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Spiral Service Sucks

And you hope the food beats the service there. It’s a growing diner business that features vegan fare. The menu is what you would expect in a diner: sandwiches, salads on the side, vegetables, pasta and a few entrees. But what one does not expect is that cashiers on a single cash register (an old one at that) would be in training on a busy Saturday night.

Yes, I am in a bad mood because I had just driven 12 hours and was tired and hungry. But honestly, get this, I kid you not: the cashier gave or tried to give away my credit card to another customer! I had to literally take the card out of her hand. What’s worse this is the second incident where the cashier quickly pushed (or tried to) my card into another customer’s hand. This time  I admonished her with these words “ask if that is someone’s card…just ask first!”

They were hot with Heloise. Do they know that they were making Heloise mad? So, mad that she would make this her first blog on return from out of town?  I don’t care.  WTF. The people who run the diner are very young and all white. So, they are no dummies. But when I was leaving and asking why they were training someone on a busy day I got a flip response.

When I decided against a tip and told them “that’s why I don’t come here anymore” I got this: “Well, don’t then.” Fuck you too.

After being a vegetarian for nearly forty years I can honestly say the service at Spiral Diner truly sucks. The food is fair, it’s okay, the desserts are also good especially the cupcakes. However, some of it is a bit salty for my taste. It is not especially healthy IMO.

The customer is always right, went right out the window at Spiral. And after repeated poor service, long lines, and a horrible time at check out each time…Oh, the man in front of me got a bill for $135.00 because she forgot to clear the earlier order.

Anyway, go there if you have more patience than I do. And be sure that your credit card is not handed over to the customer in front of you!