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The “Laws of Rebirth” can’t be caught, they must be taught

That insight marks my revelation for the year not just the day. I confess confusion as to what went wrong. I told my Buddhist aunt about my angst that has now lasted for years. Then I started thinking and dreaming about it. What I saw in a dream last week was simple: It was my book just like that. It was the book exactly as it looks. I was really surprised because I had given up any hope about its worth.

I had this insight just days before I got a call from the RS sect I left a few years ago inviting me to come to Houston to hear sat sang by the guru. My own I vitiating guru died in 1991. And I was liberated to become the master or rather externalize him or her.

That I did. But my moral confession comes in that I was not accepted by those I wanted to know and practice the laws of rebirth. So I sulked instead and made them a promise that I would take my message to the masses. While like any good and well taught cultists they denigrated the masses and dismissed it with how ignorant it was.

That’s actually cult think. Something along those lines was said by our current rep at the last sating I attended in north Texas when he said there was a bad vibe associated with people who eat meat or in places where meat is sold or consumed. Really? This is classic cult talk because as others have observed about rssb is that they engage in putting the seeker on a pedestal because they are stasangis or don’t eat meat.

To save my own health and life just as I did when I was Jack. I had to eat meat to get my anemia under control. I did not change nor did my karmas.

So dear reader I have been rejected by the very spiritual people I sought to please and write for I went into retreat and withdrawal but not depression. But the masses are the beneficiary of my personal doubt and demon.

My mind is clear now and my soul karmically clear due to my long hard work. Thirty years in the making of the laws of rebirth. So why on earth would I expect anyone outside or inside the inner planes to get what it took me so ling to get. I did not catch the laws either I fought for them I taught myself an now, after some planning, I am going to teach anyone else who wants to learn and not dismiss as some buddhists bad dream or a mistake by translators of the buddha tongue. Rebirth is real the rebirthers got it all wrong. Wait for the truth.

Finally thank you Stephen for opening my eyes to the need that won’t be met I see now until the work begins in earnest. I did not formulate the laws alone or in a vacuum and they won’t be properly spread by just one person but a group.

links about karma:

In Buddhism, karma refers to impulses. Based on previous actions we have done, impulses arise in us to act in certain ways now.

I like this link and will preview links about karma and rebirth before I post them.  I can attest to this statement that karma is based on impulse and previous actions.  For example I wanted desperately to return to France, to study in France at the Sorbonne.  I actually got the chance to do so in this life. But because my kids were still young I did not pursue it.  Instead I did pursue the chance to live there for a summer. I used to dream in French, so much so that I did not even understand what I was saying in fluent French!  When I uncovered the many lifetimes I’ve spent in France I thought no wonder.  It is a strong impulse and desire.  I wrote a poem about it once called “ALL” about how I had done everything, all the things I desired were already realized. 


Stephen Batchelor: Those Who Can’t Do, Leech

Padmasambhava, a picture I, John Hill, took in...

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NOTE: This post is an opinion not a book review.  Heloise talks trash about Obama–so I don’t think Stephen Batchelor is eligible for a pass on criticism of his work/opinions.  If my methods or language offend, sorry that’s just me.  Anyone is welcome to submit comments, with approval.  I am not putting the man down it is not a personal attack—just his new take on the laws of rebirth.  I used to read his books until I wrote my own.’s-new-rationalists/

great article on the subject of Batchelor’s new teachings, if you want to call them that. Here’s link to his website:

Also an interview:

Here’s his latest book  Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

He and his wife are traveling all over the world lecturing, ala Blavatsky and Olcott about his new non beliefs in the law of rebirth.  In fact I am going to stop calling it “rebirth” but always use “the law of Rebirth.” Just like the law of gravity on earth and in the universe it is infallible and guides our lives.  It is hiding, dear folks in plain sight.  That is why no one sees it.  It is truly complex, non linear and utterly fascinating.  Those who don’t know it or the laws that govern it should STFU about it.  And that includes “esteemed” “educated” “buddhists” such as the Batchelors.  Yeah, I am calling you out in the name of one of my past lives “HPB.” See you in southwestern France when I get there.

My take: no one is buying this new formulation of uber atheistic Buddhism where the Buddha is stripped of his karmic and rebirth robes. His Buddha is a naked emperor and I for one ain’t buying this Batchelor bullshit.

A spiritual anecdote:  When I was active at my old yahoo website “Theosophy Talks Truth” I encountered people who were following the path and guru, forgot his name will look up, that taught “Who Am I?” and that sort of inquiry and meditation.  I did their practice for a few weeks.  I experienced the “nothingness” they talk about and went on the inner plane and even met their guru who touched my lotus feet and I did the same.  We recognized each other as teacher.  When I was done with that experience I told them: I’ve been there, done that. What else you got?  Needless to say it was not satisfying spiritually.  I have documented that experience there and one day will look for it and post it. 

