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Corpus Christi=Deep Urban Blight or It’s a dump

Omni hotels and American Bank towers in Corpus...

Omni hotels and American Bank towers in Corpus Christi, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corpus Christi, it ain’t a city so don’t let that nice photo fool you.  Up close you see weedy lots and buildings that have not been updated decades. I know. I  just got back from Corpus Christi Texas and busy with teaching extra classes and reviewing a new textbook, for which I get paid.  So I’ve had web access but little time for more than quick online checks.

I am glad the election is over but not surprised Obama won.  I was for him then I was against him and now I don’t care.  If you want to see what the future looks like with illegals having a free reign in this country and white flight from urban areas come to Corpus.  It’s a dump and I got racially profiled when leaving that dump.  They probably have never seen a black middle class person in that town as there probably are few and even fewer flying from their tiny airport.

So, I got separated from my party of other white women and went through the security line alone.  They frisked me, went through my checked bag because the lock was gone and took trace sample from my hands.  Well, kiss me again, because I was the only freaking yogi in the whole damn airport, a black, swarthy one at that and I got profiled! FU CC.  You city is a pure dump.  The downtown only had a few building on it with free parking and once off the main street facing CC bay, Shoreline drive, the town turns into nothing but vacated buildings left long ago by white folks who went other places in Texas.

The building look abandoned for decades not recently mind you.  I mean it was creepy and ugly just one block off the shore.  The hotels were old and NOT updated at all.  In fact next to the best hotel in town the Omni was a vacant lot covered in weeds! What a hell hole. But we had fun.  What else do you expect from a town that is 75% Mexican and only 3% white and the rest other?

You get a creepy, vacant looking, broken down, boarded up, fenced off, weeded up city dump.  CC you should be ashmed but the city revenue is not there because white folks have fled! I don’t blame them one bit.

I get profiled the city gets slammed.

A Tale of Two Teachers

This is Lincoln Park High School (Chicago, IL,...

This is Lincoln Park High School (Chicago, IL, USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heloise has been teaching in Texas for over a decade.  It was plan B for me.  Plan A was to go to medical school.  Taking a science degree is how I met another future science teacher (black women make up less than 1% of science teachers in the US)  Karen Lewis and I  became fast friends and ended up science teachers. 

I lived in Chicago on and off for most of my life.  As stated in my last article I attended Catholic school for 12 years and except for one horrible year in a public school vowed I would never go back to a CPS.

I’ve  been here since 1997.  While living in Chicago my kids were in elementary school while I was at Chicago State to get my BS in science. 

My daughter in second grade was told by her teacher that she “could not read.”  When I found out that she could not read I took her out of that local Chicago Public School, tutored her at home and put her in a better CPS

Finally, I moved to Carbondale because I thought I would go to their medical school and also to get them out of  Chicago because I knew I could not afford Catholic School tution it was over 2K a year and I did not have the money. I was a poor student on food stamps and student grants.  So they completed education in Carbondale PS.  That worked out well because now my daughter has a clinical doctorate in physical therapy and my son just got his master’s in divinity.

What are the chances if they had remained in CPS?

Here in Texas we are beholden to the stinkin state tests.  Now called STAAR test.  Then there was TAKS then something before that. My students have continually made progress on the science test regardless to what they have been called.

I have not received any merit pay.  There are no unions here.  I don’t need unions because they don’t help because in Texas they are not unions.  Our salary is decent because the cost of living is low in my town.  I bought my house before the area got expensive. 

Unlike Chicago or CPS we teachers do not have to live in the city that we teach in.  YES, Chicago teachers MUST LIVE in CHICAGO!  The rents are high there but so is their salary.  Most buy homes or condos.  I know a few who lived, stupidly, in apartments for decades.  Then finally bought a home in Chicago.

Yes, Karen is very well educated.  We met at CSU but she attended Dartmouth for undergrad.  I did not go to expensive schools but a small private school in California and finished at CSU to become a doctor.  Well, neither of us became doctors.  We met because she and my cousin and myself planned to become doctors or dentists.  My cousin did succeed but Karen and I became teachers. There is nothing wrong with that.  Everyone cannot be a teacher and not just because of the educational requirements.

Yes, teachers, most are highly educated.  There are lots of hoops to jump through in order to become a teacher. In my experience the black teachers down here were forced to leave teaching because they could not pass the many tests required. 


Ted Cruz dad: another Cuban fleeing Cuba?

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ted Cruz born Rafael Edward Cruz in Calgary Alberto Canada said that his dad was born in Cuba, not Mexico, has never been an illegal.  He and Rubio and even my grandparents tell the same damn story that the reason they ended up in the USA was because they were political persons fleeing Cuba for political reasons.  How could that be?  I even doubt my familial history of my great grandfather fleeing Cuba under political pressure.

