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Jennifer Lopez: Married on Rebound—Divorce on Downturn

Jennifer Lopez at ISC Miami.

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Jennifer Lopez is talking trash about her recent separation from Mark Anthony. But celebrity marriage observers could see this rebound relationship was headed for the rocks from the getgo.  My first thought was rebound even though she had slept around and dated Mark before. I think they were even engaged.  But the engage has turned to enrage and something happened to the “rebound” marriage.  Hell, who hasn’t Jennifer Lopez slept with? Rumors are that she and P Diddy are getting back together.  Who cares? 

The real story is that they manaaged to get married and stay married long enough to have a few kids.  That’s probably the reason she got married in the first place to add to the number of majority minority in this country.  But sleeping around will only result in divorce rounds.  While I’ve never seen a study on the celebate crowd (Like myself) or the young people who limit the number of people they sleep with before marriage or wait until marriage (like my two kids did) before sexual and emotional actions take place.  With the libs in firm control of the media don’t expect to see too many studies or blogs about how marriages built on Christian values, abstinence and few partners last longer and stay stronger than marriages after multiple partners.  We won’t hold our breath on those facts forthcoming….it’s bad for business.


Winehouse and Fielder Drugging it out

Amy and her husband Fielder-Civil both skipping their way down the broad road to destruction: drugs.  They were not just two London/British Jews in love with each other both from obscurity into the fame depot with songs from Amy’s “Back to Black” rocking the music world as one of the best albums ever. 

Well, some of us have had earthshaking love affairs and I should know, I’ve had more than one.  And love is a muse and acts as rocket fuel for the heart and mind.  There’s no cure for alcoholism and the only cure for love gone bust is time. 

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

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After seven years of marriage, it’s over for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

“We have decided to end our marriage,” they tell PEOPLE in a joint statement. “This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters.”

“It is a painful time for all involved,” the statement continues, “and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.”

Lopez, 41, and Anthony, 42, wed in June 2004 in a casual – and secret – ceremony at Lopez’s Beverly Hills home.

Movie Review: Queen to Play (Joueuse)

Sandrine Bonnaire 66ème Festival de Venise (Mo...

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An alluring hotel couple vacationing on the isle of Corse (Corsica) playing chess on the balcony catches the eye of a maid. Jennifer Beals is the female guest who looks happy, rich and in love plays the coquette more than she plays chess. Helene the chambermaid (Sandrine Bonnaire) makes mental notes of every detail in the unfolding scene: from Beals’ mop of upswept hair and falling tendrils to the golden gown that she leaves behind in the bed…and an open game of chess.

Helene is pale, plain, tall and thin with fine blond hair that she wears in a simple bun. But her encounter with this glamorous guest runs deep and changes everything. The next day she begins to teach herself chess and quickly decides she needs to reboot the marriage as well as her life to better fit her fantasy of the couple on the balcony. The setting of this totally entertaining French film on the isle of Corse with its white craggy heights surrounded by water–is a lush location that suggests a woman will reach great heights, despite lack of confidence.

Kevin Kline, Dr. Kroger, Helene’s mentor and friend, is not my first pick as French foil but his French is passable even crisp. He’s an aging physician who has just lost his wife and is losing interest in living when his part-time house keeper Helene strikes up an unlikely friendship by asking him to play chess with her. In this film, it’s an eye-catching chance encounter that opens a door for Helene, her family and friends that she happily walks through. Bonnaire is going places and taking her audience with her. Don’t miss this beautiful French film and Sandrine’s wonderful performance.

Swarzenegger X Staffers (divided by) Groping = Baby – Maria

I Put A Spell On You IV

Arnold Swarzenegger has sired a baby with a staffer. Why didn’t you tell me? Wow, not surprised at what this means for Maria. She must be devastated and did not want to lose her marriage. That level of betrayal is hard to turn back. I saw it on the crawl on Morning Joe. Was this a top secret? Who would want that out?

The woman was a personal staff member for the household I guess. Was she Mexican too? This is what the Kennedy men did to their women, oh Maria you fell right into the family generational sin of affairs with women who are purely convenient and nothing more. But you still need to leave the bum, no doubt. You will get over it take my word. He will be sorry. Timeline he said it was a decade ago and did not tell her until he left the gov office. Makes sense now and would be a final straw because the groping incident happened in 2006 while he was in office.