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Mary Kennedy hangs herself home alone

Deutsch: Robert Kennedy Jr. in Urbana, IL Engl...

Deutsch: Robert Kennedy Jr. in Urbana, IL English: Robert Kennedy Jr. in Urbana, IL Français : Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. à Urbana, en Illinois (États-Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Possible suicide ex wife of Robert kennedy jr.   This is not confirmed but rfk was living in LA with Cheryl Hines and Mary could not give up the bottle so she gave up the ghost.  She really looks like a Kennedy rather than an in law.


Douglas Kennedy’s (44) baby battle (RFK son)



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Why do they think they do not have to follow the rules? Hello.  I know Kennedy clan and they love the wild and the fresh air and exercise and all that but dude they told you to leave the baby in the crib. This dude is 44 and should know better.  He assaulted the nurse:

“Instinctively as a nurse, I raised both my arms toward the neck of the baby to steady the violent shaking of the baby’s head and neck,” Luciano told investigators in a deposition.

While holding the child in his right arm, Kennedy kicked Luciano in the pelvis with his right foot, knocking her backward onto the floor, police said.


As he did this, Kennedy fell onto the floor with the baby in his arms. Kennedy then got up and ran “down the stairs with the infant until he was stopped by security and escorted back to the infant’s room,” the police report said.

A lawyer for Kennedy said the baby was not injured and slept through the altercation.


The Kennedy Reading and Watching List

President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kenne...

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Here are some brand new releases about the life of JFK from Amazon.

Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy pre-order now $33.00 (reg $60)

Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero by Chris Matthews

The Kennedys [Blu-ray] The TV series starring Greg Kinnear. He transformed this role and really channeled JFK.  Must see, must have.

The Kennedys Mini-Series starts Sunday on Reelzchannel

If you love JFK and Jackie, and who doesn’t, you won’t want to miss out on the mini series.  President Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy will be in all their glory next week.

Poster from Amazon (0.99 cents  unframed)
President John F Kennedy Smoking Archival Photo Poster Print - 11x17

app for iPad: and schedule for the series.












To watch: If you have ATT uverse you will need the 300 package. They are running a special three months free! Right now.  You can watch all nights of this miniseries that Caroline and Maria had squashed/nixed at the History Channel.  I will blog it at BC.

Here’s one review of it: