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TCU drug bust

TCU football players 2011

TCU’s defense will look different in 2012 after three defensive starters, headlined by linebacker Tanner Brock were arrested on Wednesday morning. The other football players arrested: starting defensive tackle D.J. Yendrey, starting strong safety Devin Johnson and backup offensive lineman Ty Horn.

These are the names of those arrested in the TCU drug sting on Wednesday morning: (like I said black, brown and white students were involved–some may not be students)

  • Austin Williams Carpenter
  • Bud Pollard Dillard
  • Cynthia Jacqueline Zambrano
  • David Wayne Yendrey Jr.
  • Devon Johnson
  • Earl Patrick Burke
  • Eduardo Hernandez
  • Hunter Wallace McLaughlin
  • Jonathan Blake Jones
  • Katherine Anne Petrie
  • Matthew Davis
  • Michael Greg King
  • Peter Signavong
  • Richard Putney
  • Scott Anderson
  • Tanner Brock
  • Taylor Davis Cowdin
  • Tyler Andrew Horn
  • William Davis Jennings  Who are the football players at TCU?  The names later in the day.

The distinctive windows of the Recreation Cent...
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSFORT WORTH, Texas — Police say four Texas Christian Universityfootball players are among 17 students who have been arrested in a campus drug bust.TCU Police Chief Steve McGee said the students arrested Wednesday were caught in an undercover operation selling marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription drugs.He did not immediately identify those arrested but says their names will be released later in the day.McGee says the six-month investigation was prompted by complaints from students, parents and others.Image via Wikipedia

The link for the story at the Star Telegram is broken but marijuana, pills and weapons were found when a bunch of folks from Texas Christian University were arrested today in a huge drug bust that the school said was unprecedented.

The list of the those arrested will be posted later today but I heard it on the radio and it is not really online at this time.  Is it because more blacks and browns have been admitted to TCU to people the various teams? 

Universities have always have problems with drug selling on campus.  Why is this one different? Maybe professors were involved too.  No, we found out that it was football players from their stellar team.

I know TCU well because I’ve taken grad courses there and I ride by bike by there all summer because I live nearby.  The demographics have changed over the past 10 years I know that much.  More later

Repairman (bi-racial) Faces Charges Of Cleaning Out Bay Area ATMs, Refilling Them With Counterfeit Bills

San bruno mountain

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“He went into seven of these machines, took the cash out and replaced it with counterfeit, and not sophisticated, just simply taking some bills, placing them on the Xerox machine, cut them up and put them in its place in the machines,” said Steve Wagstaffe, San Mateo County District Attorney.

The real money, $200,000, was on its way out of town, along with 64-year-old service man Samuel Kioskli, police said. Two weeks ago, Kioskli, of San Francisco, was arrested in Phoenix.

Shaun White–Jewish Atlantean defies gravity

That title is probably over your head. And if the comments were open I am sure I would get called some bad names. Too bad, it’s my site and my first amendment right.

You would know whereof I speak if you read the many books and Web sites I’ve read describing ancient Atlanteans one thing is clear: they had long red hair and they were able to defy gravity through magic.

A Rosen by any other name

Rose, short for Rosen, West, and yes, White are all Jewish names. So is Black, so is Green, Berlin and Berliner. To be fair I think that people with such names are “undefined” Jews. Meaning they are trying to hide the fact.  They take refuge in churches such as Universalism, Unity or Episcopal.

Online, I could find little that verified that Shaun was Jewish. I watched his mom in interview. But I KNOW that “White” is a German Jewish name.

As for Evan Lysacek he looks Jewish and his name is probably Eastern European (from Chechoslovakia or Poland). My guess is that he is an Eastern European Jew. One site his parents were Jewish and they are from Philly. Case closed when I read they were from Philly. Honestly, I write what I know then look it up. This was a perfect example. I knew he was Jewish but can’t verify it online.

That does not mean all with “colors” for names are Jewish but they are probably German Jews. Why? Because the Germans demanded that Jews give up the pretty-sounding German names for simpler ones if they did not have Jewish surnames, some did. Those who did not have “Jewish” names had to change their names.

It happens. White people here have demanded some blacks change their names. Have you ever met a white Washington? I have not. Not sure how true this is but read that whites with the name “Washington” changed it because so many black people had that name.

Rihanna’s racial rundown

Rihanna is black that’s a fact. But now that I know she is from Barbados (the island) that was once a British protectorate or part of the British crown then that changes things.

Looking at her complexion on her recent interview and her eye color (don’t think they are contacts) she is the same color as my kids who are multiracial but look biracial.

I think that Rihanna’s dad may be black and her mom white if she is biracial. Or both parents have a lot of white genes because the Brits once ran/owned Barbados.

That’s my new category too.

Michael Jackson: The Movie

I am watching Into The Wild for the third time and the main character played by Emile Hirsch would make a great Michael at his peak. He has the lean body and he can act and with the proper makeup would look just like him. I read the book a while back and it made a deep impression on me. The movie was pretty good thanks to Hirsch. What was his past life like, I mean McCandless? Since he died in a depraved starved condition and went to it on his on, it made me think that perhaps he had some involvement in death camps of Germany and wanted to get that karma off his record.

I digress. This guy would make a great Michael Jackson.

They would only have to teach him to dance or have a dance double.

Then there are the years as we reach MJ from young boy to manhood. That would probably take at least no less than 10 male actors to play Jackson. The movie would trace him from youth to manhood to death. How to accurately show his facial changes would be the question? It would ten people because MJ was ten people rolled into one.

The movie would be a blockbuster regardless. But why not make of it an epic tale of evil inhabiting the body of a boy. He embraces that energy and becomes the greatest entertainer of all time. The rod to heaven is paved by the snake of black and white coiled around the one.

More later


Who will get Paris and Prince?

Who will get and whose kids are they really? Not buying that these are MJ’s biological kids, not convinced. Another good example is look at OJ who looks less black than MJ and his kids don’t look anywhere near as white as MJ’s.

Anyhow, I digress: Photos of Paris and Prince but damn I have to ask — are these really his blood/DNA children?

For me the question of paternity looms large as in was there a double surrogate used here? I don’t think they are his kids really. I have too many relatives who are like 2% black and they look like Paris and Prince. But when the dad is black, I am not buying it. The kids would look way more black.

Just look at Barack and others where the dad is black, the kids will look black in most cases.

But who will get the kids, and what killed him and how did he get 1/2 billion dollars in debt?

Heloise wants to know