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UP, ups the Jewish panel count

Blogger Ezra Klein

Blogger Ezra Klein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to delete my taped recording of UP this weekend.  Chris Hayes, Jewish, usually has a blend of Jews, gentiles and blacks on his show.  But Ezra Klein, Jewish, who filled in for him this weekend had a weekend panel composed entirely of Jews and one silent black on the panel, only on Sunday.

The pattern continues with the blacks who appear on UP, including McWhorter whom I like despite his being married to a NY Jew, was also silent.  He added one short comment during a two-hour show!

UP has sold out to Jewish interests already and I won’t be watching it.  Now Melissa in turn had the same Ezra on her show! This Jew is everywhere.  I don’t get it why have token blacks on your shows who will not be adding anything but color and fill it up with Jews who take over the whole show again with little to add to it? 

Cable is getting scary again.

Return to hot yoga (Baptiste version)

Here’s the comment I just posted at the reblogged post on Bikram:

Hi, I just wrote a blog at heloise8/the trough about my experiences with hot yoga.  Anyone can go directly to the studio or check online because the studios often have the 10 days for 20 dollars to try their instructors.

By doing this I was able to go to at least 3 hot studios.  I recently went to Bikrams for the first time.  I won’t go back here’s why: the had carpeting on the floor and by the second class it smelled so bad in there I could not breathe.

Then the class is long and hot but I am OCD so I can hang in there. But as you said in your post damn it’s the same stretch and hold postures each time. 

After all the tryouts I have decided on Baptiste trained instructors for hot yoga.  The studio is clean and well lit and the instructors are very welll trained and challenge you with different poses and don’t scold you if you need to stop or take a break.

I even did my first back bend with help there. 

I plan to sign a one year contract with them. 

Keep looking around your town if you think yoga is for you. I like it because it’s like dance and I’ve been going to classes on and off for 30 years.


I took and have been taking yoga classes on and off for the last 30 years or so.  But the last year I’ve decided to get serious about it.  I had a membership at the local Y and took yoga classes there and was able to ride my bike to and fro class during the summer.  I was looking lean and mean.

Then I switched and joined LA Fitness and took yoga classes there too.  I found that the instructors at LA were not of the calibre that I was looking for.  One instructor, a lot like Bikram yoga but not a hot variety, did the exact same routine the whole time over and over and at each class.  Not only was it boring and predictable but it made my arms hurt because we stayed in down dog nearly the whole time because we returned to it every other posture. 

Yes, down dog is a part of any yoga routine because it is part of the flow of the asanas where the body goes back to a basic move…if you call hanging your head down and in an upside-down V normal!

But the instructors at Baptiste are well taught and well qualified and challenge their students. They do a few too many headstands for my taste.  But last night guess what with the help of the instructor I went into a back bend and she held my waist as I carefully landed my hands on the floor in a perfect back bend.  First one ever. 

I am also able to do a good solid shoulder stand and the plough which go together.  I think losing weight has helped me to stretch and do more postures.

I found out that calories and eating fewer of them helps to lose the weight.  I am still working toward my goal of losing at least 5 more pounds and toning up as much as possible the hanging stuff.  But I look pretty good in my clothes and getting lots of compliments these days. 

 My lunch consists of a trail mix that I put together myself.  I go to the local market that has bulk bins.  I buy 3 or 4 different types of mix and then when I get home mix them all together.  For lunch I take a couple of small portions and mix it with Rice check cereal in an 8 ounce covered bowl.

That way I get good fats, carbs and vitamins.

For dinner I am making my own meals.  Typically make a big pot of seasoned lentils, freeze parts of it and eat it for the rest of the week with other things I buy or have in my fridge.  The main thing is that it is keeping my digestive system in tip top shape, if you know what I mean. 

