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Embrace Your Inner Hitler

Or Obamacare is not the new Nazi.

If Martians landed on earth and were invisible what would they do? I think that they would find Palin and the right wing talking heads a delicacy. Martians would devour the wingnuts with mustard and great relish. They might burp or hiccup occasionally but would smack their lips and lick their fingers at the greasy delight of Palin and her ilk at the smorgasbord of American life.

They would not be looking for Obama AKA little Hitler or the dem wingnuts. Why, because they would already be gone on the mother ship that the right nuts refused to board out of fear for their lives. That’s funny.

So, while the deaf lead the dead party of the GOP seeking the Hitler out there…we know that there is a little inner Hitler in all of us.

I know because I discovered him living and breathing and reborn in Chicago as a black man who tried to enter politics but unsuccessfully this time. Our political paths crossed a while back. I won’t reveal his ID except to say it ain’t Obama and he is not related to them by blood. But just like Obama traced my political path he too took steps through the reborn Hitler. So what? We all come back to the earth only to leave it once again. So stop seeking Hitler, just embrace him because he is closer than you think.

And if you keep looking over your shoulders the Martians are gonna get you…boo!