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May 26, 2011

More revelations about about the Buddha.  I was on the right track for sure in my book but what I have to add to it is pure phenomenal.  I am going to break it down chapter by chapter and add to certain ones, buy new ISBN numbers for them and reissue.  The new insight explains a lot of things for me personally and I will have time to reflect and process how it will impact the Christian coming into his own and the Buddhist going out.  Yes, the dharma is in the west.  We got it.


july 22

i often call july the month of the Buddha. while walking i had this profound thought “KISS MY BUDDHA'” I don’t know to whom i was talking though, just my usual irrreverent self.


I just returned from Sante Fe, NM. I stayed with a relative whom I thought was my friend and fellow Buddhist who understood what it meant to be a Buddhist. I was wrong. Anyway, I will return to NM because of the clime and the good vibes. I did see lots of gay women. San Fran has lots of gay men but NM has lots of gay women!

On the other hand, I did accomplish what I went there to do: see if I liked the place enough to go there every summer, and I would. Also wanted to visit the Stupa. I have posted a few pics from there. Check it out.

June 10

I write this as I record some of the many conversations that my Buddhist aunt and I have. We are both Buddhists actually. I am returning to my roots with this one. I am still a Satsangi I guess but feel more like a Buddhists.

I was telling her about my feelings of not being appreciated by those I wrote for yet the MSM was copying my every good word. As I lamented lack of recognition she nailed the real deal for me when she said “you’re one of them.” She’s right. I even told her about my old boss whom her daughter worked for indirectly by working for her husband, Aretha Mills, who is a VP with Peacock Productions NBC, and I know that she as well as those who are on TV read Heloise. Not looking for recognition is part of the Buddhist’s path. And I get that. I accept that I am one of them and that is why they we learn from each other and the rest is karma.


Richard Gere on Buddhism and Dalai Lama

This ongoing page chronicles my involvement with Buddhism.

My aunt who has taken the refuge vow while living in New Mexico, where there is a large Buddhist center speaks often of how life changing Buddhism has been for her. She was also a Satsangi for many years just as I was. But that time is over. And I ask is this the time for Buddhism for me?

One thing that is evolving and changing is our relationship to the Jewish people. Because if you join a group like Sant Mat or like Buddhism you will encounter many Jews there. It’s not because they are smarter or more wealthy than other groups but they are seeking.

As a prominent Hollywood Jew, Richard Gere a beacon to other Jews to join the Buddhist fold has worked on many levels. It has also greatly enriched the Buddhists.

I wrote briefly about Gere as he touched my journey while writing “Dinner With DaVinci.” I wrote about my encounters that year. The tie-in was also my investigation of Thomas Merton‘s life. He greatly influenced and was influenced by the Dalai Lama. Those are just two examples of my ties to Buddhism.

But while in North Carolina I heard Satsangis speaking about Gere’s visit to the Dera, in the Punjab, India and that made sense because Gere travels frequently to India. But he was there looking at how the Dera was set up as a spiritual compound. I have to ask my aunt the name of the place that has just opened for the Dalai Lama that was built with funds earmarked for that purpose.

What has come to my attention is the money that the Buddhists seem to be raking in. That concerns me. Is it for profit or are they prophets?

Here’s a link for the Mahayana Buddhist resources:

More later

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