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Not on the dialogue table: Nancy Lanza and HER money and guns killed

I learned something when my kids were growing up. We were broke but not poor as I was in grad school in southern Illinois and my kids attended the only high school with children of professors and doctors and lawyers.  We had a nice apt on campus but little money.

My kids would tell me about the beer parties the high school students would host when the parents were out of town or on vacation.  My kids did not attend.  I never had STREET DRUGS OF ANY KIND, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS OF ANY KIND, BEER, WINE, CIGARETTES, GUNS, OR WEAPONS IN THE HOUSE.  This is what I taught my kids without saying a word.  They never saw me imbibe any of the above because that was beyond my spirititual beliefs.  They were surprised at what the middle class white kids would get into and so was I.

I also learned from other teen relatives that often the parents had the street drugs in the home and that is where the kids got their hits too.  So a thought crossed my mind: How much of this is related to SES and available money for kids who do not work?

My kids did not have money to buy beer or guns and I certainly never had them around for them to “borrow” or go to shooting range with.  Children who are not our own and those who are our own learn what they see and are taught in non verbal manners.  The violent video games and movies are all apart of the mix.

This is why this issue is so difficult.  Gun laws are on the books.  We don’t need the bullets that kill the shit out of a person nor the handguns.  But then again we don’t need the alcohol that often fuels these fires.  What to do?  Point the finger and the blame where it lies.  These school killings only happened among middle class white areas almost exclusively.  Most of the shooters were white or NOT black but Asian.

In general due to economic restraists blacks don’t buy rifles and expensive guns and killing machines. Where would they store them? And if they could store them how would they buy them and the bullets to go with them.  Why would they buy them when they have precious little money for other things they would first ask themselves. Not saying they are better parents but it is a financial reality.

What would solve this problem that is so multi-faceted?  Who is to blame: society, parents, guns available legally and illegally, violent culture, revenge gang crimes.

The list goes on.  On the other side of the rifle coin we have urban blacks using and buying handguns which were banned in Chicago. Mind you they are cheaper weapons and so are the bullets and also easier to get by anyone.  But they still kill one person one black boy or girl or child at a time.  No one with a handgun is going to a school and shoot it up. They won’t get too far.  But they will do a drive by and kill whomever they can who LOOKS like them.

Yes, blacks and browns have more crimes on the books than whites. But does it matter?  If you think it matters then you are also on the side of where parents and fathers have gone wrong by their absence in the life of their sons, their black and brown sons who commit most of these violent crimes.  Why can’t this be applied to whites and their money and their big guns?

Corpus Christi=Deep Urban Blight or It’s a dump

Omni hotels and American Bank towers in Corpus...

Omni hotels and American Bank towers in Corpus Christi, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corpus Christi, it ain’t a city so don’t let that nice photo fool you.  Up close you see weedy lots and buildings that have not been updated decades. I know. I  just got back from Corpus Christi Texas and busy with teaching extra classes and reviewing a new textbook, for which I get paid.  So I’ve had web access but little time for more than quick online checks.

I am glad the election is over but not surprised Obama won.  I was for him then I was against him and now I don’t care.  If you want to see what the future looks like with illegals having a free reign in this country and white flight from urban areas come to Corpus.  It’s a dump and I got racially profiled when leaving that dump.  They probably have never seen a black middle class person in that town as there probably are few and even fewer flying from their tiny airport.

So, I got separated from my party of other white women and went through the security line alone.  They frisked me, went through my checked bag because the lock was gone and took trace sample from my hands.  Well, kiss me again, because I was the only freaking yogi in the whole damn airport, a black, swarthy one at that and I got profiled! FU CC.  You city is a pure dump.  The downtown only had a few building on it with free parking and once off the main street facing CC bay, Shoreline drive, the town turns into nothing but vacated buildings left long ago by white folks who went other places in Texas.

The building look abandoned for decades not recently mind you.  I mean it was creepy and ugly just one block off the shore.  The hotels were old and NOT updated at all.  In fact next to the best hotel in town the Omni was a vacant lot covered in weeds! What a hell hole. But we had fun.  What else do you expect from a town that is 75% Mexican and only 3% white and the rest other?

You get a creepy, vacant looking, broken down, boarded up, fenced off, weeded up city dump.  CC you should be ashmed but the city revenue is not there because white folks have fled! I don’t blame them one bit.

I get profiled the city gets slammed.

