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Rihanna Dallas concert goes up in flames! No refunds WTF

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert. Brisbane Ente...

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People around here spend upwards of a thousand dollars to see Rihanna and hear her sing and set the stage on fire.  That was part of the pyrotechnics plan. But somebody did not know how to work the fire extinguisher, the flames rose, the concert stopped and no refunds will be given for this Dallas aftermath. 

Chris Brown Goes Beserk in dressing room at GMA

Robin went there with Chris and after asking him about the Rhianna incident he went crazy and tore up the dressing room! See link above.

Rihanna’s racial rundown

Rihanna is black that’s a fact. But now that I know she is from Barbados (the island) that was once a British protectorate or part of the British crown then that changes things.

Looking at her complexion on her recent interview and her eye color (don’t think they are contacts) she is the same color as my kids who are multiracial but look biracial.

I think that Rihanna’s dad may be black and her mom white if she is biracial. Or both parents have a lot of white genes because the Brits once ran/owned Barbados.

That’s my new category too.

Rihanna You Are Not Alone

Rihanna and Chris

Rihanna and Chris

This Friday Oprah warned Rhianna that Brown would hit her again. And a lawyer from same source also warned her:

According to the New York Daily News, Manhattan’s former sex-crimes prosecutor Linda Fairstein compares the smiling boyish-faced singer to O.J. Simpson, who repeatedly had beaten his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, before she was slain in 1994.

Fairstein warns Rihanna that she risks not only more bruises. She’s risking her life.

Tonight, Larry King’s host Joy Behar is discussing this issue with Robin Givens and others. Rihanna, you are so beautiful, not sure who you are except a celebrity who sings, but I am familiar with domestic partner abuse.  So are a lot of good people. Many are reading this as a message that the beautiful and successful can fall prey or victim to low self esteem or to abuse or murder. One does not have to look far to know that your beauty and wealth and fame are not immunizations against pain, hurt or rejection from men–au contraire ma belle. I too was in my twenties and a “crowd pleaser” and “gorgeous” per the men who saw me from a passing car (I had to be careful when walking because I would cause accidents.) and men who knew me. So, take it from me, looks don’t save you from pain.

Heloise at 21

Heloise at 21

My ex husband (we are still friends) were married for 3 years and have two kids. But when he started hitting me for no reason and then beating me up when he felt like it–I said “I don’t need this!” And walked out never to return.

He was an undiagnosed case of bipolar and severe drug abuse trying to self-medicate. This happened back in the 70s when no one really talked about spousal abuse. All you could do was to call the cops and take out an order to keep him away from you. He called me, he robbed my house, he destroyed my car all AFTER we broke up.

He later moved to California to do copious drugs while I remained in New Orleans for a while then returned to Chicago to continue my college education and my life.

My intuition (that’s all I had) told me: “this man will never stop beating you now that he has started.”

You blame yourself because they TELL you that you are the problem. You believe it because of low self esteem? Not sure why, but you need to believe that there is a reason for someone kicking your ass over dinner not being ready or good, or the house not clean! You get it–he or she is crazy.  Mind you I had to figure all this myself sans the benefit of experts. That was before the experts did any studies.

Now that they have studied it, they agree with my conclusion borne out of experience.  Once begun it does not stop on its own.  No, not without extreme measure. If stringent counseling is not part of the equation in getting rid of this abuse then nothing will change. But the woman must change and must get out. It is not enough to get out, you gotta change yourself.

My own conventional wisdom kicked in and I left him, divorced him and never looked back. Do I have regrets or feel that I made a mistake in marrying in the first place? Absolutely no regrets, no mistakes made. This was a karmic relationship from the past and he had to be the father of my kids and I had to take his name. But once I read the handwriting on the wall and did not want to see my blood on the wall I left. The other thought that crossed my mind was “what if he hit or beat the kids too?” Honestly, after listening to friends whose drunk dads beat them within an inch of their lives…I realized that those kinds of memories are hard to erase.

Net in California @40

Net in California @40

He would hit me a lot but never drew blood and never chocked me. He did however drive crazy one day in the car and it is only a miracle that another car did not pop out and demolish us. I was not going to wait around to see if he was going to finish me off–I got out and stayed out. And Rhianna you can do the same.