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Did you catch Linslide on Sunday?

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won by a Linslide

I recorded the game because it was the Mavs vs Knicks.  Wow is all I can say.  Jeremy Lin played his best ball ever vaulting him into the basketball stratosphere near single-handedly.  He made his free throws and steals and points like 28 which is unheard of in one game.  This guy is headed for the Michael Jordan stats if he keeps this up.

It’s unfortunate that ESPN writer lost his cool and his job by writing “A chink in the armour” after the Knicks and Lin lost one lousy game.  Lin said that word “chink” which is equivalent to the N-word is what people used to taunt him.  He is Chinese and for some reason they get way more taunts than any other racial group.  Maybe because they look different.  But like Africans all white people have Chinese blood and genes in them just like we all have African blood.

Keep up the Linslide into the hall of fame….(my new pun on Lin LINSLIDE)


Linsanity! Who knew?

Jeremy Lin

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Jeremy Lin a taiwanese American  who  hàppens to wear my lucky number 17 which is my sun degrees and it is now a hot seller.  I do like basketball because you can get it.  Might have to catch the game.  I recall the six wins Michael Jordan gaveChicago back when. Thank you spike lee for telling me what is behind the buzz global over Lin

Lin is truly over the top he gets them Lin every time.

Brain fog: ginko and vinpocetine

I have been using both these supplements ginko biloboa and vinpocetine and Omega-3 (walnuts and flax seed oil) and B vitamins for the past month.  And they really work. I have also changed my diet and got rid of things causing inflammation.  But I had bad brain fog could hardly think.  And as “friends” used to tell me “you crazy.” Well, they were right.  I earned by insanity honestly with a boatload of karma I have chosen to pay off in this lifetime.

But if you want to increase blood flow to your brain I highly recommend these two supplements.  I need to do a little research on supplements for depression such as St. John’s Wart.  That’s not my main problem but a symptom for now.  I have another diagnosis actually.  Things have greatly improved with prayers and proper diet.

Serena turns 30

Check out the slideshow of  Serena Williams tennis star and champ.

Summer Tip: Add Ice to the Pet’s Water

I was just trying to fill the cat’s water dish and not throw away some ice, so I put it in his water bowl and called him over to try it. He loved the ice and drank more water at the same time.  It’s hot you gotta do what you can.  He also wants to be inside more.  The bowl was inside the house so the ice lasted longer. 

Silver Speedskater “Speedy” Suicide

Jeret "Speedy" Peterson celebrates a...

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Jeret “Speedy” Peterson silver medal winner in the 2010 Olympic games decided to kill himself with a gun.  He called the police and told them he was going to take his own life.  He was 29.

USA Trumps France in Soccer Semifinal score: 3 to 1


USA played a great defensive game and won handily over the French team.  The US team has been in the semifinals twice before.  I don’t think they have ever won the cup.  The winning team will face either Sweden or Japan on Sunday.  The game went into two minutes of overtime. FIFA,

Soccer Semifinal score: USA 3 FR 1

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They have faced off before but this is one of the best French teams ever.  US has won 11 of their past plays, this makes the 12th match between the two teams.  Whomever wins today, US favored with the first score and the history, will face either Sweden or Japan on Sunday.

So far so good for the US women’s soccer team playing in misty Germany.

Donald Trump: The Donald Not Running for Prez

Seal of the President of the United States

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While Mr. Trump was selling woof tickets to Obama and the libs, he’s no pol when it comes to guts.  He has said no he ain’t running for POTUS.  Who knew?  He strung the media along for weeks and he was supposed to announce today.  What does he announce: NO run for me in 2012.

No Donald Trump to kick around.