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Rush Rants have to fill the advertiser vacuum/void

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I get to listen to Rush for a few minutes at work each day.  I missed the rants on Fluke but found them online and in the news.  I am listening now and it just occurred to me that Rush had an awful lot of ads.  So much so that he would only be able to talk like five minutes before he announced an “obscene” profit break for an ad from his many clients.

Now, the only loud sound is that of Rush’s voice trying to fill the advertiser vacuum/void that he created all by his little lonesome.  Rush sent his advertisers rushing for the exits.  Is that the right thing for them to do? Rush has always been polemic.  But a direct attack on a private citizen is another thing. And three days of it? Nine hours of it?  That makes no sense even from that drug addict. 

How many advertisers have left? Let us count them: a bunch. 

The ones I heard today are: Lear Capital is still one of his advertisers still. Mutual funds ads.  Web site designer American Eagle dot com.

Rush Limbaugh the knowing “Deather”

Rush rant

Rush Re: “three teenagers” — Bush would have hell to pay

Rush on his latest radio rant today had the nerve to say that Obama and the Navy gunned down “three teenagers” and if Bush had done that he would have hell to pay. Really?

We figure in that they may be “Muslims” but what does that mean? The Navy SEALs might be “Christian” but what does that mean? It means fodder for fools like Rush and his wingnut tea party people.

So when did pirates or murderers just become “teenagers?” When it suits the right to retrograde and retrofit the truth.

The truth is that many people, including myself said to “kill ’em!” These are high crimes on the high seas and maybe they don’t know that this is not easy picking poker or pirate bingo, no it’s a BIG fucking crime!

Rush don’t get it. Or he’s mad that the Navy got them pirate killers, I mean teenagers.


Obama After Rush and Hannity After Heloise Called Them Out

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned either Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity in my many articles leading up to the raucous win of Obama. One is a no brainer–Rush was originally in the Chicago radio market. I listened to him then and since he has rolled out to Florida.

Hannity is also in Texas where he broadcasts from. I am also in Texas and of course he has a media show.

You recall the now famous words of Sarah Palin “I told Congress thanks but no thanks to the bridge to nowhere.” Oh no she didn’t go there I thought.  So I called her out on it the day after she said it 17 times. More times than I’ve ever heard it in my life. I also called out Sean Hannity because after my original article in June he continued to use that phrase in his broadcasts for days and weeks on end.

Some writer slithered my words into the convention speech for Palin. Imagine my surprise. Besides she was lying, I was not. She dropped that line like a hot brick the next day.

Rush has been a bone of contention since he thought he was the one keeping old Hillary in the race. He played the race card and a bunch of other cards. But to no avail. I called him out every now and then for one thing or another. He loves to sing and have his folks create ditties about Obama and other black and democrat leaders.

Is he a racist? I don’t know, don’t care. But if Obama and the Dems are bent on shutting them down as I’ve read some online in accordance with the dead fairness doctrine, then good luck with that. He doesn’t bother me really. It’s better to know what the enemy is thinking rather than merely guessing.

More power to Rush and Sean they make me laugh.