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The real meaning of the word NIGGER

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

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Yes, blacks use the word nigger and they use it a lot.  It may have had all sorts of connotations and meanings in the past.  Even in Hindi there is word that sounds like it  “niguru” and it boils down to one thing: blacks from Africa did not come from a Christian, white Christ loving background.  That’s what the word really means folks.  It is kin to the word “keffer” which means non believer or black person who has no God.

Blacks are God less.  That’s what NIGGER means take it from me. 

DVD Review: Dalai Lama Series

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first published at blogcritics:

His Holiness the Dalai Lama considered the emanation of the bodhisattva of compassion, Avalokitesvara is also the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists. This 14th Lama was found by the rituals embedded in the Tibetan culture of Buddhism for finding the next incarnation. The child is confirmed and brought to live within the walls of the great monastery where he will be trained. The present Dalai Lama was given an early Western education which has served him well— a wildly popular guru—sought out by global glitterati for impressive photo ops also as a fount of wisdom and sound advice. Until recently he had political aspirations and indeed those earned him a Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 but recently retired his political garb. His Holiness made a summer lecture stop in Dallas where the Bushes were seated in the front row and the tickets for the event scooped up in minutes.

His Holiness speaks excellent English—this new series was recorded in 1993 during a UK visit. He sits on stage accompanied by a trusted translator. So these two DVDs are in part Tibetan and part English because some concepts are conveyed in Tibetan and translated into English. I received the first two DVDs in the Dalai Lama series: Contentment, Joy & Living Well; A Practical Way of Directing Love & Compassion. These recorded talks are given with the usual grace of this teacher. It is a bit more challenging to review dialogue rather than action on the big screen. I enjoyed the insight and the wisdom shared, most of which will resonate with Westerners who wonder about the role of wealth, sex and relationships when trying to live a normal but moral life.

The householder lifestyle is preferred by Eastern philosophies because it takes the seeker and the practitioner away from extremes. One’s light and life led is supposed to speak volumes on this silent path. The balance is always the standard. In fact these days Eastern philosophy is less religion and more BYOB-like: bring your own beliefs. We know this is not okay among Bible-belt Christians. This is where the clash of the titan religions is played out. The most famous Westerner to cross this divide and broker the conflict even writing many books elucidating Eastern religionsThomas Merton; spent the last few months of his life in deep pursuit of Tibetan Buddhism and even studied with His Holiness.

The DVD Contentment, Joy & Living Well includes the following topics: “How to Find Happiness and Overcome Suffering”; “Using Our Potential to Balance Intelligence and Compassion”; “How to Utilize Material Wealth as a Cause for Satisfaction”; Distinguishing the Positive and Negative Aspects of Desire; “Responsibility and Commitment in Sexual Relationship and Family Life”; “Using The 6 Perfections to Good Effect in Daily Life”; Questions and Answers. Reviewing these talks is much like reviewing a book. To that end, I chose a few salient words that might appeal to most readers.

From the utilizing wealth for satisfaction talk: His Holiness discusses how man is given many gifts including rebirth, long life, good health factors that create a “good life” but the utilization of them depends in turn on mental faculties. In other words, a smart man lives a smart life. There’s more, leading a good moral life is needed. And when tested how does a person hold up and bear the hardships of life that will come? There are always headlines and media coverage of catastrophic events (or sudden job loss) and one observation often made consists of remarks about the grit and the grace exhibited by those who have lost their formerly happy lives filled with friends, things and sound mental health. How humans bear burdens is a part of spirituality and must be added to the education of this critical mass.

His Holiness continues–with rebirth and freedom from rebirth which starts with attachment; because attachment “creates dirty things from clean things.” In any given life: wealth + health + companions = happiness formula. But material wealth is a causal factor and satisfaction the resultant factor of desire. He said its fruition was wealth: you get what you most desire in life but it may not come in the present one but another day (lifetime) due to our attachments. Ironically when perfect health and material wealth are in abundance it does not guarantee happiness but one factor for satisfaction. He concluded by saying that we call things “desired” positive, and things not desired negative.

