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AT&T buys DT (T-mobile USA unit aka Deutsche Telekom)

from CNN

In a stunning move, AT&T has acquired T-Mobile USA for a whopping $39 billion from Deutsche Telekom. Along with acquiring approximately 8% of AT&T, Deutsche Telekom will also be gaining a seat on AT&T’s board of directors.

The new combined entity, if it can garner regulatory approval, will be largest carrier in the U.S. by leaps and bounds. AT&T and T-Mobile USA combined have over 25% more subscribers now than Verizon (125+ million vs. 93+ million).

That is what is being reported now.  Stocks in both companies have gone up. DT is German based and owns T-mobile which is in last place in the US markets.  AT&T could face anti trust laws in this deal/merger.

My wireless is with T-mobile because  I got it at Wal mart one day with nothing else to do.  The rates are cheap. I wanted to get an iPhone but did not want to switch. Maybe now I can.


Will T mobile go iPhone?

Spent the weekend looking over my ATT bill and wanting to go the iPhone route after the blackberry lane tripped me up with the bad phone connects.

So, I called ATT and found out that I was paying for an upgrade to my internet speed that I did not want nor need. I had called before and wanted to know why my bill had gone up so much. That was back in June or July. Then I forgot and then looked at my bill. Okay, why am I paying 50 bucks for Internet?

I called ATT and they told me that the freebe expired back in May, and now I was paying the extra fee. They get you coming and going with the fees. So, I switched back to the basic speed and sense no diff.

The word is that T mobile might get the iPhone and I was hoping they do because I have two more years to go on my contract. I would have to just buy an iPhone outright that is unlocked and heard not good things about the unlocked phone.

Or wait two years or see if Tmobile gets the contract. The problem with the blackberry service was that the phone part of it sucked! It dropped calls and just did wierd things like flameouts that I got just sick of. I went down there an got a basic phone and an iPad, but no iPhone. The reg phone works just fine.

Oh, and I did not solve why my TV went Spanish on me but there is actually a Spanish package that costs ten dollars more. And every call you make to cust serv still asks you to choose span or eng which I still hate.

I will wait until the spring regardless and see what moves in the iPhone world.

T-Mobile satellites suck!

Yea, I live in the Dallas metroplex. But my phone doesn’t. No, it lives in the satellite twilight zone. I am not freaking kidding. I get a lousy 1/2 a bar with my blackberry curve.

It sucks big time and if they don’t FIX IT — I am going to cancel IT.