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Apple Inc expanding in Texas



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Reuters) – Apple Inc is expanding its presence in Texas with a $304 million investment to build a new campus in Austin, which will add 3,600 jobs over the next decade, more than doubling its workforce in the city.

The Cupertino, California, consumer device giant already employs thousands in Austin, whose tasks include handling customer complaints and support.

“Our operations in Austin has grown dramatically over the past decade from less than 1,000 in 2004 to more than 3,500 today,” Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said.

Rick Perry Out—to endorse Newt

Perry dropped a political bomb after stating that he would go forward in S. Carolina has dropped out of the race and plans to endorse Newt Gingrich rather than Rick Santorum.  Perry has been urged to drop out of the race so that conservatives could rally around anyone but Mitt Romney.  Santorum appears to have high marks for being the best or true conservative candidate.

Rick may even prove more electable than Newt.  Rick needs a really good showing in this SC race to pull ahead of Mitt.  Mitt has too much money.  His pocket change is 8 million in the Caymans where most people don’t have an extra 800 dollars laying around. 

Rick Perry lays another egg


Governor Rick Perry of Texas speaking at the R...

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Memo to US presidential candidate Rick Perry: Turkey isn’t run by “Islamic terrorists.” Rather, it’s the U.S.’s most important Muslim ally. For proof, look no further than Turkey’s recent installation of a crucial radar system that’s an essential part of U.S. plans to defend NATO against Iranian nuclear missiles—ignoring hysterical opposition from Teheran. And Turkey’s prime minister has just toured the newly hatched democracies of the Middle East—urging former Islamist parties to keep religion out of politics and singing the praises of secularism.

I predict a three-way tie

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

Saint Rumi 🙂

The reporting precincts this far have a 3-way tie.  It may not hold and somebody will be declared a winner. I can’t help but predict a three-way tie that is statistically tied, meaning within one or two points.

I am not surprised that Saint Rumi or Rick Santorum has surged in the polls.  In a way he the Obama conservative for the GOP.  I mean except for losing many of his races he is about as inexperienced as Obama was when he ran for office.

Santorum may not be a winner and if he’s not a winner at heart then that’s a problem.  He can come out of his losing doldrums by winning or placing second in the next three contests.  Of course it’s winner take all in South Carolina.

If Rick Perry weren’t so, Texan, he would be surging in the polls too.  Perry surged before he even opened his mouth.  Just by getting in the race because the GOPers were so anxious for the “not-Romney” candidate they latched onto Perry.  Now that he has opened his mouth the crowds have gone away.

Top tier: Mitt Romney; Rick Santorum; Ron Paul is what it looks like now.  Who will pull ahead of the pack of contenders (my word) ? Who knows?

Cain polling at 30% leaves others in the dust

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO attracts 30 percent support from Republican voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is in second place with 23 percent. Cain gets the most support from women, 33 percent, and has a marginal lead over Romney among men, 27 percent to 25 percent. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is the only other contender to score in double digits, placing a distant third with 10 percent of the vote. Texas Gov. Rick Perry gets 8 percent, and his fellow Texan, Rep. Ron Paul, receives 7 percent. None of the remaining candidates polls above 4 percent.

GOP Dartmouth Debate: Perry gets pushed to the fringe by Romney and Cain

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

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The subject was money.  The subject was the economy.  The subject was not poor people or the nouveau poor.  That will have to wait for another day or debate.  Some are concerned about this concentration of economic talk in one debate to the exclusion of say Israel and Palestine status.  But that too can wait. 

Romney did shine in this debate and Perry well he was dull as an old nickel. Ouch.  The Perry token got left at the prom.

Can lack of debate skills keep one out of the WH, yes to that question and no.  Obama was also a slow starter.  Heloise gave him lots of help though bailing him out time and again with momentous articles and jabs at his opponent McCain.  But not so fast, not this time. I am not bailing out anyone.  No one is paying me for Monday morning tips ala Morning Joe.  I am not making the big bucks for that.  So, I will keep my comments cogent like them or not.

It was all about money and who has the best ideas.  They did not skirt the issue of the feds and Bernanke.  I don’t think anyone will keep him but you know they MUST replace him with another Jew or die in the polls. They cannot even hint at a name at this point as Cain was pressed to do when he opened his big mouth in the first place.  I hope Bernanke does not replace himself in the end.

At this writing I am still watching the debate but the verdict is in: Perry got punked by Romney. I can say that with confidence now that I’ve watched it.  Cain and Romney were the front side-by-side seat sitters and the contenders and I guess the new top-tier.  Who won debate: looks like Romney did and he is looking like a winner especially with his crisp, newly minted, Christie endorsement which could lead to Christie on the ticket as VP which I have already predicted before the endorsement.

