science in them thar writings! My words and my findings, eloquently expressed by Frank in his link.  As a student of physics when I read Wilber’s use of physics in his work I was aghast. Alas there is nothing scientific about Ken Wilber. Although he touts his work as both highly theoretical and “scientific” I nor other folks could find any verifiable science…clear throat.

 That said this post is really about some people and philosphies that I first subscribed to when I was new to the online world and to leaving Radha Soami, my belief of over 25 years. One person instrumental in that cult busting was one David C. Lane, Ph.D. a philosophy professor at Mt. SAC.  

Lane is famous for being a cult buster and a guru exposer.  His fame came at the expense of one Sai Saytha Baba or Sai Baba.  In  case you missed his meteoric rise to fame here’s a gist: He is a dark skinned south Indian who wears his hair in a natural and looks African American actually. But white people made this guru what he is and crowned him king.  That is those who follow him. He has a sordid past and Lane went about airing the dirty laundry. 

Then Lane turned his lens on our common religion “Radha Soami.” So when I happened upon one of his latest essay’s “Frisky Dirt” see link below. I was completely familiar with his history and work in the realm of cult busting and non belief in the supernatural. That’s where he and I part ways however, because I do believe in order and in a divine plan and in a higher intelligence and in rebirth.  David does not have time for any of the above. But that’s his loss.  I still like him. He may have been Nietzsche, the philosopher he loves so much.

Anyway, I loved the title Frisky Dirt and read the rant. Not really a rant but a well-constructed argument that leaves Wilber and Andrew Cohen, well, undone.

Then there is the world of Andrew Cohen a Jew from an New York Jewish family. A family wherein his own Jewish mother disowned him for spreading, well, you know what. There is a penalty for being a charlatan guru and I suspect that Cohen will get his in the next life. His Web site is full of it just like he is. And what bothers most followers of Wilber is his, I hate this term but it fits here, full-throated endorsement of Cohen and all his glorified nonsense.

That’s why I do like Lane, or neuralsurfer, because he calls a spade a spade but never calls a Jew a Jew, like Heloise does, nonetheless he makes his point loud and clear.

Lots of followers of Cohen and Wilber don’t see it that way. I mean Wilber is one of the most prolific white men, in terms of writing, in the whole freaking English language. This guy has written more than HPB or Helena Blavatsky and that’s saying something. I happened upon one of his past lives when I was looking up my own.  I found him in Germany under one of the German kings (one of Hilter’s past lives) doing what else? Writing up a storm. I have to look up all the names and particulars in my book. But I do plan to reissue the book and take it on the road. Something I was remiss in doing. I probably have to retire first. I digress. While I am thinking about it when one uses “i.e.,” there is ALWAYS a comma following it same for “e.g.,”. There, I’ve said it.

Ken Wilbur’s health RNase Enzyme Deficiency: in his own words

Why Ken Wilber’s New Creationism
is Pseudo-Science: by David C. Lane Ph.D. link

Here’s an excerpt from a worried follower who now questions Wilber’s sanity” Has Ken Wilber Jumped the Shark? :

Ken Wilber has contributed much to the advancement of integral, integrative, holistic approaches to life’s most intractable challenges. I don’t want to diminish that fact with this rant. But I’m frustrated. I’ve been trying to make the case to mainstream mental health professionals and health educators that Wilber’s work should be taken seriously. This is already an uphill battle, given the New Age label that is often associated with Wilber’s writing and his institute. But add to that the whole Wyatt Earpy episode, Wilber’s endorsements of ethically suspect individuals like Andrew Cohen and Marc Gafni, and now this latest Guruji head-scratcher, and I’m not sure I should be taking him seriously anymore.

Earth (Energy) to Ken: Please start making sense again!

Back in 1999 or so, I stumbled across radhasoamistudies run by neuralsurfer. It was David Lane. He and I had both been initiated by Maharaj Charan Singh and both visited India. His friend wrote a book “Radha Soami Reality” about the place. I could have done the same. I mean if I had gone on to get a PhD in anthropology, but I declined because my kids were young. The same reason I did not go to medical school. And these days if you are 1) not white 2) don’t have a JD or 3) have a Ph.D. or 4) a white person who has written a best seller bought by millions of people then you are probably grasping at straws in terms of online presence and the like. Silly me. I found out the hard way that black people have no white friends online, just voyeurs.

That’s worked out fine for me because I left the many groups I was associated with, so-called vegetarian spiritual people who were only after the “Truth” yeah right. And moved on into deeper reality  where no religion exists. There is a bit of agnosticism to my new-found cynical outlook. But most of all I am free-thinking philosopher without the title of Ph.D. Although I could have found a home in the anthropology of consciousness. But why would I want to do that? I mean I would be the only freakin black person and my ideas would be marginalized just like always.

So I chose to be me and to be free.

More later