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What a sorry state Washington has become

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From the all-white halls of GOP-land to the race card from both sides of the aisle I am so glad not to be in DC.  It’s pitiful how no one can see the fiscal writing on the walls of the men’s restrooms.  DC has become a playground for those who fill their coffers with money they did not earn and from ill-gotten goods.  That is the problem.  Men like Obama go to DC with a few bucks in their pockets and leave with a trough full of special interest monies.

I am listening to the pablum that is The Audacity of Hope.  My God it is filled with platitudes and junk polisci enough to make anyone realize that Obama was an empty suit from the getgo.  I mean they don’t come any emptier.  Wait, not empty but full of daddy Mau Mau and mother atheist and worshipping the gods of the forest and all the different religions she introduced him to without getting grounded in any one. 

Like Obama’s mother I too am a trained anthropologist but my kids got grounded in religion and christianity and not atheism. 

Mad as hell and not voting Democratic anymore

I did endorse Obama this time but I have to take that back.  I don’t know if Ryan told lies on Obama in his speech or not.  And I don’t care.  Obama is the master of lies and obfuscation with his bio and everything about him except his life with wife and kids.  His life before that he was drug crazed and racially confused. Mind you Obama had help with the media.  They ignored everything about him.  I want to know how he got into top schools and his grades. 

Why is there nothing he wrote while the so called editor of the Harvard Law Review.  He is not only a lightweight Leo but he is perfect at doing NOTHING!

Ann Dunham

Ann Dunham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just read “The Amateur” and the book about Obama’s mother that anthropologist communist Ann Dunham.  She got married after pregnant with Obama to a man who was already married.  She was a card-carrying communist and loved the third world.  His father who was killed in a drunken wreck was also an atheist and communist and who knows what else.  I hope this is his only term. 

The only reason I promoted him is because I could not stand John McCain and Edwards.  I thought we got a bad deal.  Is this the best this country can come up? I mean someone you can’t vet or won’t vet becomes president.  Point in fact anyone who does not have two American parents has no business becoming president.  NONE.  My bad I think the fourteenth amendment should be changed for a lot of reasons. 

Ryan said that most people fail at this first job or mess up.  He was talking about Obama.  That was funny.  Also they used a huge sign that read “Over the Top” when nominating Mitt at the RNC.  That was cute too. 

I don’t like religion but I do like what I hear about Mormonism.  So for me it ain’t Mormon or the LDS it’s religion.  At least it is one that preaches self reliance and build your own instead of somebody owes me or gimmedat check.

Ted Cruz dad: another Cuban fleeing Cuba?

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ted Cruz born Rafael Edward Cruz in Calgary Alberto Canada said that his dad was born in Cuba, not Mexico, has never been an illegal.  He and Rubio and even my grandparents tell the same damn story that the reason they ended up in the USA was because they were political persons fleeing Cuba for political reasons.  How could that be?  I even doubt my familial history of my great grandfather fleeing Cuba under political pressure.

Were they from Cuba, yes, they were.  Blacks there are often called Afro Cubans.  I hear that Mexicans don’t like Cubans just as I heard they don’t like native Americans AKA Indians.  What else is new? Who the hell do they like?  They are not too keen on blacks either I know from experience.  But Ted Cruz was his dad an American citizen when he was born in 1971? Not sure.  My rule is strict and the only way that we will keep some out of high office.  Both parents should be American citizens and grandparents,  But that is probably too much.

I even believe that the 14th amendment was not even necessary.  That’s my take.  Anyway we will see if Mexicans vote for Cruz.

Gore Vidal dead at 86 from pneumonia

Gore Vidal at the Los Angeles Times Festival o...

Gore Vidal at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gore Vidal that publicly gay author, writer, playwright and smart ass has died at 86.  He traded barbs with the best of the best from the old conservative TV days of Buckley and the rest.  Many don’t know him because he was from the old school but a part of the avant garde nonetheless.  He will be known as an in-law of Jackie Kennedy I mean relative by marriage of mother they are not blood relatives.

Gore is also related to Al Gore some kinda way too.  Gore Vidal was Jewish and Al Gore is also part Jewish and both were from political junkies who made it in politics but never to the presidency.  Speaking of president Gore did know JFK and once famously noted that Jack had a “great ass.”  He would notice that, oh boy.

Anyway it bon voyage to Gore Vidal who was one of the most famous gay men in American history.

Rick Santorum Drops Out of Race for WH

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has now been confirmed by multiple sources within the Santorum campaign that Rick Santorum, the candidate who was largely seen as the most serious challenger to Mitt Romney for the presidential nomination, will drop out of the Republican race for the nomination. These sources have confirmed to that Santorum’s withdrawal will come within the next few hours.

Mitt Romney will become the Republican nominee. The campaign now moves into its next stage: the general election.

Former Gov. Sarah Palin graces The Today Show Tuesday

Katie Couric ignored Palin and her debut in Katie’s old seat.  She now hosts GMA.  Sarah seemed fired up. I taped her debut but have  not watched it yet. Had to leave early this am and  I have a hot yoga class tonight.  Gotta keep the yoga booty going LOL.

 And in case you were unaware a person keeps the title for life once elected to any office or if they have earned a degree such as MD they are always referred to as Doctor even if retired.  BTW only MDs are doctors the PhDs are “doctors of philosophy” but not doctors. They hold a doctorate–

Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC du...

Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MD means medical doctor no other degree says that.

And within the first few minutes of NBC’s popular morning program, it was clear that Palin had a strategy for handling the show that was once hosted by Couric – plenty of self-deprecating humor. By contrast, Couric’s approach was to completely ignore Palin; she made no reference to the 2008 race or her blockbuster interview with the then-vice presidential candidate that many credited with dooming the GOP ticket.

The first glimpse viewers of the “Today” show got of Palin was her head buried behind an open newspaper.

“Oh, man, she’s doing her homework!” co-host Matt Lauer said.

Mittigan? Early returns have Rick the rat leading

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CNN has 1% returns in and Rick the rat is leading Mitt in his home town state of Michigan.  Regardless to what happens or if the GOP or the Dems think this a huge quake in the wake of a Mitt loss–I still think that Mitt will get the nod.

Heloise to Santorum: POTUS Envy

That’s what came to me as I was getting dressed this morning.  All the GOP contenders are blasting Obama we expect that and of course laud Regan, but who needs to bash JFK?  Santorum obviously.  In fact Mitt was nice and quoted JFK but did not blast him.

Leave it the man with POTUS envy to blast the first CATHOLIC president who paved the way for all stupid Catholics to hold high office.  I hope you lose big to Romney today.  And you should not be on any ticket for that matter not as POTUS potential or VPOTUS either.

Listen to JFK’s own words

there are comments and video at this link where JFK gives his historic speech.

Rick you’re no JFK.

I dreamt it: Rick Out Mitt in

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Mitt's it

I had my typical inner meeting with the candidates or contenders.  And in the meeting I decided that Mitt would be the choice of the GOP and for the good.  Even though I won’t be voting GOP this year, I am an independent voter now, I don’t want to see Rick on the top or the bottom of anybody’s ticket.

Rick’s rant on JFK, or John F. Kennedy to newbies, was for no other reason than to gain attention and so he does but for the wrong reasons.  Santorum has now become more nutty and plastic looking than even Mitt Romney.

I won’t have any problem voting for OBAMA AGAIN.  Thanks Rick, thanks Mitt.