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NPR on the ropes: Vivian Schiller forced out

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They better kiss that fed money bye bye.  Vote on Feb 19, 2011


The House of Representatives on Saturday voted to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

According to UPI, by a party line vote of 235 to 189, the House passed a stopgap measure that would cut $61 billion from the 2011 budget:

The government would shut down March 4 without the funding bill, called a continuing resolution, which passed 235-189 after a marathon legislative session that ended in the early hours Saturday.

The bill cuts $61 billion in spending from the current budget.

Not one Democrat voted for the bill.

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The marxist PC crap they have been pitching is no longer bought by we the people.  We know what they are PC marxist, bigots to boot. Liberals are the real racists IMO. What’s funny is that many think that this is a right wing setup. I don’t think so.  It appears to be more along the lines of a truthout.

If we take O’Keefe at his words he was angered because Juan Williams was fired. Then Juan got fired up on TV talking about the hypocrisy of NPR and PBS.  I missed it but it looked like a good show.  Many stations will probably have to close as NPR is on the ropes.