The Dalai Lama speaks on sex and family and admits he has never been married but it is part of nature he states and its sole purpose is that of reproduction. Sexual relationships must be coupled with a sense of responsibility and commitment. He mentions that marriage is good but “hasty marriage” not so good because people need time to know each other. Marriage is integral to humanity because without it we would resemble animals (dogs) where the male participates in the mating and pleasure but leaves before the responsibility of the offspring settles in. And adds wryly that birth control is a necessity because “compared to violence sex is better.”

The DVD A Practical Way of Directing Love & Compassion includes the following topics: “Like a Mother and her Child;” The Exact Meaning of Love and Compassion;” “Importance of Developing Equanimity & Affection;” “Buddhism Emphasizes the Unity of Wisdom & Compassion;” “Compassion is a Source of Inner Strength.” In both DVDs His Holiness repeats his default advice “attitude it everything.” I found the most impactful statements from the talks on the exact meaning of love and the nature of “pure profits.” I think His Holiness was on to something what’s more showed prescience in his 1993 observation about “the right and wrong demarcation” created by human compassion. For example, he said that Tibetans believe that the warmth of the doctor’s heart is the healer. And when a cure is not affected the doctor is blamed. That thinking wouldn’t wash in the West.

The other challenging issue in compasssion was what he called “economics.” But he could have easily said “capitalism.” His prescience involved something that most investors would not see coming: dual bubble crashes of the housing market and big banks in 2008. Was lack of compassion the root cause here? Was it criminal and irresponsible? The Dalai Lama lands a punch when he speaks of and dares to compare the world of common drug dealers (or drug cartels) to those who find themselves in business and concerned only with “pure profit.” By aligning the business man with the drug dealer His Holiness makes a bold comparison. His caveat is simple: if a person seeks commercial ventures for pure profit irrespective of the consequences to humanity then that person is equally criminal or as rogue as a thuggish arms dealer. He also waxes on events to come in the world of wealth that would rock the economic foundation of first-world countries. He labels it: “dangerously irresponsible.” His statement arises from an amazing state of clarity. While nothing as widespread as the 2008 market meltdown is simple as the “right and wrong demarcation” he speaks of but many asked where was the compassion when people were thrown out of homes and bilked out of life savings which juxtaposed outright billionaire profit-taking with those just out of work.

I found both DVDs and talks by His Holiness the Dalai Lama interesting, full of unplanned witty moments, insightful and another chance for this spiritual leader to demonstrate to the world his full capacity to grasp Western complexity. He has more than enough eloquence to comment on them. However, if you don’t like Buddhism or Eastern wisdom, or advice from men in orange robes that’s okay too, as long as you recognize that “attitude is everything” and I would add so is an open mind.

I dreamt this headline “Jane Fonda Dies”

Jane Fonda
Image by Alan Light via Flickr

It was just as quiet but true as the headline I saw before Obama won the election.  It was that same feeling, it was imminent.  I woke up after sleeping okay because dreaming about some of the pre WH days brings me comfort.  It’s as I said in the previous post that damn Viet Nam that I can’t watch or “stomach.”  So it was strange that the night ended this morning with my seeing this newspaper headline and heard the words “Jane Fonda dies.”  That’s really strange because she had her toes in everything including exercise and I think she influenced me a great deal to take exercise seriously.  I had not previously because raised and attending Catholic school all my life we did fencing, volleyball, and archery!  That’s all I knew.  But I became a jogger and would jog three to five miles a day, bike all over town regardless to how many cars I had just throw a bag over my back and take off because I loved being outside really.  Anyway, don’t know why I would see that because she’s fit and healthy as far as I know.  But this will serve as my tribute to her just the same because I guess one should give the woman credit for something.  She loved the Viet Cong and we should have all had another thought about that horrible never ending war.

