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Heloise Not Happy With Ford Service

I have a 2003 Ford Escape, which I love. I’ve never had to do anything to it but change oil, and buy new tires.  I do not drive it once I get home. I park it and walk and/or ride my bike to many errands.

Recently, after last oil change, the Ford service is supposed to be checking all the fluid levels and filling up where needed. The car started making a whirring whining noise when I turned the steering wheel. I thought it was the cheap gas. I used better gas and additives, still the noise. I thought it was because the car was not warmed up enough when it was cold. I warmed it and still it made the noise.

I called Ford and asked them about this and they said if it does not go away then come in, but the noise did not mean anything!

Okay. The noise did mean something because it was driving me crazy. After a couple of weeks of the noise getting worse I finally went online. And in two seconds found that it was because of the power steering fluid level. My car makes a warning sound that the fluid is low…hell, I didn’t know, and neither did Ford and neither had they been filling up my fluids.

They told me it would cost $109.00 to diagnose and see of the pump has failed. I said hell no I won’t pay. You all were supposed to be checking my fluids.

I went to Firestone and they looked at it and added the fluid. They told me I needed a new belt and a new power steering pump. Mind you the car was never hard to drive, just noisy.  No one asked me about that. I was about to spend 500 dollars I did not have to buy something I did not need.

Something told me to go to a local small guy. He was honest and told me how to test if there was leakage and laughed when I told him what Ford and Firestone said. He said I did not even need to flush the system, just fill it, that was done, and if the noise is gone then you don’t have a problem.

Even after the noise went away when Firestone put the fluid in there, they still wanted to sell me a pump. At least they saved me money from buying fluid.

I am so mad I almost spent money I did not need to spend.