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Obama hits 50 Dow Drops Over 500

Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Briefing (200905070001HQ)

Image by nasa hq photo via Flickr

Happy birthday to the big government believers and thank you democrats and republicans for the worst financial year on record. What did you do on your birthday Mr. President?  Burn ribs on a Barbque while the market fiddled with doom?  What the hell do we need these selfish leaders for? If you can’t steer the ship or shut the fat cat loopholes then just go home. ?/p>


Oil Down on NYSE but Gas still up

Gas prices in late May 2008.

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Oil is dropping well below 100/barrell at this writing.  But it seems that gas prices are still rising across the land.  The last time oil dropped in this range the gas at the pumps was priced no higher than 2.99/gal. What gives? It seems slow to drop.