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Iran’s Khamenei Plays The Trump Card — death to defiers

Huffpo is still live blogging the uprising in Iran. It’s all about Khamenei. He wears the turban in Iran. He holds the trump card. And he has played it, well, or not so well. 

That said, the emails I’m receiving give a sense of deep trepidation — and fear — over Khamenei’s threats.

I am in Sweden and have so many iranian students around me. Today everybody was desperate after hearing Khamenei’s speach. They didn’t expect the leader to come to their side, but to search for a little more time and give a more ambiguous speach to the country. Now nobody knows what will happen, but they know that it will be bloody: either people will stop the uprising, in which case there there will be so much violence and arrests towards the people, or they will try to overthrow all the system, in which case there will be a bloody revolution, successful or unsuccessful. It is not so clear what people want to do now. My girlfriends’ parents in Tehran say they think people will give up. Nobody wants to die, with families still remembering the 1979 revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. But it all depends also on Moussavi-Kathami-Karroubi-Rafsanjani and what they will say. Are they ready to wage war to the country? The hope of everybody is in an internal split in the leadership, the deposition of Khamenei, or at least some big sectors of army joining the people, but everybody agrees this will be very difficult to realize. From Huffpo link.

The people of Iran are afraid of this guy. And with good reason. He has threatened death to defiers. He has told the protesters where to go and it ain’t to the movies. There will be no Christmas in Iran-ville.