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Santorum stumped in debate

Rick was double teamed by that sneaky, lying Ron Paul and Swiss Mitt in the debate last night. I know that Sant Rick is an oreo: Repub on the outside and Dem on the inside.  But I think he makes more sense than the others.  I can’t stand that Ron Paul and fast forwarded him….What a lying hypocrite he is.  If I were voting for a GOP contender (my word for them) I would vote for Rick. But too bad Obama beats them by a mile.


Polanski stays put in ski chalet in Switzerland

The Polish Jew Roman Polanski will continue to ski somewhere in Switzerland. They will not extradite him to the US for his sexual assault on a child back in the 1970s. Keep the mutha…

Roman arrested in Switzerland

I recently read the book “The Pianist” which was a true warsaw ghetto tale. But started doing research on the Polish Krakow ghetto from where Roman Polanski and his Jewish family were living when all but Roman ended up in German ovens.

The Krakow ghetto is harder to research. You have to hunt down the ghetto stories much like the quick police have trapped him with a warrant from 1978. They are too fast for me.

According to cnn Anjelika Huston was there when the incident happened. She’s a slut too. She blamed the victim by saying she did not look 13. Who the hell does really look 13 when full of makeup and oil?

Girls always look older than their age belies. Roman was nabbed in Switzeerland because the Swiss were about to bury him under some great film honors.

They have bad taste.