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Mitt Routs Newt in Florida

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...
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Recall that this man Mitt has been running for president for like 8 years. Has only won ONE election in a state he was not born in! Where is this man from? He was born in Mexico but ain’t Mexican and thought his family was from Utah but he ends up in Boston, Mass running for senate (defeated) and Gov one term and now president.  Will the GOP give it to him out of pity?

At this writing Mitt has a 20 point lead over Newt but they have not called the election for him yet.

Mitt Romney has spent 15 million to defeat Newt Gingrich in Florida because it is a winner take all primary.  That’s too bad that anyone has to spend that kind of money and those types of negative ads to drop the other contender.

Florida is not the end. It seems so because of all  the delegates. If Newt does not have the money then how can he go on.  Only in America would you get a Mitt v Newt strange first names.

Another Hunk on the Island

Huntsman Jon Huntsman Governor of Utah has been appointed as ambassador to China. Just heard his name and saw his face the other day about one thing or another. Obama must have taken notice too. This guy speaks Chinese and has an adopted Chinese daughter. And he’s hot. Good choice, welcome to the island.

WASHINGTON — With a reach across the political divide for Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman as ambassador to China, President Barack Obama may have sidelined for now a potentially formidable Republican moderate and possible White House challenger in 2012.

Yet Huntsman, who has upset the GOP’s conservative base by supporting gay civil unions, may gain, too. The appointment, which requires Senate approval, gives him a chance to burnish his credentials and position himself as a viable presidential contender in 2016, if Obama appears to be a strong candidate for a second term in 2012.

Huntsman was singled out because he looks like a contender in 2012. But Buchanan gave a thumbs down on this potential Mormon candidate. Not another Mormon, yes, indeed. Pat said that one Mormon, my man Mitt, was enough. He would be the Mormon everyone picks if there is to be a Mormon in the house. I am paraphrasing.

Anyhow, the Utah governor is the latest addition to the island. He doesn’t even need a tan.