So, Jane and Jim Fixx, he died while running, were my mentors in the exercise world. And who did I run with? I ran with FDR.  Yeah, that’s right we go back a long way not just the JFK days we go back lifetimes.  But his roots were way more radical than mine though, well, almost.  But I’ll finish with this: did you really see those JFK eyes in one of the pictures? I mean the ones where they bulge from his many diseases.  Those are Blavatsky’s eyes.  Yeah, I see right through them.  LOL

Summer Fun: It’s not too Hot for Hot Yoga

Yoga Class at a Gym

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When I was initiated and started meditation under Sant Mat or Rahda Soami, we were told not to use Hatha Yoga as a means to enlightenment.  It was used as a tool in the days of the yogis of India and invented to be done in a small space like a cave… LOL.

But I’ve been going to yoga classes since I was about sixteen and on and off for decades.  This time I’ve gotten serious about it.  That and biking. Here’s a good link that’s got some freebies with it too.  I’ve spoken to two women who do hot yoga and one told me that she has a bad case of arthritis and had surgery.  Her doctor told her the only thing she could do in the way of exercise was yoga and swimming.  She said that doing hot yoga was like “medicine” because she is now pain free and is not taking medications for the arthritis.

The other woman is a teacher I knew because we taught at the same school.  I had not seen her in years and she said that she had a bad accident and broke her hip and one leg is shorter than the other.  She started doing yoga and has improved her range of motion and is pain free.  As for me, well you know ole Jack I have all kinds of back and neck problems.  And most of all I want to lose about twenty pounds.  So today I rode my bike to class because it was still early and did the 90 minute class. Oh yeah most hot yoga classes are longer usually never shorter than 60 minutes and up to 90 minutes.  In fact last week I did a 90-minute class with room temp of 98.6.  That class had much slower and less fast poses because it was hotter there.

Usually the classes for hot yoga are set at 90 degrees with 50-60% humidity.   I have plenty of mats but did not the right towel to put on my mat because  you lose your grip with too much sweat.  My postures with the biking, weight lifting, eliptical machine work have improved so much.  I can’t believe I am doing some of the poses that I can.  This is as close to dancing as I can get and I really think this is it.

I am doing hot yoga this week and driving too fast

Speedometer in Ford Mondeo ST220 (MK3) (highli...

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I had to laugh at myself because I took a curve today at like 90 mph, didn’t know it was that fast until I looked at the speedometer.  That little Ford focus SE can really go.  But this is my staycation you might say.  I am mulling lots of things in my head to retool after I retire.  Hey that rhymes retool BEFORE you retire.  Anyway that’s what I am doing.  So why not parlay my interest in exercise into teaching maybe yoga, not hot yoga and get certified and do some yoga weekends too.  We’ll see.  I mean  I could make yoga outfits during the day and teach yoga in the evenings.  For now we are approaching milestone of 200,000 hits at The Trough.  Thank you Amy, just kibbasing as we used to say.

The “Laws of Rebirth” can’t be caught, they must be taught

That insight marks my revelation for the year not just the day. I confess confusion as to what went wrong. I told my Buddhist aunt about my angst that has now lasted for years. Then I started thinking and dreaming about it. What I saw in a dream last week was simple: It was my book just like that. It was the book exactly as it looks. I was really surprised because I had given up any hope about its worth.

I had this insight just days before I got a call from the RS sect I left a few years ago inviting me to come to Houston to hear sat sang by the guru. My own I vitiating guru died in 1991. And I was liberated to become the master or rather externalize him or her.

That I did. But my moral confession comes in that I was not accepted by those I wanted to know and practice the laws of rebirth. So I sulked instead and made them a promise that I would take my message to the masses. While like any good and well taught cultists they denigrated the masses and dismissed it with how ignorant it was.

That’s actually cult think. Something along those lines was said by our current rep at the last sating I attended in north Texas when he said there was a bad vibe associated with people who eat meat or in places where meat is sold or consumed. Really? This is classic cult talk because as others have observed about rssb is that they engage in putting the seeker on a pedestal because they are stasangis or don’t eat meat.