Here’s a passage I just found on rebirth and the burden of proof on the scientific world to prove its “nonexistence”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that if certain points do not correspond to reality, he is willing for them to be eliminated from Buddhism. This applies to rebirth as well. In fact, he made this statement originally in that context. If scientists can prove that rebirth does not exist, then we must give up believing it to be true. However, if scientists cannot prove it false, then because they follow logic and the scientific method, which is open to understanding new things, they must investigate whether it does exist. To prove that rebirth does not exist, they would have to find its nonexistence. Just saying, “Rebirth does not exist because I do not see it with my eyes” is not finding the nonexistence of rebirth. Many things exist that we cannot see with our eyes.


I am doing a little online research as I read to review a new book on ScientologyInside Scientology” that really blows the covers off cult creators such as LRH. And I ran across this article. See above link.

This guy is A rebirth denier. A rebirther if you will so he is stupidly trying to rewrite and reinvent Buddhism and the Buddha as incompatible with the law of rebirth and the laws of karma. So I say those who don’t know who are proven outsiders leech off true teachers and change their teaching to suit themselves. He has become the laughing stock of those who know the Buddha was all about rebirth and spent the first talks about his recovered past lives after he sat in meditation to become the first insider. Take that Stephen.

CBS Sunday Morning Cover Story Talks Reincarnation (rebirth)

JFK (film)

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Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their LivesReincarnation Books)

 Books from Amazon

CBS News Sunday Morning cover story reported by Susan Spencer was the subject “Second Time Around” however, it is more than just a second time it a whole lot of times. 

Brian Weiss, M.D. with his mass hypnosis charging 150.00 a ticket was the subject. I have his books but have not tried his methods yet. I don’t believe in hypnosis nor do I think it is needed to uncover past lives. For me I used meditation, history books, dream journals, and then it become part of my stream of consciousness that I just knew about not only my lives but those of others.

That’s where my work differs from ANY body out there. I have been able to find the past lives of those around me. It’s real don’t let anybody tell you differently.  And yes, people do recall regular lives in far away countries, as a peasant or the like.  Just think when OBL returns what will he know?  Hitler has returned and he looks the same, and tried to re-enter politics but was unsuccessful. However, his dad was a famous person and politician.  Can’t reveal his name yet.  The thing is I am the expert and when I retire I will take my message on the road and planning to reissue my book in chapters and expanded information.  I am about to buy the ISBN numbers for it.

And the last 20 lifetimes are the ones, the only ones that will contain the so-called “famous” lives of apotheosis.  Think of all the books filled with history and autobiographies of people just waiting to be re-discovered.  I know I also used history to uncover the details of what my dreams were telling me: I was JFK.

Shirley MacLaine talks love affairs and rebirth in book on Oprah again

Shirley was on Oprah talking rebirth again.  See link or excerpt.

My Next Life: Architect

I guess I’ve been into my future life so many times that it must be the right one. I go as far into future as I have into the past. It took a while getting used to that. On my walk I was musing about that dream. Also the fact that I love historic homes, love architecture and plan to pay off my home in four years so I can travel, retire in six and just do my artistic thing.

I see myself as a man with long, dark hair worn to the shoulders. Racially unclear but probably Mediterranean.  Handsome naturally. Are they dreams? No, not really, they are visitations or visits to the past or the future. That’s what they are.

Seeing myself so clearly, and the visions are clear, used to frighten me because I thought it meant that I was about to die.  On the other hand when I realized that through my rebirth studies in Dinner With DaVinci that if I could look far into the past then I could and was looking far into my own future.

I am a tulku and as a Buddhist who has been to the bardo many times Ican tell you that it is much like walking into another room in your house. That is if you are meditated up like Heloise.

More later

Summer 2004 — 60-Second Movie Review

Summer 2004 takes a subtle look at rebirth. It is a German film with an  Austrian accent. It seems like a quiet movie. It is one where you will not guess what this movie is about until you have watched nearly the whole thing. I didn’t realize that there was a whiff of reincarnation until I watched the entire film and came away with a sense that this film sought to explore what I already know:  that when people sense and know to the point they write about their death be it early or in old age then it is valid evidence of rebirth. We see the end before the beginning of that next birth — that’s what it is all about.

The setting of this film is vacation time and a young boy has taken his girlfriend along on his family vacation. They visit a bog museum and that impresses the girl. She later writes about that experience but it is tied into the surprise ending which I will not spoil here.

The acting is exceptional. The Europeans get it. They get drama and it shows. If you love foreign films and romance then you will like this flick.


Reba Reborn

Reba in the petunias

Reba in the petunias

I was teaching a lesson on physics and forces. And used my cat as the example. He did what I explained and died. He fell off the roof of the garage after chasing one of the squirrels into the opening near the top.

