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Reel Short Takes: 127 Hours

Music makes the movie. That is so true in this case.  Boyle used some cheesy tactics in selling this movie.  He prompted, he pandered to the viewer. I fell asleep while Franco was cutting his arm off. The best part is when he escapes and finds help.

It was okay, not a top ten in my book but worth renting.  The best part was that they used “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.”  By Bill Withers.

Bad Black woman charged with killing nice white woman in Yoga shop–why this murder matters


A confrontation between Norwood and 30-year-old Jayna Murray over the stolen merchandise may have led to Murray’s death, State Attorney John McCarthy said.Appearing in a Montgomery County courtroom via video conference, Norwood was ordered to be held without bond.During the court hearing, new details emerged about the alleged attack. Prosecutors claim the struggle between Norwood and Murray at the Lululemon Athletic shop in Bethesda, Md., may have lasted more than 20 minutes, ABC Affiliate WJLA reported.

Norwood has been charged with first-degree murder in the beating death of nice white girl Murray.  Smiling and hugging is how her parents described her.  Everyone turned to Jayna to soothe ruffled feathers in the workplace.

This murder matters because it is par for the media coverage course.  Typically covering and blowing up a story that involves a precious white woman who is worth more than at least 10 illegal alien deaths and 5 black women deaths.  That means at least that many of them have to die or be killed before they make headlines in any form of media.

The shop Lululemon also asked nice Jayna to check the bags of Norwood to see if she was stealing. Why would she steal? Well, she was being sued for back rent for her apartment.  That was motive.  This was probably not a hate crime, but did the “niceties” extend to this black woman? Probably not. 

Since Norwood is black she had the gaul to kill her co worker Murray in a “nice, white, upscale area.”  Her bad.  Her mother said that Norwood was never mentioned by her daughter nor did they ever see each other after work or socially.  Maybe that’s the problem.

Why this murder, beating death, of one white woman matters is because as usual it made headlines. While there was no photo of the two women in the above story, there are photos elsewhere.

Photos at this link:

This family preyed together and killed Mother of 3

Inman, 25, a mother of three, was kidnapped on March 22 from an alley behind a bank where she was working, 10TV News reported.

Police said that Inman’s estranged husband, William A. Inman II, 26, and his parents, William A. Inman, 47, and Sandra Inman, 46, are responsible for her disappearance.  They were arrested at their Jackson County home last week and were charged with kidnapping.

Summer and William A. Inman II were married in 2004 but the couple separated last year, 10TV News reported.

Since then, she was granted a civil protection order and filed for divorce.


DWTS: Lacey and Mark get the boot on dancing (Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer)

Wow I thought the black folks would go first but they did not. And Kirstie got a free ride LOL. No one wants to be the first to go. Lacy Schwimmer (Jewish–related to David Schwimmer?). So that makes two Jewish women part of the troupe, down one now. But she used to be part of DWTS?  Who knew?  They played my favorite song at the end. Forgot the name of it but it’s an oldie anyway. here’s them at week one. But the fodder is this she was a contestant on So you think you can dance and joined the troupe of DWTS in 2008 and then left recently. Who the hell is she? I don’t think she’s a star. She got the boot…good.

In Case you missed it: Greedy parents of murdered woman suing facebook over corpse photo


Caroline Wimmer was strangled with her dryer cord and her murderer got 25 years. But the EMT took her picture as a corpse and posted it on facebook. Now they are suing every body in sight, including FB, the building she lived in, the fire dept.  They are trying to make it a crime for a public servant to post a photo on a social network it would be class E. In the meantime suing every frickin body the least bit involved with this case.  They claim they are not suing fb for money. Okay, but fb is protected by laws in place already.  The problem with getting the picture back is that once it has been online it will always be online.

Caroline Wimmer, 26, was found by her parents, Ronald and Martha, after she was strangled with a hair-dryer cord in March 2009 in Staten Island, New York.

Paramedic Mark Musarella — who responded to their corresponding emergency call — later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after posting to Facebook the photographs he took, the documents said.

“All I want is my daughter’s picture back,” Martha Wimmer told CNN. “I want it destroyed,” noting that the image is no longer posted on the site.

DWTS: Chris Brown does Dancing in a red suit (Lacey gets booted)

F.A.M.E. (Deluxe Version) [Explicit] Get it at Amazon

booted: Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer

Oh, how Chris rocked DWTS in his red suit and black shirt and black suspenders worn on the outside. He used that funky mixy stuff in this music but he still sounds good.

Heard that frantic Kristie kissed her dancer in the mouth and she was crying. Was it tongue involved? What a tramp.

Finally, who gets the boot on dancing with the stars tonight? Kirstie is not in the bottom five but Wendy is in the bottom. She will probably go.  Oops she didn’t go home tonight. Instead Lacey Schwimmer, who ever the hell that is. She has a Jewish name but I don’t know if she’s a star or not, never heard of this woman before.

His album is F.A.M.E. What’s that about?

DWTS: Kirstie Allie gets 2 7s and a 6

She danced the quick step and said she needs to lose 40 pounds. More like 140 pounds. The judges have been nice to her. She did not look like the quick step but the lost step. How long will she last?

Mexican drunk driver destroys another bridge in metroplex

About three years ago a bridge in Dallas was destroyed because a drunk Mexican hit a tanker and it exploded and destroyed an overpass. Today another drunk Mexican just 23 yo driving down the wrong side of the highway kills another Mexican tanker driver who got three kids and destroyed that tanker , and blew up another bridge this time in fort worth. Who will pay for the damages? You guessed it.

Celebrity Apprentice: Dionne Phones A Friend

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Backbone goes gay, and the girls of ASAP play it safe on tonight’s task  for The Celebrity Apprentice to create an emotionally connecting 30-second commerical for ACN’s video phone. Who won and why?

Celebrity Apprentice

Lil Jon was the project manager for Backbone and Nene Leaks the PM for the women’s team A.S.A.P. Each team met with the CEO of ACN. It was made clear that the commercial should be about family and connection. Nene was great at delegating the tasks and she tasked Marlee Matlin to star in the commerical. The women chose to connect a daughter who had just arrived in Paris to phone home to her parents.  Dionne played the host for the girl.  Marlee signed a heartfelt hello to her daughter over the ACN phone. Simple, to the point and well executed.

Backbone with Lil Jon at the helm went for racy, comedic and potentially viral. It was hush-hush on their plans when Ivanka came to check it out.  Jose Conseca and another actor played a gay, engaged couple. Richard Hatch (speaking as a gay man) gave pointers to the commercial. But it was all Lil Jon’s idea and all the chips on black in Vegas, to hear him tell it. The team went for broke and risque. It paid off with a close win of 53% to 47% for the women. I think Nene saw it coming because she started crying for no reason.

But after the win for the men was announced the nails came out on the chalkboard room. And Dionne was going down for two reasons: she left early for no reason and she was not easy to work with.  Dionne the respected diva goaded Donald Trump “fire me!” He said that no one gets away with that so he complied and Dionne was sent home.

Celebrity Apprentice: Dionne Goads Donald into firing her

So Dionne Warwick got fired without the usual fanfare of going in and coming back to the boardroom.  Donald said that no one gets away with that.