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DWTS: Chris Brown does Dancing in a red suit (Lacey gets booted)

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booted: Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer

Oh, how Chris rocked DWTS in his red suit and black shirt and black suspenders worn on the outside. He used that funky mixy stuff in this music but he still sounds good.

Heard that frantic Kristie kissed her dancer in the mouth and she was crying. Was it tongue involved? What a tramp.

Finally, who gets the boot on dancing with the stars tonight? Kirstie is not in the bottom five but Wendy is in the bottom. She will probably go.  Oops she didn’t go home tonight. Instead Lacey Schwimmer, who ever the hell that is. She has a Jewish name but I don’t know if she’s a star or not, never heard of this woman before.

His album is F.A.M.E. What’s that about?