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Rick Santorum Drops Out of Race for WH

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has now been confirmed by multiple sources within the Santorum campaign that Rick Santorum, the candidate who was largely seen as the most serious challenger to Mitt Romney for the presidential nomination, will drop out of the Republican race for the nomination. These sources have confirmed to that Santorum’s withdrawal will come within the next few hours.

Mitt Romney will become the Republican nominee. The campaign now moves into its next stage: the general election.

Oh La Jackie O: “Dreaming in French: The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag and Angela Davis”

Jacqueline Bouvier by David Berne in the John ...

Jacqueline Bouvier by David Berne in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dreaming in French: The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis at Amazon

Jacqueline Bouvier arrived in 1949, to a Paris that was, literally, black. Its white stone buildings hadn’t been cleaned of street soot since the war. This, like the ration card issued to Bouvier for sugar and coffee, is the sort of detail that sketches an entire mode of life, scrimping and shadowed. Kaplan is a master at delivering such details and at selecting just the right aspect of everyday experience to illuminate an important point she wants to make.

In the section on Sontag, Kaplan notes, “There’s rarely a published account of Parisian intellectual life in the 1950s — French or American — that doesn’t involve hotel rooms.” Sontag, who, unlike Bouvier and Davis, spoke only “elementary” French during her 1957 sojourn to Paris,

Obama: “(my son) he would look like Trayvon”

If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said, underscoring how the issue affected him on a personal, and not just a political or legal, level. “I think [Trayvon’s parents] are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

Some comments are suggesting that Obama has waded in because this kid was black but had nothing to say when a white kid was set afire by two black teens.:

To be fair the white kid did not lose his life but he was burned up pretty badly as they poured gasoline on him and threw a BIC lighter at him.  They were all teens and it was not a case of a grown man chasing down a kid and killing him…lots of differences here but both may be hate crimes as the black boys said “that’s what you get white boy.”  Hate crime writ large.

 What about the horrible case in NJ where some Mexican thugs executed four teens in cold blood.

Today, this is on my mind because I first, accidently, called my one black student in class “Trayvon” and his name is similar to Tryavon. I quickly corrected myself before the kids realized what I said. But not sure these youngsters are aware of the media and its impact on this case. 

President-elect Barack Obama, Mrs. Michelle Ob...

President-elect Barack Obama, Mrs. Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha (7) and Malia (10) at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, DC, getting ready for the first day of school. Photo by Callie Shell. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whitney in her coffin–updated (Enquirer photo) source


Whitney Houston graced the cover of the National Enquirer Wednesday, but in a different way than usual: the paper ran a photo of Houston’s body in her coffin that was snapped by someone at a private viewing before her funeral. The paper does not say who took the photo, but speculation points to a family member with a cell phone.Not only that but a screaming headline “I did crack with Whitney” at its online site.  I did call Whitney just another crackhead because she said she did crack, then she lied and said she didn’t do crack crap.  That’s crap and she died young because of her follies. No way should she have been taking anti depressants except to get a better high.  There are no photos online of the pic but it is on newstands NOW. I found this one that was just posted and pasted it source:

Someone stole this photo of Whitney in her coffin and sold it to the National Enquirer. Read it while it’s hot!

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Whitney Houston dead at 48–updated

I Have Nothing
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Even though the autopsy is barely done and the toxicology report a while off they are pretty sure she did not drown, but mixed alcohol with Xanax.  Stupid because right on the label it says do not mix this drug with alcohol.  Was she really depressed? I don’t think so.  She was a diva.

The cause of death is unknown at this time. But those who recover from drugs or alcohol like Amy Winehouse can still be at risk for an  early death. I have so many memories of her singing and her movies especially the Bodyguard where her voice just rises above everything. What a voice what a way to go.  RIP Whitney.

Whitney Houston is dead. She was found by her bodyguard.  She was staying at Beverly Hills hotel and was due to attend a gala at Clive Davis for the Grammy’s.  She will be saluted at the Grammy awards and her greatest hits now tops itunes.

for complete update and stuff go to:

Where or how she died is unknown.   but people saw it coming.

Reel Short Take: The Descendants

English: George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Fil...

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This is a short review of a long movie.  The Descendants stars George Clooney.  And he deserves every accolade because he plays a real guy in a bad situation and he runs in the movie to try to solve the problem. That’s part of the trailer I saw when he gets struck by something shocking.

The problem is his wife who lays in a coma the whole movie because she is reckless and got into some kind of ski accident on the water in Hawaii where they live.  Where Clooney is a descendant of a Hawaiian prince and owns lots of land that the family has to decide what to do with.  That’s where the descendants part comes in at.

But where does the love part between he and his wife come in at? We don’t see that we have to only take it on faith that he loved her and they were happy. But I don’t buy it and it makes buying his anger at the affair more difficult too.  It was still well told how a stranger changed his life by sleeping with his wife.

But back to the problem is that he finds his wife was having an affair and he wants to find out who the man was.  He finds him and tracks him and his wife down and does not back down.

Everybody sells real estate in the movie because it’s Hawaii I guess and white people know they can make a lot of money selling real estate there, so they do.

It has a lot of light and funny moments and good dialogue and lots of minutes.  We thought it was a little too long, but it did not try to do too much.  I can give it a solid B. And I can see Clooney getting a nod for best actor.  Can’t see the film getting a nod for best film though.

However I think the laughs and the acting will help.  Despite its sad premise you don’t feel sorry for the family or their loss or anything.  I didn’t see that come across.  It was not sad mostly funny and mostly long.

Trump dumps debate plans

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

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I think he just needs a new hair piece oh wait that is his hair.  He did a lousy job of spinning his backout.

Trump pulls out of debate

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(CNN) Donald Trump pulled out of the debate he was scheduled to host on Dec. 27 with conservative media organization Newsmax, according to a statement from the real estate mogul.

Trump, who considered a Republican presidential bid earlier this year, said he will not moderate the event to avoid a conflict of interest stemming from a potential independent presidential bid.

The reasons that Trump gave made no sense he said he needed to keep his options open so he could run as an independent.