It’s probably a cliche to say that Perry lacked luster, but the metaphor fits and Perry will wear it like a ten-gallon hat.  One commentator made a good point about ole Perry that he is a newbie when it comes to understanding how the federal system works and about foreign policy.  Rick was actually more powerful as Lieutenant Gov of  Texas than he was as Gov because of the structure in the state here.  I guess we in Texas are stuck with an empty hat and sold-off cattle.

I said I was not voting for Perry any how nor Ron Paul.  I don’t know who I will vote for.  Hispanics are thinking of staying home because they feel sold out by both parties and blacks and whites have been sold out by both parties in favor of illegal aliens and the freebies that just ain’t free. 

Perry’s Problem and it ain’t debating (next debate Tuesday)

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

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HOPKINTON, N.H. — On the eve of Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, Mitt Romney shopped for votes in a quaint country store and cast himself as a champion of the middle class. Jon Huntsman Jr. released his foreign policy agenda. Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum journeyed from town to town searching for some spark to ignite their struggling campaigns.

But the candidate with perhaps the most at stake in the Washington Post-Bloomberg News debate at Dartmouth College was nowhere to be found. Texas Gov. Rick Perry was holed up somewhere — studying, rehearsing and hoping for a performance to breathe new life into a campaign beset by a series of unsteady debate performances in September.

While Perry was absent from the trail Monday, his campaign was affecting the discourse.

Even as Romney tried to look past his Republican rivals and train his attention on President Obama, a tough new Web video released Monday by Perry’s campaign served as a preview of what Romney is likely to face on the debate stage.

Ann Coulter and I agree that Perry’s problem with the potential to grant amnesty to millions of illegals in this country is far weightier and worrisome than anything Romney believes in or his Romneycare plan.  The video if you have not seen it is LOL funny.  Romney as talking head especially at the end had me LOL. 

Perry Hits Romney below the belt

Rick Perry is trying to hog tie Romney to Obamacare and Obama with the same rope as much as possible.  Romney erased a line that read that his care could do the same for the whole country making health care affordable.  And Romney hit back with his liners to tie Perry back to his old boss Al Gore with the illegals getting tuition help in Texas and that he is a truth fumbler. 

I ain’t voting for either one of these knuckleheads. 

Romney and Christie that’s the ticket (updated)

Renee Schulte and Mitt Romney

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My take it will be Mitt Romney because he has been running for years now.  The GOP always gives the stinker the next shot.  Then there is that yuk factor like the one they overlooked with that uber lib by the name of John McCain.  Who paired up with a T party gal named Sarah Palin.  That was the ticket  that could not win.

I predicted Romney nod anyway a long time ago.  Yes, they might reconsider Perry if he does not further implode.  But the illegal issue is going to dog the rich Romneys and the less rich Perrys and the less right GOP as it runs its 2012 race pushing Christie into the VP slot, or rather squeezing him.  He’s conservative enough and has mafia connections too.

Update: Chris Christie today endorsed Mitt Romney for prez.   He really is a smart, fluffy, guy.  That’s the way to do it come out early, predict, lead with your endorsement.  I tried to get a bunch of folks to come out early for Obama.  I pleaded with my old brother Ted to endorse and also Al Gore.  Ted did get off the Chris Todd sinking ship and he and Caroline endorsed Obama early on. 

Smart move from a smart, but fat, man.   

Chris Christie: Of Book and Bulk

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie

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It seems to me that most serious presidential candidates will write at least one book before they throw their hat in the ring or name in the hat (Sarah Palin).  But Chris Christie has done little about his bulk and nothing about a book in the year preceeding this one.  Is it de rigeur for one to write a book beforehand? It doesn’t hurt and most of the time it actually helps. 

Rick Perry, his moderate and soft on illegal alien stance, was not really a big part of his book “Fed Up!”  Well, that’s what the people of Texas and other states are really saying to the business and the pols we are fed up with the freebies and the magnets that bring so many illegals here from Mexico in particular.  We have too much legal immigration too.  But that is being swallowed up by the vast illegal alien invasion in the southwest that is spreading to the northeast quickly.

Former Gov. Richardson was also a talking head today and he was so dirty politically that Obama could not give him a high-profile job.  Good riddance to Gov. Richardson I say.  He threw his two cents in about Rick Perry but it did not add up to much. 

Famously, Obama wrote two damn books before he ran and people are still mining them for gems of self confession about being a lefty so far that he borders on Communist and socialism. I don’t care about that.  But I am not voting for any political neophytes and no fatties.  LOL