Were they from Cuba, yes, they were.  Blacks there are often called Afro Cubans.  I hear that Mexicans don’t like Cubans just as I heard they don’t like native Americans AKA Indians.  What else is new? Who the hell do they like?  They are not too keen on blacks either I know from experience.  But Ted Cruz was his dad an American citizen when he was born in 1971? Not sure.  My rule is strict and the only way that we will keep some out of high office.  Both parents should be American citizens and grandparents,  But that is probably too much.

I even believe that the 14th amendment was not even necessary.  That’s my take.  Anyway we will see if Mexicans vote for Cruz.

14 Illegal immigrants (23 packed in) killed in minivan crash in McAllen Texas

McAllen, Texas

McAllen, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

McALLEN, Texas—With little more than photographs and fingerprints, authorities were trying to identify 14 suspected illegal immigrants who were killed when a pickup truck packed with nearly two dozen people crashed in South Texas in one of the nation’s deadliest immigrant smuggling accidents.

The victims — men, women and children — were carrying toothbrushes, toothpaste and changes of socks and underwear but no identification. Authorities said the white Ford F250 was carrying 23 immigrants from Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala when it veered off a highway and crashed into trees Sunday night..

“This is the most people I’ve seen in any passenger vehicle, and I’ve been an officer for 38 years,” he said.

It is not uncommon for human traffickers to try to maximize profits by over-loading vehicles with illegal immigrants as they head north from the Texas-Mexico border. In April, nine Mexican immigrants died near the border when the teenage driver of their van crashed after fleeing Border Patrol. There were 18 people in that minivan.

Yogamon Hearn executed today for 1998 stockbroker slaying

Official logo of City of Plano

Official logo of City of Plano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frank Meziere was a Dallas stockbroker living in Plano, Texas washing his mustang at a local carwash.  He was approached by three black men.  They forced him into his car and drove away.  He was found murdered with TEN bullets in his head.

Yogamon is a black man whose mother drank and he is said to have a low IQ.  Well that did not save him from the death penalty.  He is the first inmate to be killed with one drug.  Frank was 23 and Yogi as he was known was just 19.  This is the kind of murder and crime that gives black people a bad name.  No excuse for this bad behavior.

Romney clean sweeps WI, DC and MD

Romney Signs Wind Turbine In Iowa

Romney Signs Wind Turbine In Iowa (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

Looks like we have a rominee named Money.  LOL.  I was going to vote for Santorum if it came to Texas but I don’t know.  If there is an open primary in Texas it would be bad luck for Obama if I were to vote for one of these guys. Why because that person would win the election in 2012.  My vote has not missed yet.

Romney keeps invoking his wife Anne Romney.  Who  the heck is she? They say she is his secret weapon but don’t know.  My question is when will the other guys get out of the race.

A dozen tornadoes hit the Metroplex

The flag of Fort Worth, Texas currently in use...

The flag of Fort Worth, Texas currently in use (as of 2004 July 06). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s what I just heard on the radio.  We locked the school down today and all the schools across the area locked down for at least half an hour.  The students were wild and calm at the same time.

In Fort Worth everything is fine.  Arlington, TX was hit on the south west side.  The Ballpark is fine and Six flags is fine.  There were some planes damaged at the airport and it was also shut down for a while too.

Overall for a lot of tornadoes there were no deaths or injuries and people were mostly put between the hours with the most danger that was the good news.  But lots of homes were damanged in a few complexes and in Lancaster TX.  But this was one for the books.  Thanks for worrying about us it was a dangerous situation.

Apple Inc expanding in Texas



Image via Wikipedia

Reuters) – Apple Inc is expanding its presence in Texas with a $304 million investment to build a new campus in Austin, which will add 3,600 jobs over the next decade, more than doubling its workforce in the city.

The Cupertino, California, consumer device giant already employs thousands in Austin, whose tasks include handling customer complaints and support.

“Our operations in Austin has grown dramatically over the past decade from less than 1,000 in 2004 to more than 3,500 today,” Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said.

Ron Paul’s Shameful newsletter past


Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

Ron "Creepy" Paul

You can read through over 50 scans of the newsletters that Ron Paul claimed he NEVER saw and NEVER wrote.  Oh well, we have a bridge over a swamp to sell if you buy those lies. Why can’t the REPUBS get their political act together ?


Whitney Houston dead at 48–updated

I Have Nothing
Image via Wikipedia

Even though the autopsy is barely done and the toxicology report a while off they are pretty sure she did not drown, but mixed alcohol with Xanax.  Stupid because right on the label it says do not mix this drug with alcohol.  Was she really depressed? I don’t think so.  She was a diva.

The cause of death is unknown at this time. But those who recover from drugs or alcohol like Amy Winehouse can still be at risk for an  early death. I have so many memories of her singing and her movies especially the Bodyguard where her voice just rises above everything. What a voice what a way to go.  RIP Whitney.

Whitney Houston is dead. She was found by her bodyguard.  She was staying at Beverly Hills hotel and was due to attend a gala at Clive Davis for the Grammy’s.  She will be saluted at the Grammy awards and her greatest hits now tops itunes.

for complete update and stuff go to:

Where or how she died is unknown.   but people saw it coming.