Gun sales soar in Colorado

Logo of the United States National Institute o...

Logo of the United States National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the shooting at the midnight massacre by James Holmes gun sales have been soaring.  How did he pay for the guns he bought at a pawn shop? Also bought ammo online.  The sales jumped 43% since that day.  What he bought cost thousands of dollars.  He won a 26K scholarship from the NIH and he had some cash leftover obviously and used government money to BUY the weapons.  A white man gone wild.

He is probably medicated upon his appearance. Sure he was crazy, crazy like a fox or batshit crazy.  That fits.  I hate batman movies thought it was the worse crap I ever watched or walked out on.

There were at least some black men who came out as heroes during this shooting that’s a good thing.

Rush Rants have to fill the advertiser vacuum/void

English: Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh

Image via Wikipedia

I get to listen to Rush for a few minutes at work each day.  I missed the rants on Fluke but found them online and in the news.  I am listening now and it just occurred to me that Rush had an awful lot of ads.  So much so that he would only be able to talk like five minutes before he announced an “obscene” profit break for an ad from his many clients.

Now, the only loud sound is that of Rush’s voice trying to fill the advertiser vacuum/void that he created all by his little lonesome.  Rush sent his advertisers rushing for the exits.  Is that the right thing for them to do? Rush has always been polemic.  But a direct attack on a private citizen is another thing. And three days of it? Nine hours of it?  That makes no sense even from that drug addict. 

How many advertisers have left? Let us count them: a bunch. 

The ones I heard today are: Lear Capital is still one of his advertisers still. Mutual funds ads.  Web site designer American Eagle dot com.

Perfect 3-day Rush Rant ends in horrible “apology”


English: A Humpback Whale fluke.

Rush in the dog house

“For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week. [Don’t lead with self-congratulation. If you’re aiming for self-pity, that’s also not the way to start an apology. After all, you’re not making the case that your remarks were the result of sleep deprivation or a medical crisis caused by overwork. Underlining that you get paid millions of dollars to sit in front of a microphone 15 hours a week does not create sympathy.]  In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. [This wasn’t an errant remark, but a three-day attack. You pretty much ran through a thesaurus’ worth of synonyms to characterize Ms. Fluke, and you make your living choosing words. An apology should not drip with insincerity.] I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke. [This is false on its face, so not a good strategy.]

2012 Happy New Year

and no I don’t think it is the end of the world or time as we know it.  But the predictions this year will be rampant with that theme.

Last year began with excitement and looking forward and did not end well.  This year has begun with trepidation and trials and hopefully will end with excitement and forward looking.  Again happy new years to my readers and subscribers.


I am doing hot yoga this week and driving too fast

Speedometer in Ford Mondeo ST220 (MK3) (highli...

Image via Wikipedia

I had to laugh at myself because I took a curve today at like 90 mph, didn’t know it was that fast until I looked at the speedometer.  That little Ford focus SE can really go.  But this is my staycation you might say.  I am mulling lots of things in my head to retool after I retire.  Hey that rhymes retool BEFORE you retire.  Anyway that’s what I am doing.  So why not parlay my interest in exercise into teaching maybe yoga, not hot yoga and get certified and do some yoga weekends too.  We’ll see.  I mean  I could make yoga outfits during the day and teach yoga in the evenings.  For now we are approaching milestone of 200,000 hits at The Trough.  Thank you Amy, just kibbasing as we used to say.

It was my weiner and I sent it

will these words go down in history as the most stupid thing ever to say or do? Probably not.  Rep Weiner gets the quarterly award for most puns ever made with a name or season scandal.  Thank you Anthony Weiner for all the laughs and puns.

2012 Ford (earth-day) Focus–my next car

 another Ford


I am just over the moon about my new car.

I got the color in the photo had a specialI just bought another Ford.   I saw that Ford redesigned and brought back the Focus in a gas model. Then I called to see one and get a price on my Escape for possible trade in. When I went in with the car I got nearly 10K with trade and extras they threw in. No kidding.

I decided against the hybrid because I bike to work and save money on insurance for that reason alone.  The gas mileage is great already and won’t be much improved with a hybrid since it is a small car.

BTW Ford is also coming out with an all-electric car too. But the range is not the same as the hybrid whose range will be 500 miles. If airlines keep hiking their fares I will have to drive anywhere in the states I want to go.

When I retire I can also have the car shipped to France because it will be paid for.