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Rebecca Walker (biracial/Jewish): “Black Cool” new book

Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness

Nederlands: portret van Rebecca Walker

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Since her father is white most would say that makes her white as well.  Rebecca looks totally European much like Tracy Ross who also has a Jewish father. Hair type is also about the same.

Her dad is Jewish, not her mother. She had a baby boy out of wedlock with a married buddhist monk (black man married to a white woman having a baby with a biracial one) and found this tidbit:

Maybe this is useful. Rebecca’s mother was not “effusive” about Rebecca’s pregnancy not because she rejected the idea of a pregnancy, but because of who she was having the baby with: her Buddhist teacher who was already married and has a young child. What is a mother to do when it appears her daughter has entered into an odd threesome with a man whose prominence as a Buddhist teacher needs to be supported by the younger Walker’s fame (and income)? Needless to say, the senior Walker is skeptical of this arrangement. Choyin Rangdrol went from an Oakland Afrocentric denizen to an “International Buddhist” with the help of Walker’s pushing his book. And what of the white mother of Choyin’s other young child? Rebecca is so obsessed with competing with Alice Walker’s fame by airing her personal issues and neuroses in public, that she cannot see that she is the one who continues to alienate people with her obsessive narcissism. Most of us just get therapy.


Walker was born Rebecca Leventhal in Jackson, Mississippi, the daughter of Alice Walker, the African-American author of The Color Purple, and Mel Leventhal, a Jewish American lawyer.[1] After her parents divorced, she spent her childhood alternating every two years between her father’s home in the largely Jewish Riverdale section of the Bronx in New York City and her mother’s largely African-American environment in San Francisco, where she attended The Urban School of San Francisco. When she was 18, she decided to change her surname from Leventhal to Walker, her mother’s maiden name.



Black shooter kills 3 (Mexicans); wounds 6 in Cupertino CA–updated


SUNNYVALE, Calif. (AP) – Authorities say three Northern California sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a man believed to be the suspect in a deadly quarry shooting.Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith says investigators believe the man i

According to authorities, Allman became upset Wednesday during a safety meeting at Permanente Quarry. Allman left the meeting and returned with a handgun and rifle and started shooting people, Santa Clara County sheriff’s Lt. Rick Sung. About 15 workers were at the meeting.

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith identified the dead as Manuel Pinon, 48, of Newman, Calif., and John Vallejos, 51 and Mark Munoz, 59, both of San Jose. Six others at the quarry were wounded and taken to hospitals, where some remained in critical condition, Smith said. update

CUPERTINO, Calif. — An employee walked into a meeting at a Northern California quarry Wednesday and started shooting, killing 2 and injuring others, police said. The suspect was not yet in custody, according to local media outlets.

The suspect, identified as Shareef Allman, 45, (Allman, the suspect, is described as African-American, 5’11”, and 260 pounds, with numerous tattoos, according to KNTV.)

 from San Jose, arrived at the Lehigh Southwest Cement plant in Cupertino in a red Dodge Neon, according to unconfirmed scanner reports, NBC’s San Francisco affiliate reported. He was reportedly carrying a 9mm handgun and a rifle

“A Stolen Life: A Memoir” Jaycee Dugard writes about her horrible ordeal

Jaycee Dugard missing person poster released t...

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A Stolen Life: A Memoir get it from Amazon.

Jaycee Lee Dugard's book about her years in hell is already #1 in books. What a bad break and where did such karma come from? Maybe there are clues in her book.

Here's my comment about her life:

I followed this story a bit and when she was found I wrote a blog about how she had been wronged by the law as well as this creep “Jaycee Dugard had a bad case of cops, caseworkers etc.” And I think someone picked up on it, as it was popular, and I understand she has sued the state of California for not following a convicted sex offender like her keeper, more closely. I was one of the first to say that Dr. Murphy was negligent (and lying) in the death of Michael Jackson and his family agreed…and so he has been found negligent in MJs death.

Anyway, I just wrote and asked what karma would Jaycee have that has found her in this life? Karma is the law of cause and effect, the balance of actions we have accumulated in eons of living, including lifetimes as an animal. Dharma is the law, as the buddhist’s call it. The whole spiritual law that includes karma.

As one reply said correctly there is no way to know what lifetime this comes back from. The same people who are advocating peace in this life were great war mongers in another. So, you can’t say you don’t see it. It’s not for you to see. The only person who can see the karma is the person himself and those closest to them such as astral and physical family, sometimes if you live in close proximity some karmic pasts can be seen. And yes, it is intentionally very, very complex and takes decades of meditation and some say vegetarianism to become an insider (this I have done) to unravel the individual strands that lead back to the source.

But this is why people who say they know about those with whom they have never had any contact, i.e., before they are experienced insiders, are just making it up.

Openly gay athletes by Jet Gardner

Retired NBA basketball player John Ameichi.

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Below are two articles from a fellow blogcritics writer about openly gay athletes and an excerpt from each one.

The following quotes go to the heart of why gay athletes have trouble being honest with their teammates and why articles like this are necessary.

