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The Daily Lama

This post introduces my new page “The Daily Lama” which I created and told my aunt that this name was her lama’s new nickname. I am good at that. But it’s a play on “Dalai”.  Thus this page will serve as sort of a stream of meditation and talks that I’ve had about Buddhism and how spiritual practice is my life. I’ve taken more to walking meditation these days. Thomas Merton actually brought this back into vogue and into Catholicism. It is a Buddhist practice. Here’s a link to Mahayana

I usually wake at 6:30 and take my walks. This morning I got up even earlier to  write and then to walk.

My aunt and I go back many lifetimes and we talk about everything.  We were both raised and devout Catholics.  Leaving Catholic Church and turning to a cult that included daily mediation and vegetarianism and not taking drugs or alcohol has been my reality for 30 years.

So after 40 years as a vegetarian and turning away from it was a big deal.  So, the biggest thing of late my turning from veganism to eating meat. It was a needed change because I could feel my iron level and energy level sinking to a new low. No amount of vitamins or iron tabs would bring it back. So, I made the decision that  i would have to eat meat to lose weight and to increase my iron level. It has worked so far.

Will I return to vegetarianism? Maybe. Just read that Gere is not a vegan he eats meat. The lamas eat meat to clear the stream of karmas.

The other thing that she and I discuss, as you might know if you read this blog are Jews. We have to make our peace with Jews at this time. Why? Because they have made Buddhism and other things like yoga and Sant Mat their home. In other words we can’t avoid Jews any more than you can avoid Mexicans in places like Texas and New Mexico. So we have to make our peace with them or risk ruining our peace of mind.

That’s not to say that anything I’ve said about Jews is not valid. It’s valid, true and what’s more needed to be said. Jews must become spiritual as Alice Bailey laments. And as a race that has deeply suffered I find that they do have the capacity for spirituality because they have suffered and understand suffering. That’s what Buddhism is about. It’s not about the money, but about life and death and rebirth.


Richard Gere on Buddhism and Dalai Lama

This ongoing page chronicles my involvement with Buddhism.

My aunt who has taken the refuge vow while living in New Mexico, where there is a large Buddhist center speaks often of how life changing Buddhism has been for her. She was also a Satsangi for many years just as I was. But that time is over. And I ask is this the time for Buddhism for me?

One thing that is evolving and changing is our relationship to the Jewish people. Because if you join a group like Sant Mat or like Buddhism you will encounter many Jews there. It’s not because they are smarter or more wealthy than other groups but they are seeking.

As a prominent Hollywood Jew, Richard Gere a beacon to other Jews to join the Buddhist fold has worked on many levels. It has also greatly enriched the Buddhists.

I wrote briefly about Gere as he touched my journey while writing “Dinner With DaVinci.” I wrote about my encounters that year. The tie-in was also my investigation of Thomas Merton’s life. He greatly influenced and was influenced by the Dalai Lama. Those are just two examples of my ties to Buddhism.

But while in North Carolina I heard Satsangis speaking about Gere’s visit to the Dera, in the Punjab, India and that made sense because Gere travels frequently to India. But he was there looking at how the Dera was set up as a spiritual compound. I have to ask my aunt the name of the place that has just opened for the Dalai Lama that was built with funds earmarked for that purpose.

What has come to my attention is the money that the Buddhists seem to be raking in. That concerns me. Is it for profit or are they prophets?

More later