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The Press: Buy One Get One Free

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the latest government/Obama scandal of scandals Eric Holder, whom we know has just got to go before he further ruins the rep of the DOJ. James Rosen who is the head of Fox has made his rounds on the airwaves.  Is Eric after him in particular? It seems that Rosen might be a spy!

With the press, in the worthless state they find themselves often in the tank for Obama anyway except for a precious few press and media outlet DOJ or rather the press, has a big friend in  the WH in the form of the Dem-controlled government.  Fox News seems to be the main target of the illegal requests for information. But that is only the beginning of this scurilous scandal.


Apple and Google gag on profitakers and lawsuits

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. (Photo credit: marcopako )

It makes no sense for lawsuits to affect Apple because they have more money than God.  Same for Google.  Mostly it seems that some profitakers are at it and it is not the market or the labor news or European news that is driving the decline.  I still have a profit margin in my few apple shares but I will add to my position should Apple really drop much more.  And hey I ain’t selling that position any time soon.

I have my eyes on the Splunk IPO and of course FB IPO which are due out soon.  My plans were to sell apple in order to buy into FB or SPLK.  However I have some cash I can move into my account if need be.  I am not sure how much I should buy into FB all depends on what the price is.

If it starts out high like 80/share I will not get in too deep.  If it starts at 50 I might go in the deep end and watch how high it flies.

For all you traders out there don’t panic.  I am both a trader and an investor because I trade online and invest at work where I don’t touch that money until I retire. 

I am in good shape financially because I bought  my house at the low end of the market and it is worth way more than I paid for it. I also had a garage sale over the weekend and made a hundred bucks before noon and then closed up shop. 

Obama: “(my son) he would look like Trayvon”

If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said, underscoring how the issue affected him on a personal, and not just a political or legal, level. “I think [Trayvon’s parents] are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

Some comments are suggesting that Obama has waded in because this kid was black but had nothing to say when a white kid was set afire by two black teens.:

To be fair the white kid did not lose his life but he was burned up pretty badly as they poured gasoline on him and threw a BIC lighter at him.  They were all teens and it was not a case of a grown man chasing down a kid and killing him…lots of differences here but both may be hate crimes as the black boys said “that’s what you get white boy.”  Hate crime writ large.

 What about the horrible case in NJ where some Mexican thugs executed four teens in cold blood.

Today, this is on my mind because I first, accidently, called my one black student in class “Trayvon” and his name is similar to Tryavon. I quickly corrected myself before the kids realized what I said. But not sure these youngsters are aware of the media and its impact on this case. 

President-elect Barack Obama, Mrs. Michelle Ob...

President-elect Barack Obama, Mrs. Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha (7) and Malia (10) at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, DC, getting ready for the first day of school. Photo by Callie Shell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meet Eric Holder—Author of “Fast and Furious”

You won’t catch Rachel MadCow chewing on this one.  Nor will you hear a peep out of Sharpton, who makes more mistakes than the three Stooges on the hot seat tackling this fish.  But I ask YOU the taxpayer: who else could have authorized Fast and Furious to put guns in the hands of more Mexicans?  Only the top brass could have done this debacle.  Only they are capable and culpable of such deviant behavior.  I knew Holder was a rat when I saw him and now the truth will out.  He and Obama claim to know nothing of the 1500 guns that were sold and put in the hands of Mexicans for tracing back to the states to see who the straw people were.  Who the hell cares who the straw folks are? Why put more free weapons in the hands of criminals who have used the arms to kill americans and law enforcement?

What an idiot if Eric did this with Obama’s approval they will both get swept out of office in 2012.

John Edwards Day In Court–Could Lose Law License

John Edwards

Image by misternaxal via Flickr

Washington (CNN) – The Justice Department has authorized prosecutors to bring criminal charges against former presidential candidate and Senator John Edwards, sources with knowledge of the investigation confirm to CNN.

An indictment could be averted if prosecutors and lawyers for Edwards reach a plea deal.

Edwards is aware the government is preparing to bring an indictment and is now considering his options, one source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

The government wants Edwards to plead guilty to a felony, but he doesn’t want to do that because he would lose his law license, a source close to the Edwards family told CNN. Edwards has talked to friends and associates about wanting to start a public interest law firm, and “doesn’t want to lose his license, not to mention he is terrified of going to jail,” the source added.