San Francisco 49ers running back Garrison Hearst: “Aww, hell no! I don’t want any faggots on my team. I know this might not be what people want to hear, but that’s a punk. I don’t want any faggots in this locker room.”

The Chicago Cubs pitcher Julian Tavarez, after being booed by San Francisco fans, said: “Why should I care about the fans? They’re a bunch of assholes and faggots here.”

After NBA star center John Amaechi disclosed he was gay, NBA player Tim Hardaway said: “First of all I wouldn’t want him on my team. and second of all, if he was on my team I would really distance myself from him because I don’t think that’s right and I don’t think he should be in the locker room when we’re in the locker room. Something has to give. If you have 12 other ballplayers in your locker room that’s upset and can’t concentrate and always worried about him in the locker room or on the court or whatever, it’s going to be hard for your teammates to win and accept him as a teammate.”

After learning of Mark Bingham’s story (the gay rugby player who helped bring down Flight 93 before it hit the U.S. Capitol), I wondered what other sports pros, out of the approximately 4,000 active in the U.S., had the guts to face the inevitable judgment and fan hatred by coming out.

I was appalled to discover most had to wait until after their careers were over. There’s no doubt in my mind that in all corners of professional athletics from boxing to football, the ranks are full of gays. You’ve just never heard of them. This also includes the ranks of coaches, owners, or general managers.

Reel Short Takes: Company Men

I did not see Company Men with Ben Afleck at the theaters but watched the DVD last night.  I liked it a lot for its direct and simple line drawn from the 2008 meltdown to the huge CEO salaries to the loss of millions of jobs.  The CEOs thought nothing of cutting out the heart of the company and downsizing with its employees.  No one is safe in this scenario including Ben.  It’s about how he gets his act together after losing everything but his family. He works in Boston at a huge shipping yard that builds ships, I think, not sure.  But it was shuddered when stocks tanked.

He lives in a fancy house and drives a Porche and must sell everything when his lifestyle is tied to his nearly 200K annual salary. While Wall street fat cats are off the hook, raking in millions in bonuses etc. while ordinary families suffer.  Too bad, so sad.  CEOs couldn’t care less about you and me.  But the feds seem to care about them. 

Black Panther Leader Geronimo Pratt Dies In Tanzania

New Black Panther Party

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LOS ANGELES — Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt, a former Black Panther Party leader who spent 27 years in prison on a murder conviction that was later overturned, has died. He was 63.

Pratt died at his home in a small village in Tanzania, where he had lived for at least half a decade, lawyer Stuart Hanlon, who helped Pratt win his freedom, told The Associated Press from San Francisco on Thursday.

Repairman (bi-racial) Faces Charges Of Cleaning Out Bay Area ATMs, Refilling Them With Counterfeit Bills

San bruno mountain

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“He went into seven of these machines, took the cash out and replaced it with counterfeit, and not sophisticated, just simply taking some bills, placing them on the Xerox machine, cut them up and put them in its place in the machines,” said Steve Wagstaffe, San Mateo County District Attorney.

The real money, $200,000, was on its way out of town, along with 64-year-old service man Samuel Kioskli, police said. Two weeks ago, Kioskli, of San Francisco, was arrested in Phoenix.

Back from the Bay

Unstoppable Starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.
I am back and I loved the experience by the bay.  I went from one end of the San Francisco bay to the other. I was working there but I will not reveal my co workers or my professional affiliation. Just know that it is a real profile.

Unstoppable Denzel was born December 28, 1954 we are both Capricorns born almost exactly one year apart. I am one year older than Denzel.  No wonder I have this nexus with him?

Why? While there I had a great dream. I was involved with the group and there was a bus and on the bus was clearly Denzel Washington sitting in the front seat. I looked in the bus and then extended my hand to him and shook his hand and said hello my name is Heloise. And he looked a little miffed like I was star struck or something. But Denzel is a real kidder. He has so much personality if you have ever seen him on interviews.

When I was in Paris the first time I was in the Gare de Lyon and there was an Interview magazine cover with Denzel on it. I bought it and kept it and he has been one of my ongoing fav actors since. He and Robert Redford. But Denzel is also the kind of person who gets involved in causes such as the one that I have undertaken. That will eventually be an entirely different web site. In fact I could try and get an interview with him maybe next time I am in California or just over the phone or online. Something to think about it. Anyway this is an online shoutout to Mr. Denzel Washington a great role model for any young man.

Seraphine (reel short takes)

It seems Heloise had to go all the way to San Francisco to see this wonderful film.

The movie is Seraphine and it may not be coming to a theater near you because it is French, artsy and long on minutes and short on sex and drugs.

But I loved it. It is so gorgeous to look at. The film is a  true tale about a dowdy French woman who hails from the lower classes and makes it big time with her paintings after being discovered by a gay German art critic just before WWI.

He finds her, then has to make a mad dash out of town because the Germans are coming, the Germans are coming! Her life becomes more shabby than it was before they met. He returns and they find each other. Her fame rockets to the stars under his tutelage. However, no one warned the French about the very American depression that was only worldwide.

Her fame, fortune and sanity do not last long. It goes the way of greatness down the tubes and she fast follows. Loved this damn movie.