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Cannes Film “Unlawful Killing” previews Diana Death Photo

After her mother's death in 2003, Stella Vine ...

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Princess Diana of England  is not dead to the film industry.  A filmmaker is showing a film at Cannes about details of Diana’s death and included a photo of her dying which has not been seen before. Dodi Fayeed is behind the film.  Recall that he said a plot was afoot in the death of the couple because the Royals did not want Diana to marry an Arab, a Muslim too boot. Can you say too hot to handle?

LONDON – As Prince William and Kate Middleton honeymoon in a secluded spot, the paparazzi who stalk them are back in the spotlight.

There’s a brewing legal battle over publication of 5-year-old photographs of bridesmaid Pippa Middleton sunbathing topless, and anger about gruesome photographs of the late Princess Diana in the moments after her 1997 car crash appearing in a documentary about her death.

The publication of the Pippa pictures — showing the 27-year-old on a powerboat with older sister Kate (in a revealing bikini) and William (in a red and white bathing suit) — prompted the Middleton family to file a formal petition to Britain’s independent Press Complaints Commission.