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Making headlines: Simon Cowell, Skid Row and H’wood libs

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Hollywood Execs Caught on Tape Admitting Liberal Bias…

BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT viewers shocked by Simon Cowell’s face…

Skid Row shelter charges fees as economy toughens…


Simon Dumps Jewish Girlfriend for Muslim One (Afghan)

Simon Cowell has popped the question to an beautiful Afghany girl. He used to date this ugly Jewish girl (Jewish men are handsome but Jewish women are ghastly) and I wondered how long he was going to sleep with her. I never thought he was going to marry her and he ain’t.

He’s engaged to Mezghan instead. She’s gotta be a Muslim. But really Afghan women are Persian or Indian. They can be beautiful but not a given. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Oh and did I mention that Cowell as well as Paula Abdul have Jewish roots.

Everyone knows that Jews have exerted extraordinary influence on popular music throughout history, but it seems that not just one but two members of the Tribe are calling the shots on one of the music industry’s most visible outlets, Fox’s “American Idol.”

It is known that pop diva Paula Abdul is Jewish, and recently it was revealed that Simon Cowell — the show’s brutally honest Brit — is of Jewish descent, too: His paternal grandparents, Joseph Cowell and Esther Malinsky, were married in 1915 at West Ham Synagogue, in East London, the Web site Jewtastic reports.

This is from a Jewish site. That’s why he does not look “Jewish” but he’s as mean as any Jew. Why is this woman marrying him? Must be the money.