To save my own health and life just as I did when I was Jack. I had to eat meat to get my anemia under control. I did not change nor did my karmas.

So dear reader I have been rejected by the very spiritual people I sought to please and write for I went into retreat and withdrawal but not depression. But the masses are the beneficiary of my personal doubt and demon.

My mind is clear now and my soul karmically clear due to my long hard work. Thirty years in the making of the laws of rebirth. So why on earth would I expect anyone outside or inside the inner planes to get what it took me so ling to get. I did not catch the laws either I fought for them I taught myself an now, after some planning, I am going to teach anyone else who wants to learn and not dismiss as some buddhists bad dream or a mistake by translators of the buddha tongue. Rebirth is real the rebirthers got it all wrong. Wait for the truth.

Finally thank you Stephen for opening my eyes to the need that won’t be met I see now until the work begins in earnest. I did not formulate the laws alone or in a vacuum and they won’t be properly spread by just one person but a group.

links about karma:

In Buddhism, karma refers to impulses. Based on previous actions we have done, impulses arise in us to act in certain ways now.

I like this link and will preview links about karma and rebirth before I post them.  I can attest to this statement that karma is based on impulse and previous actions.  For example I wanted desperately to return to France, to study in France at the Sorbonne.  I actually got the chance to do so in this life. But because my kids were still young I did not pursue it.  Instead I did pursue the chance to live there for a summer. I used to dream in French, so much so that I did not even understand what I was saying in fluent French!  When I uncovered the many lifetimes I’ve spent in France I thought no wonder.  It is a strong impulse and desire.  I wrote a poem about it once called “ALL” about how I had done everything, all the things I desired were already realized. 

Stephen Batchelor: Those Who Can’t Do, Leech

Padmasambhava, a picture I, John Hill, took in...

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NOTE: This post is an opinion not a book review.  Heloise talks trash about Obama–so I don’t think Stephen Batchelor is eligible for a pass on criticism of his work/opinions.  If my methods or language offend, sorry that’s just me.  Anyone is welcome to submit comments, with approval.  I am not putting the man down it is not a personal attack—just his new take on the laws of rebirth.  I used to read his books until I wrote my own.’s-new-rationalists/

great article on the subject of Batchelor’s new teachings, if you want to call them that. Here’s link to his website:

Also an interview:

Here’s his latest book  Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

He and his wife are traveling all over the world lecturing, ala Blavatsky and Olcott about his new non beliefs in the law of rebirth.  In fact I am going to stop calling it “rebirth” but always use “the law of Rebirth.” Just like the law of gravity on earth and in the universe it is infallible and guides our lives.  It is hiding, dear folks in plain sight.  That is why no one sees it.  It is truly complex, non linear and utterly fascinating.  Those who don’t know it or the laws that govern it should STFU about it.  And that includes “esteemed” “educated” “buddhists” such as the Batchelors.  Yeah, I am calling you out in the name of one of my past lives “HPB.” See you in southwestern France when I get there.

My take: no one is buying this new formulation of uber atheistic Buddhism where the Buddha is stripped of his karmic and rebirth robes. His Buddha is a naked emperor and I for one ain’t buying this Batchelor bullshit.

A spiritual anecdote:  When I was active at my old yahoo website “Theosophy Talks Truth” I encountered people who were following the path and guru, forgot his name will look up, that taught “Who Am I?” and that sort of inquiry and meditation.  I did their practice for a few weeks.  I experienced the “nothingness” they talk about and went on the inner plane and even met their guru who touched my lotus feet and I did the same.  We recognized each other as teacher.  When I was done with that experience I told them: I’ve been there, done that. What else you got?  Needless to say it was not satisfying spiritually.  I have documented that experience there and one day will look for it and post it. 

Here’s a passage I just found on rebirth and the burden of proof on the scientific world to prove its “nonexistence”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that if certain points do not correspond to reality, he is willing for them to be eliminated from Buddhism. This applies to rebirth as well. In fact, he made this statement originally in that context. If scientists can prove that rebirth does not exist, then we must give up believing it to be true. However, if scientists cannot prove it false, then because they follow logic and the scientific method, which is open to understanding new things, they must investigate whether it does exist. To prove that rebirth does not exist, they would have to find its nonexistence. Just saying, “Rebirth does not exist because I do not see it with my eyes” is not finding the nonexistence of rebirth. Many things exist that we cannot see with our eyes.


I am doing a little online research as I read to review a new book on ScientologyInside Scientology” that really blows the covers off cult creators such as LRH. And I ran across this article. See above link.

This guy is A rebirth denier. A rebirther if you will so he is stupidly trying to rewrite and reinvent Buddhism and the Buddha as incompatible with the law of rebirth and the laws of karma. So I say those who don’t know who are proven outsiders leech off true teachers and change their teaching to suit themselves. He has become the laughing stock of those who know the Buddha was all about rebirth and spent the first talks about his recovered past lives after he sat in meditation to become the first insider. Take that Stephen.

A Better Life (new film pushes Jewish agenda pro illegal aliens from Mexico)

”]Cover of "El Norte [Region 4]"

I don’t watch films by this Jewish producer Weitz, even though I do go to many movies that are produced by Jewish producers. I mean who can avoid that? It’s hard to avoid it but you can pick and choose.  The man that brought the world American Pie with some boys screwing into an apple pie (an American symbol) and a film I did not watch nor did I watch any of his vampire movies.  Jews push evil no doubt and when it strikes one of their own, they get miffed, discombobulated, no clue as to why a Jew Aron Levi would kill. 

Now Chris Weitz, who said he gots lots of hate mail and online comments. And I have found lots of those same comments whenever I read anything about how illegals are sucking this country dry. 

Anyway, has done a new film as he was on Morning Jew today and talked about his film.  You know it is totally pro Mexican, pro illegal immigration.  We already knew that they were outbirth rating everybody else for want of a nicer word, but we don’t need it in our faces.  I would boycott this film, yes, I would. And as some of you may be aware Mexicans and illegals have been especially hateful of blacks in So Central LA where they have terrorized, murdered and run off thousands of  black folks who were there long before the illegals, and son of illegals, anchors and sons of anchors got there.  Here is a pro film review below so you can see those who are illegals and love what’s happening to our country want to see more films about their kind. 

here’s a pro movie review: source:

…the setting for Chris Weitz’s “A Better Life,” about a single father who exists under the radar and dreams the American dream.

Very few American 
movies have dealt with the experience of illegals – “El Norte” (the best of them), “The Border,” and “The Visitor” are probably the best known. ..Carlos (Demián Bichir), who works as a gardener’s helper, lives with his 14-year-old son Luis (José Julián) in a rundown apartment in East L.A. He sleeps on the couch so that Luis can have a comfortable bed and be fresh for school, even though Luis, a good student when he wants to be, often skips classes to hang out with his other truant friends.
When Blasco (the wonderful Joaquín Cosio), who owns the lawn business, decides to go back to Mexico, he offers to sell Carlos his truck and equipment. Since Carlos has no driver’s license – and because a routine traffic violation could result in deportation for him – he is reluctant at first. Eventually he takes up his sister’s generous offer of a loan and buys the truck. A new world opens up to him, until, on his first day – when his new truck is stolen. As Carlos and Luis comb the barrio and South Central L.A. in search of the stolen truck, they slowly bond. Or rather, Luis bonds with his father. Carlos’s love for his son is never in doubt. His prime motivation for buying the truck and risking 
everything was simple: He wants to move his son into a better neighborhood and away from the gangs the boy has so far tenuously resisted.