I found him a day or so later where he had hit his little head on the pavers below. If I had not been going to the garage I would not have found him. I just had the urge to cut a small patch of grass so I went to get the lawn mower just for that. Was Reba calling me?

Just the other day,  I was standing in almost the exact spot where the black bag lay in the street and I looked down and saw a black and white kitten marked just as Reba had been, only longer hair and cuter. I squealed with delight and picked her up.

Where did she come from? She just appeared in the street and under a man’s truck I was talking to. Never mind that, my other cat had died  a few months ago that and I had a neighbor across the street pick him up and put him in a bag and lay him at the curb as the city people told me to do. They came along and picked him up ASAP.

Two days later I found that the same neighbor who put Reba in the bag owned the little reborn Reba too. They said I could have her. I was delighted because I thought someone had stolen her while I was away. But now all is well I keep her in the garage until she gets used to things the yard and the big front porch, while watching all the birds feeding and me throwing rocks and stones like a game of  boules with just as great  precision as before.

People are reborn so why not pets? How did this little kitten appear to me in the street no less, walking up to me after hearing the sound of my voice when I did not even know it was alive? I think it was Reba come back.


Rebirth Research is Everywhere –Jews who survived or died in German concentration camps

Jews recall past lives in concentration camps of Germany.

That is only one link I found. There are books and archives on the subject. There is proof. It’s just not my particular field of study.

But last night I had a rebirth dream involving someone I recently met and like very much. In the dream he revealed to me that he had a past life as a concentration camp survivor. He used the word survivor in the dream. Then I saw his skin and it was real scaly and ugly. He had on gloves that were tattered.

What wierded me out was that he is a white German male in this life and in the dream he appeared as a black man, but was telling me that he had been Jewish and a camp survivor. So that suggests to me that he had maybe two lives leading up to his present one in order to burn off much old karma.

One thing I learned in rebirth research is that in order to trace a person’s life you have to be a part of their life. Makes sense because you must first blend your astral bodies and then you can meet up and travel together in those bodies.

Also one reads the others aura just by being in their presence. It is called spiritual reading. So when a psychic you have no connection to tells you stuff that seems right it is probably a good guess or they picked up clues that do not seem obvious.

One cannot know intimate past life details about another unless, UNLESS they are connected to you in this life in some way.

This was the problem I faced — in that I had not found one particular identify, which I think I have now found.


I Believe That This Man (Dan Brown) Was This Man (Dante Bruno)

Profile of Dante Alighieri, one of the most re...

Profile of Dante Alighieri, one of the most renowned Italian poets, painted by his contemporary Giotto di Bondone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2007 I had a revelation about Dan Brown.  I had a rebirth revelation about Brown, not because I met him but because I read him.

After reading his bestseller The Da Vinci Code and even better his earlier book Angels and Demons. The  trailer  is available for Angels and Demons directed by Ron Howard, starring Tom Hanks. Thus I became a part of Dan Brown’s astral family. In a rebirth sense I am also related to Tom Hanks. Why? Because he is a direct ancestor of Nancy Hanks-Lincoln, mother of Abe Lincoln.

Yes, I know it gets complex. I tried to explain it in my book Dinner With da Vinci  (which I’ve made available, however this chapter is not a part of it). In order to find a person’s past life you have to in some way become a part of their current life. One reveals the other, and so it was in the case of Dan Brown.

How does one name contain another name? 

And what does it tell us about its owner? I use something I call and created:  name recognition pattern and it garners high marks. One is often limited to obtaining identities simply because you have not met the person in the life. So you place another person in their stead until you do. It’s not a mistake but rather an application. But before one can make and apply one life to another one must become a part of the other person’s life.

It can happen on the astral plane, mental plane or the physical plane or all three. But somewhere there must be a meeting of the minds, so to speak.

In the case of Dan Brown it turns out that we were astral twins of sorts. I was actually writing about experimental physicists I was working with at the time in 2000.  in my book, had a chance to visit Fermi Lab in Switzerland and both Dan Brown and myself were writing about Da Vinci in the year 2000. I did not discover all of this until I read his book Angels and Demos, which in some ways is better than the DaVinci Code.

After getting into Dan Brown’s mind I saw the light of Dante ‘s life flashed through Dan’s life. I compared their history and their names and voila–it was a rendezvous with Italy.

I started researching and writing about this find. It was not published with my book Dinner With Da Vinci  wherein I do include other famous people such as Sylvia Plath whom I identify now a biracial English writer/author: Zadie Smith, who was almost named Sylvia as the reborn Sylvia Plath, just one of many in my book.

I asked the question was Dan Brown reborn Dante Bruno? The answer was most intriguing because few know that Dante’s step father’s name was Bruno. And had he accepted it his name would be in history as Dante Bruno, instead of Dante Alighieri.

Read it for yourself. The chapter I wrote can be found here .